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    Radar White High-tech Ceramic Watch Reflects Pure West Lake

    On September 16, 2011, the famous Swiss watchmaker @RADO Swiss Radar put the finale of the China tour exhibition of white high-tech ceramic watches in Hangzhou, a highly developed and highly competitive fashion industry. The charming city also held a grand re-opening ceremony for the radar store of Xinyu Sambo Hangzhou Tower. At the event, Mr. Olivier Cosandier, Vice President of Global Sales of Rado Swiss Rado, @MichaelWan, Vice President of Swiss Rado China, @MichaelWan 万 志 飞, and Miss RADO Global Spokesperson @ 刘若英 cut the ribbon for the reinstallation of the new store in Hangzhou Tower . At the same time, Swiss radar’s grand launch of white high-tech ceramic watches has attracted much attention, sharing with Hangzhou a pure, flawless, moist as jade, and a light touch like a second layer of skin!

    Spokesperson Liu Ruoying’s wedding table

    Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Radar China
    RADO new Swiss radar watch store showcases the elegant temperament of Hangzhou
    Entering RADO’s new store after rebuilding Hangzhou Tower Shopping City, the bright colors and smooth lines are correspondingly brilliant. Under the gorgeous lights, a variety of high-tech Swiss Rado watches are perfectly presented, and the shop is laid out comfortably Make Hangzhou consumers feel the brand’s creative watchmaking concept and intimate service in a comfortable and comfortable environment.

    Liu Ruoying’s interpretation of white high-tech ceramic watches
    White high-tech ceramic watch is like the light touch of the second skin
    At the event, Swiss Radar’s new series of white high-tech ceramic watches appeared simultaneously. With the high-tech ceramics’ unique purity, flawlessness, moistness like jade, and light touch like the second skin, it brought a new look. White fashion. As a pioneer in the high-tech materials of watches, RADO is the first outstanding brand to apply high-tech ceramic materials to watches. The world’s first high-tech ceramic watch was launched by Swiss Rado in 1986. The Integral Precision Ceramics series is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. After one quarter of a century, Swiss Rado has fully utilized high-tech ceramic materials. .
    The appearance of Miss Liu Ruoying, the global spokesperson for Swiss radar, pushed the event to a climax! At the scene, Ms. Liu Ruoying and the fashion expert Xiao Bu shared the tips on fashion matching of white high-tech ceramic watches. At the time of the wedding of Miss Liu Ruoying, Mr. Olivier Cosandier, Vice President of Global Sales of Rado, and Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Rado China, also presented the specially customized r5.5 watch pair as a mysterious gift to Miss Liu Ruoying I wish Miss Liu Ruoying and Mr. Liu’s relationship never wear down like Swiss radar. With the reopening of the new store of Rado Hangzhou Tower, the light and gentle white fashion of white high-tech ceramic watches has also quietly spread.
    故事 RADO Swiss radar brand story
    ADORADO is an important brand of the Swatch Group. Since its birth in 1957, RADO has been a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, and the first luxury watch brand to enter China. Adhering to the brand’s core spirit of ‘Unlimited Spirit’-Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Rado has not only made breakthroughs in materials and craftsmanship for a long time, but also has become more and more international in recent years The collaboration of well-known design masters (such as Jasper Morrison) aims to create pioneers in design and create future history.
    In 1957, SCHLUP, a Swiss company that has been a professional watch movement supplier, launched a series of watches under the RADO brand for the first time. Five years later, in 1962, RADO launched the world’s first hard-wearing watch DiaStar, which shocked the industry with its unique oval shape design and innovative high-tech tungsten titanium alloy material, conquering the market. Since then, Swiss radar has begun its brand’s success by combining innovative materials and unique designs. In 1986, Swiss Rado launched the Integral Precision Ceramics watch, which was the first to introduce high-tech ceramics into the watchmaking industry and regarded it as the most popular material, far before other watch brands. Three years later, in 1989, the Ceramica series of legendary ceramics was launched, and the world’s first watch with high-tech ceramics was born. Since then, Swiss radars have continuously accumulated, deepened their understanding of high-tech ceramic materials, and successfully got rid of the limitations of the traditional watchmaking industry both aesthetically and technically. By 2004, the research of Swiss radar in the field of innovative materials ushered in an update and breakthrough, creating the world’s hardest watch with a long-lasting pure surface V10K series. With a hardness of 10,000 Vickers, it can be compared with natural diamonds. The use of high-tech diamond materials in watch design is a major leap in the field of materials, and it will never be recorded in history!
    Swiss Rado’s efforts in ‘contemporary design’ in recent years are obvious to all. First of all, the brand’s communication focus is ‘innovative design and comfortable wearing.’ As you can see, our models have won more than 30 international design awards for their forward-looking design and innovative materials. Swiss Rado has also won the world’s most prestigious four top design awards in the world: ‘Reddot International Red Dot Design Award’, ‘iF Design Award’, ‘G-Mark Special Design Award’ and ‘IDEA Design Award’.

    8In August 2010, Liu Ruoying, a famous Asian artist, officially became the first global image spokesperson for Swiss radar. Liu Ruoying’s intellectual, restrained, and constantly surpassing himself, pursuing innovation attitude coincides with Swiss Radar’s brand spirit of continuous breakthrough-Unlimited Spirit. In November 2010, the Radostar Prize radar star-making competition finally landed in China after going through Japan, the Netherlands, Malaysia, South Korea and many other countries. It aims to find young Chinese design power and become a perfect platform for emerging Chinese designers to show their talents and creativity in front of the world. The achievement of China’s young design force leads the way, and its success is shining!

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