Jewelry-like Sparkling Tasting Athens Jade Exquisite Enamel Ladies Watch

There is a saying that noble and elegant women will not only make men be emotional, but also women. The elegant and elegant Athenian watch series will surely win the favor of many people. A smart and elegant wrist watch is not only a recorder of time, but also the finishing touch in the overall clothing accessories, improve the aura, exude intellectual beauty, perfectly present feminine charm, and become the focus of everyone. What are the different feelings of an Athens enamel watch with a ruby ​​light, let us taste together. (Watch model: 3103-125B / E6)

Elegant style, gorgeous accessories

   Daming fire enamel is complicated and difficult to produce. It can only be seen in the works of a few world-renowned watchmaking brands. This Athenian exquisite series watch has a unique enamel technology, exquisite and elegant, showing a new brilliance, Delightful craftsmanship seduces magic. The Athens watch is a well-known enamel craftsman. Many enamel craftsmen came by hand, and the former warship series was the best.

   On the dial, a beautiful curve made of diamonds adds a graceful look to the dial, which also complements the stainless steel bezel surrounded by diamonds. The surface is set with 22 diamonds, and the stainless steel bezel is set with 56 diamonds. The unique time scales are easy to read, gorgeous and generous. A curvaceous diamond curve subtly divides the small second hand and the calendar window. Three diamonds at three o’clock indicate the corresponding position of the crown, and the calendar window at six o’clock.

   This watch has a stainless steel case for durability. The combination of stainless steel luster and big enamel red makes the overall color of the watch dazzling, elegant and not high-profile.

   The crown of the watch has an innovative design: without pulling the crown, you can wind the watch, adjust the date and time forward and backward by turning the crown. This design is patented in Athens, and the crown function can be selected simply by pressing the button at 4 o’clock, which is very convenient. The crown is engraved with the classic Athens logo icon, which is beautiful and elegant. From the side, the watch is of medium thickness and fits well on a woman’s wrist, providing a high degree of comfort.

   The sparkling and charming gemstones are intertwined with the bezel set with diamonds to create a glamorous glare, which is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. With the shape of the arc, a sculptural and beautiful watch is created.

   The watch is paired with a red leather strap, and the bright red adds a touch of simplicity to luxury, making the watch not vulgar. Plus folding clasp for easy wearing.

   Equipped with UN-310 movement, with automatic winding function, silicon hairspring to improve accuracy and durability, the watch is equipped with anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass and case back, and also provides 30 meters of water resistance. The power reserve of 48 hours guarantees the application of the watch in daily life, and the self-produced movement with stable performance gives the watch strong technical support.
Summary: A beautiful woman may not be called elegant, but an elegant woman must be beautiful and charming. And a delicate and elegant watch can bring this kind of temperament, so that a woman throws her hands and smiles, exuding charming charm. This Athenian exquisite series watch conveys the brand’s highest respect for elegant spirit, and also highlights the wearer’s Zoran taste.

Guy Sémon Appointed Director Of Lvmh Group’s Watch Division Institute

Recently, Guy Sémon has been appointed as the director of the watch department research institute by LVMH Group. Lishi and other brands.

   Guy Sémon is from Montbéliard and has previously been general manager of TAG Heuer. Fourteen years ago, Guy Sémon joined TAG Heuer. Under his leadership, the brand has achieved many major innovations, including the Monaco V4 concept watch, a chronograph with an accuracy of one thousandth of a second, and the famous Connected smart watch in recent years. In addition, Guy Sémon is also behind the scenes of Zenith Defy Lab and its new oscillator.
   The research institute was established to contact and coordinate the functions and achievements of the R & D centers of the watch department of LVMH.

Cartier Clé De Cartier Watch With Mysterious Hour Function

The Cartier Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour watch symbolizes Cartier’s two fine watchmaking models-the Clé de Cartier watch and the mysterious movement perfectly combined. After the ingenious design of the master craftsman at Cartier Watch Workshop, the Clé de Cartier watch has a breathtaking and mysterious look. The two hands are suspended on the dial as if there is no connection. The dial of this timepiece also has a unique style, with openwork decoration set against blue Roman numerals, echoing the sapphire of the winding crown. Cartier’s iconic designs, such as Roman numerals, minute track, sword-shaped hands, all witness the exquisite craftsmanship of the brand’s fine watchmaking series.

41 mm diameter, equipped with mysterious hours function, mysterious hours and minutes display, equipped with 9981 MC movement
Case: 950/1000 Palladium
Diameter: 41 mm
Crown: 950/1000 Palladium, set with a sapphire
Mirror and case back: sapphire crystal
Dial: Silver-plated cutout with sunray radiation effect
Hands: Rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped hands
Case thickness: 11.25 mm
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters) Case: 18K rose gold
Diameter: 41 mm
Crown: 18K rose gold, set with a sapphire
Mirror and case back: sapphire crystal
Dial: Silver-plated cutout with sunray radiation effect
Hands: Rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped hands
Case thickness: 11.25 mm
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K rose gold folding buckle
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Cartier 9981 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement

Mysterious hour and minute display
Movement diameter: 133/4 legal minutes, ie 31.28 mm
Total movement diameter: 31.9 mm
Thickness: 4.61 mm
Number of ruby ​​bearings: 27
Number of movement parts: 158
Balance frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Equipped with a floating tourbillon
Equipped with 9452 MC movement

Witness Glory, Achieve Your Dream Gp Girard Perregaux 2017 Laureato Laureate Series Launch Conference

(Shanghai, June 2017) Girard-Perregaux, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand, has for many years created legendary watches that combine unique design and innovative skills. This time, the Laureato Laurel Collection 2017 conference in Shanghai will showcase a series of Laureato Laurel Collection watches. Surprisingly, the latest Laureato laurel series skeleton watch will also appear at the conference site. In commemoration of the complete return of the Laureato Laurel Series, which is more than 40 years apart, it interprets the ‘dreams’ and ‘heritage’ that are closely connected to the Laureato Laurel Series.

Girard Perregaux Laureato

In the 1970s, the market pursued a trend of both sporty style and elegance. GP Girard-Perregaux was inspired by the Florence Flower Cathedral in Italy, and integrated the octagonal bezel into the round bezel. The lightweight and geometrically elegant Laureato crown The series was born.
The Laureato laurel series is known for its ‘Clous de Paris’ stud texture. The fine pyramid pattern interweaves and covers the opening of the entire watch, perfectly capturing the flow of light and shadow. Most importantly, Laureato is a mindset. The strong temperament combined with the aesthetics of sports style, the exquisite details create an extraordinary sense of fashion, is a symbol of prominent personality, and it is a unique and extraordinary personality that continues to evolve, while implementing the essence of its craftsmanship and design.

Models present Girard Perregaux Laureato laurel watch

In this Laureato Laurel series launch event, in addition to the brand CEO Mr Antonio Calce coming from Switzerland personally, he also invited well-known artists Li Chen and Zhang Ye to the launch event. Together with the brand, it interprets the extraordinary temperament of the Laureato laurel series. Their persistence in self-entertainment and their continuous self-breakthrough are the true meaning of the Laureato Laurel Series.

Li Chen

(Left 1) Artist Li Chen; (Left 2) GP Girard Perregaux Brand CEO Mr Antonio Calce; (Right 2) GP Girard Perregaux Greater China Acting Swiss Clock Brand Director Vincent Ip; (Right 1) Entertainer Zhang Huan

At the press conference, Mr. Antonio Calce, the CEO of the brand, addressed the development direction and expectations of the brand, and the luxury feeling that he hopes to bring to everyone, and the real art of life. At the same time, ‘I am very honored to witness the heritage and excellence of the Laureato Laurel Collection with everyone, and welcome Li Chen, Zhang Ye and the brand to celebrate this precious moment!’ Subsequently, the models accompanied the music and unique lighting effects. The interpretation of the Laureato laurel series watch will bring the atmosphere of the event to a climax. The presence of special guests Li Chen and Zhang Huan became the highlights of the press conference. The two guests toasted and took photos with Mr Antonio Calce and the guests. At the same time, I hope that Girard-Perregaux will bring more wonderful things to everyone. Art design!

At the end of the event, Mr Antonio Calce and Li Chen, Zhang Ye moved to the exhibition area and visited the Girard Perregaux 2017 Laureato laurel series models brought by the conference.

Laureato Tourbillon Series
Titanium / 18K rose gold / Titanium and 18K white gold / Diameter 45mm / Water resistance 50m / Automatic movement / Hours, minutes, small seconds on the tourbillon

Laureato Laurel Collection-42 mm
Stainless steel / titanium and 18K rose gold / Diameter 42mm / Water resistance 100m / Automatic movement / Hours, minutes, seconds and date

Laureato Laurel Series-38mm
Stainless steel / 18K rose gold / Stainless steel bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.9 cards / Diameter 38 mm / Water resistance 100 meters / Automatic movement / Hour, minute and sweep seconds hands, date display

Laureato Laurel Series-34mm
Stainless steel / 18K rose gold and stainless steel / 18K rose gold / Stainless steel bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.82 cards / diameter 34 mm / waterproof 30 m / hour, minute, date

LAUREATO skeleton watch
Stainless Steel or 18K Rose Gold / Diameter 42.00mm / Stainless Steel Model Waterproof 100m, Rose Gold Model Waterproof 50m / GP01800-0006 Hollow Movement / Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds Display at 10 o’clock

It Doesn’t Have To Be Limited To Be Unique Panerai Panerai Pam00616

PAM00616 launched by Panerai PANERAI can be said to be one of the most topical case materials in ’15 years. Its Carbontech technology uses the technology of stacking different materials and forming them to make them cut Each of the case has a unique texture, from the current special materials gradually into a paranoid pursuit of superior physical properties to open up a new direction.

Feature one: Different texture from ordinary carbon fiber
The specific method of Carbontech is to alternately laminate carbon fiber flakes and so-called PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone, polyether ether ketone), compress them into a single material at a constant temperature and high pressure, and then cut and shape them by CNC. Because the materials are stacked with different materials, the finished product will be layered with different colors, and the texture of each piece is unique. In addition, in order to make the layered layer richer, it is cut from 15 The knife is cut at an angle, so that the finished surface can show more layers.

Carbontech is formed obliquely after being laminated and pressed. From the side, it is almost a simple parallel pattern, but it starts with an arc from the front and changes a lot. Although it is a special material, it can also be complicated to form. The serrations on the side of the bezel are very fine.

Feature 2: Panerai has a wave
PEEK is not a new material. The compound was developed by the United Kingdom as early as 1978. Later, manufacturers in the United States, Germany, and Japan have also developed similar technologies, but they are laminated with carbon fiber. It is indeed the first time that the shell has been made in the watch industry. In addition to its strong selling points in appearance, Carbontech’s physical properties are still very good. In addition to the specific gravity of less than 1/3 of titanium, low sensitization and corrosion resistance are also quite practical, and they also have the advantages of carbon materials. Resistant to temperature differences and UV rays, which makes it difficult to change color over time.
Strictly speaking, this method of laminating and cutting out unique textures is not the first. Panerai is not the first. In the past, Damascus steel used by occasional brands is an example. In addition, in recent years, there have been similar results in the use of various carbon materials. It just failed to cause a huge response like 616. It can only be said that Panerai is watching and watching. If they do similar things, they will have different results.

This batch of new Submersible is equipped with a blue OP Logo in the center of the tape, which looks pretty good. Because the buckle is just a general pin buckle, the base of the strap has a bellows, allowing for small expansion and contraction.

Feature three: Word-of-mouth movement as backing
In addition to the case material, 616 is roughly the standard Submersible. In 2015, Panerai launched a number of new Submersibles. In this batch of tapes, a new design was added, which is to change the OP Logo to Panerai. The standard blue inlaid on the belt, exquisite workmanship, OP Logo is a favorite icon of many watch fans, can be considered a pleasing detail. The watch is equipped with a P. 9000 movement; in May 2015, Panerai just announced the new generation of the P. 9010, but the main improvement point of the new movement is thinner, this pair of 616 has 47×16.8mm In fact, it doesn’t make much sense for the big guy, and the P. 9000 can be regarded as a battle-hardened machine. The performance should have been optimized to a stable peak. From this perspective, it has its advantages.

The case back is not made of a transparent bottom cover, but it may be due to strength considerations. The solid bottom cover is not Carbontech but black-plated titanium. The bottom cover is screw-in, water-resistant to 300 meters, and in addition to the words Florence 1860, etc., it is also engraved with a slow torpedo pattern.

Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbontech PAM00616

Carbontech, titanium material / P. 9000 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / sapphire crystal, screw-in case back / waterproof 300 meters / diameter 47mm / reference price: 120,000 RMB– –

Unique Hermes Lady’s Pocket Watch

The number of only one surviving in the world has achieved its rare value. The watch is based on a painting by Hermès designer Henri d’ Origny in his early years. The enamelist uses micro-painting enamel technology to condense the picture on the dial of more than 40 millimeters. The colors are full and full, and the image is lifelike. The horse is robust and white, and the knight is elegant and dignified, with delicate strokes. The pleats of the blouse are distinct, and from every detail, the good skills of the enameler are revealed. At the same time, the enamelist also used the process of metal foil inlay (Paillonné), which burns and embeds small gold particles in different enamel layers.
Hermès Arceau Pocket Amazone Pocket Watch
Basic data: Rose gold case, diameter 43 mm, large fire flame painted and metal foil inlaid enamel craft dial, using H1928 automatic winding movement, power reserve 55 hours, waterproof depth 30 meters, only one in the world.

Parma Gianni Grabs The Luxury Expo Independent Watch Brand Repair Time

The watch and clock exhibition area of ​​the Yaolai Luxury Expo from September 6th to 9th brought a series of independent watch brands to mainland watchmakers. Among them, the most popular is undoubtedly Parmigiani’s Exhibition stand. This Swiss brand, which entered China last year, has won a group of loyal fans with its superb craftsmanship. Parmigiani Transforma series pocket watch dual-use
帕 At this exhibition, Parmigiani brought a variety of watches with high functional complexity, such as the minute repeater, perpetual calendar, tourbillon. One of the Transforma series dual-use watches is the editor-in-chief of Perfect Time, a well-known domestic watch culture scholar. Chang Wei commented that this watch has a classic appearance and exquisite design. The middle part of the watch’s main case can be removed and snapped into the smooth and round pocket watch seat. Watch pocket watches are dual-use, just like the ever-changing spirit.
Shanwei Wei, Brand Director of Parmigiani China, and Hexun Editor
Shan Weixiang, the brand director of Parmigiani China, introduced Hexun Luxury. In the fine watchmaking industry, Parmigiani is still a young brand with only 16 years of establishment, with an annual output of 4,000-5,000, starting out of Switzerland last year. To enter the international market. But Parmigiani’s watch repair technology has long been famous. Some famous museums, such as the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, and the famous watch brand Vacheron Constantin, have given their masterpieces to Mr. Parmigiani, the founder of Parmigioni, for restoration.
Another characteristic of Parmigiani is production independence. Except for the leather strap, all the accessories of the current watch are made by the brand itself. Of course, this is the only outsourced leather strap that has a lot to offer, all made by Hermès and printed with its logo. In addition, Parmigiani supplies watch parts to several brands.
Speaking of Parmigiani’s customer base, Shanwei introduced that this is a group of people who are more interested in watches and love to collect. Compared with old Swiss watches such as Vacheron Constantin, Parmigiani’s customer base is younger and more diverse.

Introduction To Hublot King Maradona Limited Watch

Hublot global brand ambassador, a generation of kings of football, football legend & mdash; & mdash; Diego & middot; Maradona appeared on the Bund today, challenging his career & Hublot Million Charity Shots & rdquo ;! Covered by the scenery of Lujiazui and the Bund, Maradona continuously challenged 8 holes representing 50,000 to 200,000 dollars, and the cumulative amount of each goal shot increased accordingly. In the end, in the classic Mr. Maradona’s cheering arms, all 8 holes worth 1 million were completely broken! Hublot has generously donated RMB 1 million on the spot to Chinese children’s charity.

As the most powerful player in the 20th century football, Maradona has created an extraordinary football career with outstanding talents. In Argentina, and even in the world, Maradona is known as ‘the greatest player of the twentieth century’, with an outstanding record and a worldwide reputation. The king of the ball has a special expression for Hublot. In March 2010, Hublot and the outstanding king of the ball officially announced the conclusion of a cooperative relationship. During the 2010 World Cup, people often saw him wearing a Hublot watch with his own name on both wrists, waving ‘The Hand of God’ and shouting at the sidelines. Since Maradona joined the Hublot family, his great football feeling has collided with many Swiss watch brands and inspired many watchmaking. Today, two legends, passions, successes and excellences are once again converging on China’s Bund.
‘The Hublot Million Charity Shooting Challenge’ attracted the attention of more than 200 domestic and foreign VIPs and the media of various countries. Although Mr. Maradona is slightly emaciated, he still travels to Shanghai, China with his support and enthusiasm for Hublot and children’s public welfare. Against the background of the Oriental Pearl, Mr. Maradona was still very happy, and he demonstrated to the stars of Chinese football the stars of the ball, such as chest stoppages and other cheats. In the following million charity shooting challenge, the King of the Ball scene was walking in the court like a walk, showing all the wind of the king in his grasp. The greatest footballer of the 20th century, for the charity he supports, has accomplished a significant ‘Million Shot Challenge’ in his career.

On this occasion, Diego & middot; Maradona and Hublot China Brand Director, Mr. Louis & middot; Beaver unveiled the new third-generation Hublot Maradona limited edition watch & mdash; Hublot King Extreme Maradona, limited edition 500 pieces worldwide. Fusion of Hublot brand DNA and many special elements of the King’s personal color to pay special tribute to the legend of the times: the black skeleton dial is inlaid with Diego & middot; Maradona’s blue signature, engraved at 3 Iconic uniform number ‘ldquo; 10’. Hublot has also specially developed the King’s Supreme style equipped with two central chronograph hands, which makes it easier to read the chronograph time quickly and efficiently. The first hand shows the seconds, and the second hand shows the 45-minute time, which is specifically designed for half-time football games.
Hublot China brand director, Mr. Louis & middot; Beaver said, “The cooperation between Hublot and Diego & Maradona began in 2010. Legends in the two fields of watch and football share common Values ​​and passion. The highest state of luxury is to share your success with more people who need help. & rdquo;
Maradona said: ‘I and Hublot have gone beyond a simple cooperative relationship, and I have integrated into this big family! Here, I met friends who are trustworthy and charismatic. I remember when I visited Hublot headquarters in Geneva last year, it felt like home. My philanthropy has always been focused on helping children with multiple opportunities. In this regard, Hublot’s long-term efforts are in agreement with me. Sit back and talk with friends of Hublot, as comfortable as family, which is what I want. It looks like a perfect relationship. & rdquo;

Maradona and Hublot are committed to sharing and caring. In September 2010, Maradona joined Hublot to challenge a million charity shots on the Red Square in Moscow. Eventually, they raised 50 by virtue of the magical footwork of the king Ten million dollars, and all donated to the Moscow Blood Transplant Center to help children suffering from illness. Although the trip to Shanghai was short, his attention to philanthropy and the wonderful launch of Hublot Maradona’s third-generation limited edition watch brought surprises to Chinese fans and watch fans.
About Hublot, the road to fusion-born in 1980, Hublot is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth is interpreted from watchmaking materials and watches. In terms of unique aesthetic concepts, a revolution has been launched in the watch industry. In 2004, one of the few legends Jean-Claude & middot; Beaver who took the name in the history of Swiss watchmaking took over Hublot and used the Big Bang series that subverted the watchmaking industry to make Hublot all the way. At the same time, the revival of Hublot was announced. Today, the Hublot factory building on the shore of Lake Geneva and Hi-tech have witnessed the impressive achievements of Hublot, and Mr. Beaver continues to advance on the way of Hublot’s integration. It combines groundbreaking materials: ceramics, carbon fiber, tantalum, tungsten, titanium, natural rubber with time-tested gold, platinum, stainless steel, diamonds and rare gems, etc. , Giving him the creativity and vision that belong to the 21st century.

Classic And Elegant Plavi Evotec Calendar Watch

Bulchery will launch the latest EvoTec Calendar model of the Plavier EvoTec series, replaced with a new round case, built-in self-winding oscillating movement with self-made CFB A1000 rim, the latest family features Variation: CFB A1004 movement, in addition to the first large window calendar, week display, also added a new week number (53 weeks per year) display function.

At the Baselworld 2009, Bucherer launched the Plava EvoTec DayDate watch, equipped with the brand’s CFB A1000 self-made movement, with an outer edge automatic two-way winding oscillating weight, DSA suspension technology system and dual adjustment system. A new milestone in the development of Bucherer’s watchmaking technology. The CFB A1000 self-made movement developed by the professional engineering team has reserved space for gradually increasing functional modules in the future, so that the brand can present the Plavi EvoTec PowerReserve watch and Plavi in ​​2010 with a pillow case. Two new EvoTec BigDate watches.
Innovative technology classical and elegant presented in Basel in 2011, Plavi EvoTec Calendar watch is the first round watch of the EvoTec series, but the first feature of the CFB A1000 homemade movement remains the same, for watches that love round watches Fans bring surprises. The Bellevue EvoTec Calendar is available in 42.6 mm stainless steel or 18K rose gold. The black or silver dial design is simple and elegant; the 11 o’clock is the first large window calendar of the EvoTec series, together with the small second dial, plus the week Digital display, dial layout is still clear and clear, each function display does not interfere with each other; with black or brown calfskin strap, add a little elegance.
53 weeks display function
In addition to the first large-window calendar, day of the week display and small seconds dial, the Plavi watch also features a week number display function: the week scale is located on the edge of the dial and is indicated by a center hand; the new CFB A1004 automatic winding movement , Like other series CFB A1001, CFB A1002 and CFB A1003 three movements, all developed in accordance with the Ministry of EvoTec ﹝ Evolution Technology ﹞ concept, its characteristics are including the display of the 53rd week, even if there are more than 52 weeks of the year It also shows no errors.
The Ebertec EvoTec Calendar watch is specially designed for elegant and active men and self-confident and independent modern women. It has excellent functions, which fully reflects the spirit of excellence and unremitting research and development of extraordinary masterpieces.

Oris Oris Makeup Pure White ‘watch’ Love-news Oris

The weather is gradually entering the cold season, and the white Christmas that everyone is looking forward to is also approaching. For yourself or important people, the wrist is dotted with the pure white color of the scene, with silver Decorated with a festive atmosphere, Oris ORIS’s new pure white hollowed-out watch by artists showcases its exquisite craftsmanship. ORIS Artelier artist’s pure white skeleton watch, the dial is designed with skeleton, in addition to the clearly visible movement of the movement, the beauty of the movement is presented to you without any reservation, showing its originality.

Pure white, Oris Artelier’s hollow white watch embellishes Christmas expressions

Artelier artist’s pure white skeleton watch, silver-white decorative dial with polished nickel scales, Yong container shows taste. The exquisite rhodium-plated movement is matched with elegant blue light screws and carefully decorated with Louis XIV-era glyphs. The streamlined white strap is a perfect match for men and women on any occasion.

ORIS Artelier pure white skeleton watch is equipped with Oris 734 movement, and decorated in the style of Louis XIV period