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    Straight Linear Art Brief Comment On Kunlun Miss Golden Bridge Series Watch

    Kunlun’s Jinqiao watch was exhibited in the International High-level Watch Museum in 1980. It is the highest presentation of the extreme craftsmanship. Once launched, it has made a remarkable impact on the entire watchmaking industry. When the long mechanical movement was launched thirty years ago, it represented a brand new chapter in the history of the watchmaking industry. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of a Kunlun Bridge series watch, the official model is: 113.101.55 / 00010000.

     The Kunlun Bridge watch has always been well known for its distinctive rectangular case design and the shape of the straight transparent dial, which is impressive. The movement splint is like the design of a suspension bridge. Not only can the movement be fixed in the case, it can also effectively disperse the external impact force, and protect the movement of the movement from being affected and damaged. So people are very concerned about the Kunlun Bridge series.


    This watch is a watch without a dial. From the front of the watch, we can directly see the internal structure of the watch, the movement of the watch, the movement plate, the balance spring and other parts are clearly visible. .


    The side of the watch. From this side, we did not see the proper crown. What we see is that the side of the watch is also made of sapphire crystal glass. From the side, we can also see the precision movement of the watch’s internal movement. .


    The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, which is soft and comfortable to wear. The buckle adopts a pin buckle design made of 18K rose gold, and the buckle is also engraved with the Kunlun brand name CORUM.


    On the other side of the watch, from this side we still don’t see the crown of the watch, which is still transparent with sapphire crystal glass. According to official data, the thickness of this watch is 11.24 mm.

     We can see from the figure that the crown of the original watch is hidden here, and the crown of the watch is designed in the middle of the two lugs of the watch, so that the watch is more integrated and more visible from the appearance. With personality, we can also see Kunlun’s iconic upright key LOGO on the crown.

     From the watch’s sapphire crystal, we can see the precise movement of the gears inside the watch movement. The lower part of the picture is the clockwork of the watch.


    The balance spring device we can see under the sapphire crystal. From the picture we can also see that the movement’s movement splint has been carved and carved, which is really perfect in every detail.

    The watch comes with a black alligator strap and a pin buckle in 18K rose gold.


    The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement CO113, which can provide 40 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The movement frequency is 28800 times per hour, which is accurate and stable.


    Summary: The Jinqiao series models have an ingenious full-perspective design, and boldly use a long movement that is rare in the watch industry, fully reflecting the brand’s contemporary spirit and unique design concept since its inception. The Admiral’sCup series and the simple and elegant Romvlvs series are the original series of Kunlun watches, and they are well-known and respected in the world. The current domestic price of this watch is 246,000 yuan.

    For more watch details, please click: corum / 17245 /

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    Acron Watch Series New Motivation-news Versace

    For those who pay attention to elegant dress: The Acron brand has newly added the Power Reserve watch, which is designed for men who like classic, tough and masculine style.
    The Power Reserve watch is a model of Switzerland’s top watchmaking standards, destined to set off a wave of popularity, it stands out by the extraordinary introduction of extremely complex movements. The simple and rustic rose gold case complements the Power Reserve semicircle, as does the undecorated case and alligator strap. Also available in pure stainless steel or stainless steel with rose gold bezel.

    The 3-hand version stands out for its outstanding modern design: from the gold-plated case to the simple dial, the Versace brand logo engraved on the dial emphasizes its noble identity.
    Source: Versace

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    Nomos Glashütte Minimatik Automatic Watch Won The If Design Big Prize Card Award

    NOMOS Glashütte’s new automatic watch has won the much-anticipated Oscar iF Design Award in the global design community.
       The newest Minimatik model of NOMOS Glashütte’s neomatik series, this time successfully won the iF design award jury, stood out from more than 5,000 products in 53 countries and won the highest honor in the global product design industry. The award ceremony was held on 2/26 (Fri) in Munich, Germany.

    Minimatik stainless steel case with a diameter of 35.5 mm, hours, minutes and small seconds, DUW3001 automatic movement, sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters.

       The IF Design Award, which has praised countless outstanding design works for more than 60 years, is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most prestigious awards in the field of product design. This award has carefully selected many contemporary classics, including several NOMOS models. For example, Metro models that won this prestigious award in 2015. Prior to this, Ahoi (2014), Tangomat GMT Plus (2013), and Zurich (2012) have also won this honor. At the same time, three days ago, NOMOS Tangomat, Metro, and Lambda models also won the highest honor of the German mechanical watch Goldener Unruh reader’s choice awards, becoming one of 130 selected works.
       The iF Design Award is the second international design award that NOMOS Minimatik has received after the Good Design Award (also known as the ‘Eames Prize’). ‘Essentially, at NOMOS, whether as watchmakers or designers, we just do our best to do our best,’ said Judith Borowski, who is responsible for branding and design at NOMOS Glashütte. ‘But obviously everyone is so crazy because they won the iF design award.’

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    Cartier’s Topical Roadster Series Watch

    In 2008, Cartier’s topical Roadster series, ingeniously used walnut wood as a pure natural material. This watch boldly combines white gold with walnut, and the natural luster of precious wood silk satin has an unexpected effect in the dial.

        The deep color of walnut is both simple and elegant, the texture of the natural trees is delicate and soft, and it has a natural beauty. The designer boldly tried to inlay walnut wood on the metal plate, and finally treated it with gloss paint to retain the original luster and luster of the wood, while also having the texture of a mechanical watch. For added flexibility, the strap can be changed at will. In addition to the comfortable dark brown alligator leather strap, the metal strap with walnut is also very unique.

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    G-shock And Dgk Launch Limited Edition Watches Again

    G-SHOCK, a watch brand owned by Casio, has created an unprecedented shock-proof watch concept, combining various popular culture with watch design, giving the watch a new and diversified concept, bringing together many of the world’s top tide brands and pioneers. Participate in this trendy design whirlwind. Coinciding with the 30th anniversary celebration of G-SHOCK, this season G-SHOCK and American professional skateboard brand DGK launched the second joint limited edition watch G-8900DGK. This watch combines the tough attitude of G-SHOCK and the indomitable spirit of DGK. It represents the significance of overcoming all difficulties and pursuing victory. The G-8900DGK is based on the G-8900 prototype, and is decorated with the purple that Stevie Williams himself loves. The shape design has a stylish translucent case and strap. More memorable value is that the dial, strap and back are engraved with DGK LOGO. The strap and back are engraved with the signature of DGK founder Stevie Williams. As a representative of the pioneers of street culture, this joint model is more TOUGH Style and brand appeal, together with special packaging, are collectible. G-8900DGK’s features include shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, automatic electronic fluorescent lighting system (super LED backlight), city time, world time (31 time zones, 48 ​​cities + UTC)), 5 groups of alarms, stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 seconds), countdown, automatic calendar, 12 / 24-hour mode switching, etc. This time it is a limited sale. This season is bound to set off a trend of pursuit. Friends who like it should hurry to the store to pay attention to the reservation.

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    Five Omega Popular Hippocampus Watches Recommended

    The 2012 World Clock Rankings Report shows that China has become the largest market for watch consumption. Omega has greatly outperformed the world’s most sought-after Rolex in the Chinese market. As the classic seahorse watch of Omega, it is even more popular. In view of the collection of watch lovers, today I will introduce several classic seahorse series watches.
    Omega Planet Ocean Chrono watch

     Movement type: automatic machinery
     Gender: Men
     Case material: Stainless steel
     Strap material: stainless steel
     Domestic public price: ¥ 42,600
     Watch details:
     Comment: The design of stainless steel case and stainless steel strap is adopted, and it is rotated in one direction. With date display function, arc-shaped double-sided reflective abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal, black dial, stern-plated surface.
    Omega Aqua Terra Mid Size Chronometer

     Movement type: automatic machinery
     Gender: Men
     Case material: Stainless steel
     Strap material: stainless steel
     Domestic public price: ¥ 40,800
     Watch details:
     Comment: Crystal mirror-shaped arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective and wear-resistant sapphire crystal case: stainless steel case dial: Teck-Ivory silver waterproof performance: 150 meters (500 feet) Size: medium diameter: 38.5 mm Certified date display with transparent case-back movement: Omega 8500 automatic winding movement with coaxial escapement to ensure stable and accurate timekeeping. Cardless balance with hairspring, double rollers, two-way automatic winding, reducing winding time. The bridges and oscillating components are decorated with Arabic Geneva waves. Power reserve: 60 hours power reserve.
    Omega Planet Ocean watch

     Movement type: automatic machinery
     Gender: Men
     Case material: 18K rose gold
     Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
     Watch details:
     Comment: 18K rose gold case, black alligator leather strap, black dial, sapphire crystal glass,
    And with date display, timing function. The elegant and elegant design of this table is a lot of color.
     Omega PLOPROF 1200 Meter Series Watch
     Movement type: automatic machinery
     Gender: Men
     Case material: Stainless steel
     Domestic public price: 70,100 yuan
     Watch details: Brief review: stainless steel case, rubber strap, date display, helium exhaust valve, two-way rotating bezel, screw-in crown, crystal mirror surface, wear-resistant sapphire crystal mirror surface, anti-reflective treatment inside, The dial is black, waterproof to 1200 meters, the case diameter is 55 x 48 mm, the movement is Omega 8500, and the self-winding movement with coaxial escapement ensures stable and long-lasting accurate timekeeping. Cardless balance with hairspring, double rollers, two-way automatic winding, reducing winding time. The bridge and swing assembly are decorated with Arabic-style Geneva ripples. Power reserve 60 hours power reserve.
     Omega 300 M Chrono Diver 2225.80.00 Movement Type: Automatic
     Gender: Men
     Case material: Stainless steel
     Strap material: stainless steel
     Domestic public price: ¥ 30,200
     Watch details:
     Comment: Crystal Mirror: Arc-shaped anti-reflective, wear-resistant sapphire crystal Mirror case: Stainless steel case Dial: Blue Water resistance: 300 meters (1000 feet) Size: Men’s diameter: 41.5 mm Features: Obtained by the official Swiss Observatory Certified date display, chronograph function, small seconds, dial, helium valve, optional crown, unidirectional rotating bezel Movement: Omega 1164 self-winding chronograph movement, plated surface. Power reserve: 44 hours.
    Summary: In 1948, the first OMEGA Seamaster series came out, and the legendary hero was born. It has the superior performance of precision, accuracy and solid reliability. It still works as usual in the harsh environment. It has participated in deep-sea exploration activities many times. What is even more memorable is that Omega OMEGA accompanied 007 intelligence officer James Bond to the sea and rescue. world.

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    Remember The Steadfastness Of Love

    Tissot Tianlang / Tiansi series pair watch
    Square like a window, a window of fashionable taste that keeps pace with the times
    Fashion and trends change rapidly, and the fashion aesthetics also keeps pace with the times. The new Tissot Tianlang · Tiansi series square pair watch follows the fashion trend and breaks through the traditional circular dial design. Selecting a square on the geometric pattern as the dial outline is an excellent embodiment of the square geometric aesthetics. Square, simple and tough, gives people unlimited imagination. Tissot’s new design is intended to give time a shape, so that time is no longer difficult to grasp and ponder, and square is definitely the best choice for this shape. The square dial is like a window, and Tissot opens the window for you to keep up-to-date with fashionable taste.

    Tissot Tianlang / Tiansi Series Pair Watch
    Remember the time, the time of unwavering love
    The time hand continuously rotates in the square outline with edges, and life is limited in the endless tunnel of time and space. The metaphor of boundlessness and boundlessness gives Tissot a new Tiansi series watch with endless depth. The launch of the Tissot Tianlang · Tiansi series square couple pair watch expresses the blessing of Tissot for couples who are pursuing fashionable taste. Men’s watches and women’s watches are named Tianlang and Tiansi, respectively, which are in line with the personality characteristics of men and women. The design of the watch means that ‘I’ meets another ‘I’, while the square, tough outline implies the unwavering commitment of two independent personalities after they meet. Life is boundless and love is boundless. Through the square window of time to see everything in time and space, even if the white dog is in the same clothes, the loyalty to love is always the same.

    Tissot Tianlang / Tiansi Series Pair Watch
    Technical Parameters:
    -Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
    -316L stainless steel case
    -Water resistant to 100 meters (10 atm)
    -316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly buckle / leather strap with butterfly buckle
    Suggested retail price:
    His Tianlang: RMB 4,600 ~ 5,000
    Her Sky Thought: RMB 2,950 ~ 3,400
    Tissot-‘Time, You Control’
    天 For Tissot, ‘time, you control’ is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand-Tissot has always strived to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking, hoping to bring more value and touch to customers. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Over the past 158 ​​years, Tissot has grown from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled innovation ability, which spares no effort in the research and development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functions. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘civilian luxury goods’. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. It also serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, the International Basketball League FIBA, the Australian Football League AFL, the Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA, and the World Bicycle, Fencing and The official designated time for the hockey tournament. In terms of market promotion and product design, Tissot has consistently written its brand philosophy: ‘Innovation originates from tradition’.

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    Energetic Moment! Nomos New Tangente Sport And Club Sport Watches

    The neomatik movement introduced by NOMOSGlashütte is sturdy, durable and powerful, setting a new standard for making automatic movements. Now, the innovative calendar movement is equipped in TangenteSport and ClubSport sports watches, which provide a continuous flow of power for all-day wear. Equipped with NOMOS stainless steel strap, simple and practical, beautiful and generous.

      NOMOSGlashütte unveiled new sports watches with stainless steel straps at the Baselworld 2019: TangenteSport and ClubSport. Both watches are equipped with the neomatik calendar movement DUW6101, with a large calendar window at three o’clock and a dial diameter of 42 mm. The watch is generous and comfortable, allowing you to easily read the time, and it is water resistant to 1000 feet (300 meters), which can withstand the harsh conditions. For the first time, these two NOMOS watches are also equipped with a custom-made stainless steel strap.

      Both new watches are equipped with the NOMOSneomatik calendar movement. The case is extraordinarily sturdy, with sapphire crystals, tightly sealed, waterproof and shock resistant. The shape of the watch is designed like a small dome. The neomatik movement in the watch achieves perfect proportions and is extremely comfortable to wear. This slim movement saves more space for the case, and the case becomes correspondingly stronger. TangenteSport has two dials to choose from: silver white and ocean black; ClubSport’s dial is dark black. An additional fluorescent coating is added to the hour markers and hands to make the watch shine in the dark.

      The stainless steel strap of the watch is made of sturdy stainless steel, which is also durable and waterproof to a depth of 1,000 feet. The strap is extremely thin (compared to other thicker straps or made of folded metal) and is hand-crafted from 145 individual parts. The overall appearance is elegant, with a strong Bauhaus style. Each watch comes with a screwdriver, which can be easily worn or adjusted by the wearer. You can also use spring bars for further adjustments (for example, loosen the strap slightly in summer). The folding buckle developed exclusively for NOMOSGlashütte is easy to use and adds a finishing touch to the stainless steel strap.
      The watch is extremely comfortable to wear and will make you feel like it has always been part of your wrist. The NOMOS sports strap is specially created for the new TangenteSport and ClubSport watches. In addition to giving the brand new NOMOS appearance, it also adds weight to the wrist.
      Tangente and ClubSport watches will be available in selected stores starting in May.

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    Glasutti Music Award Winner Sir Simon Reit At The London Olympics Opening Ceremony

    At 21:02 local time in London on the 27th, the opening ceremony of the 30th London Olympic Games in 2012 debuted in the ‘London Bowl’. During the opening ceremony, British conductor Sir Simon Rattle directed the soundtrack theme of the ‘Chariot of Fire’ movie, while Mr. Dou became a keyboard player in the orchestra. This scene became the highlight of the crowd during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.
        Simon Rattle is the sixth permanent conductor of the Berliner Philharmoniker and is also the artistic director of the orchestra. He studied piano, percussion and orchestra conducting at the Royal Conservatory for 17 years and graduated in 1974. In the same year he won the first prize of the International ‘John Musician’ Conducting Contest, and in 1980 he was appointed Chief Conductor of the Birmingham City Symphony Orchestra. Since 2002, Simon Rattle has been the artistic director and chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. On June 3, 2011, Germany’s top watch brand Glashütte awarded the Berlin Philharmonic and his chief conductor Simon Rattle the 2011 Glashütte Music Award.
         The Glashütte Music Awards were established in 2004 by the Dresden Music Festival and the German top watch brand Glashütte. This award is given to artists who have made significant contributions to artistic creation. The Glashütte Music Award Lifetime Achievement Awards include: the famous German conductor Kurt Masur, the American dancer John Neumeier, and the German opera conductor Jurch Hertz (Joachim Herz), Latvian violinist Gidon Kremer and German singer Christa Ludwig. Glashütte Music Award Trophy
        With the conductor Gustava Dudamel receiving the Glashütte Music Award in 2009, the award has a new meaning. This is the first time that the Glashütte Music Award has been awarded to a young artist who has made a significant contribution, with the aim of encouraging more young talents. The Glashütte Music Award trophy was produced by two apprentices of the Glashütte brand Alfred Hevig Watchmaking School. Every year 12 young watchmakers and 3 toolmakers graduate from this watchmaking school. The design of the trophy is a combination of traditional watchmaking technology and modern materials. The upper part of the trophy is a flying tourbillon representing the highest level of watchmaking technology-invented in 1920 by Alfred Hevig, a lecturer at the watchmaking school in the German town of Glashütte.
        Glashütte is Germany’s top mechanical watch brand. Its full range of models are equipped with homemade high-end movements. 165 years of German watchmaking heritage. Glashütte is a symbol of original and high-quality watches, and a natural reflection of Germany’s outstanding achievements in engineering and manufacturing.

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    Introduction To Montblanc Nicholas Kies Hollow Dual Time Zone Chronograph

    Montblanc Nicholas Kies hollow double time zone display chronograph
    新 The appearance of this new work is classical and beautiful. The new self-made MB R210 movement also integrates the classic chronograph structure and advanced technology elements, and uses the dial to replace the hands to display the second time zone time. The hour dial in the second time zone is hollow and clear, leaving only a small number of hours and supporting spokes. This new movement was designed and developed by Montblanc itself, which shows that Montblanc has the technical level of an authentic watch factory. The timing program is controlled by the column wheel, and the power is transmitted to the timing wheel through the advanced disc clutch, which avoids jumping when the second chronograph is started, and can greatly reduce the operation loss of the second chronograph. A screw balance with a diameter of nearly 10 mm has a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4Hz), which makes fine adjustment of the precision performance better. The movement has a dual spring drum and a power reserve of about 72 hours. It provides ideal torque and stable swing. All these are necessary conditions for accurate timepieces. Even if the watch is left aside for a day or two, it still does not prevent the accuracy of the time.
     This new work has a precious 18K rose gold model. The elegant and dynamic watch is indeed well made. The polished bezel and two-level lugs are timeless. The crown is full and carved with fine pits. Trademark; about 95 grams of rose gold used to make the case, and the buckle is also made of 25 grams of rose gold, making the entire watch more luxurious and weight; double-sided anti-glare arched crystal glass mirror dial dial unique design layout The back of the watch is inlaid with crystal glass pieces, precision parts such as the movement, oscillating weight and column wheel, as well as the craftsmanship. It is equipped with a precious black crocodile leather strap and 18K rose gold buckle.
    Montblanc Nicholas Kies hollow double time zone chronograph specifications:
    Montblanc Caliber MB R210 movement
    Type of movement: automatic movement, double barrel
    Timing system: single button column wheel timing function and vertical clutch disc device;
    Parts 295
    Gemstone: 40 pieces
    Power reserve: 72 hours
    Balance: Screw balance, diameter 9.7 mm, inertia 12 mg / cm2
    Quake frequency 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
    Gossamer: Flat Gossamer
    Base plate: rhodium-plated base plate, polished fish scale
    Splint: rhodium-plated splint, Geneva corrugated
    Transmission wheel: special tooth design to improve power transmission efficiency
    Display: Off-centre hours and minutes
    9 o’clock is the second time zone day / night display
    3 o’clock for date display
    Time display: 60-second and 30-minute time dial with fixed hands
    Special features: Quickly adjust the hour hand and date back and forth to meet passenger requirements
    design feature
    Case: 18K Rose Gold (5N)
    Waterproof 30 meters
    Table glass Curved double-sided anti-glare crystal glass
    Case back Screw-packed case back with crystal glass
    Size: 43 mm diameter, 15 mm thickness
    Crown: 18K rose gold crown with mother-of-pearl Montblanc star logo
    Chronograph button
    Dial: Charcoal dial, white Arabic numerals, machine-engraved wheat grain pattern
    Luminous leaf-shaped hour and minute hands with luminous coating
    Strap: black alligator leather strap and 18K rose gold double folding buckle

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