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    Omega Moon Watch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Limited Edition

    On July 20, 1969, the first human landing on the moon was a great initiative in human history. At 2:56 GMT on July 21, Neil Armstrong and stepped on the moon’s surface. After 19 minutes, Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. He was wearing the Omega Speedmaster, legendary. This was born. An interesting episode was that the electronic timing system of the lunar module was operating incorrectly at the time, so Armstrong left his Omega Speedmaster in the cabin as a reliable spare timepiece.

    Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Limited Edition

    Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch
    To commemorate this expedition, Omega released two Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Limited Editions: stainless steel watches and 925 silver medals (limited to 7,969 pieces), platinum watches and 24K gold medals ( Limited to 69 pieces).
    Stainless steel limited edition
    This unique model is equipped with the famous Omega 1861 movement, which belongs to the same series as the 321 movement, used in the prototype of the Speedmaster professional moon watch of the year. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, and the bracelet is further improved, equipped with Omega’s patented chain needle system.
    The black dial is also reminiscent of the original moon watch, but it is also unique. The small seconds dial features a badge pattern that evolved from the famous Apollo 11 mission badge: the eagle flew to the moon’s surface, the eagle’s claws grasped olive branches representing peace; and above the horizontal line of the moon, the distant earth was clearly visible. Interestingly, this icon was designed by Michael Collins, commander of Apollo 11. While Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon in the lunar module, Corinth was working in the command module of Apollo 11.
    The hour, minute and chronograph seconds hands with red tips are coated with a luminous coating. Minute chronograph and hour chronograph hands are white; the frosted small rhodium-plated small seconds hand contrasts sharply with the recessed badge pattern on the dial.
    Human a small step
    Below the dial ‘OMEGA Speedmas & shy; ter PROFESSIONAL’ is the red ’02:56 GMT’ (2:56 GMT), which is Armstrong stepping out of the human on the moon ‘ One small step ‘for accurate time.
    米 The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Limited Edition dial is protected by a polyacrylic synthetic crystal mirror. The lunar prototype also used this hard and fragile watch. Polyacrylic synthetic crystal is an ideal material for aerospace applications. It does not break, which eliminates the potential risk of debris entering the low gravity environment. The unique miniature Omega logo is etched on the inside of the mirror.
    The caseback is engraved with the Apollo 11 ‘Eagle’ mission badge, ‘THE FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON’ (the first watch brand to land on the Moon), a limited number (0000/7969), and ‘July 21, 1969’ ‘(July 21, 1969), this is the date when Armstrong and Aldrin first stepped on the surface of the moon. The exact time of the moon landing ’02:56′ is engraved on the dial.
    The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Limited Edition is contained in a black gift box, which also includes a silver medallion with a diameter of 42 mm (the same as the diameter of the watch). Apollo 11 ‘Eagle’ mission badge and ‘APOLLO 11, 40th ANNIVER & shy; ARY’ (Apollo 11, 40th anniversary); the other side is etched with ‘THE EAGLE HAS LANDED’ (Eagle Landing), ‘LAUNCHED JULY 16 1969 ‘(launched on July 16, 1969),’ LANDED JULY 20, 1969 ‘(landed on the moon on July 20, 1969), and’ RETURNED, JULY 24, 1969 ‘(returned on July 24, 1969) Series lettering and omega letters and logos. The gift box comes with a product certificate and a cover with a black cloth. The black wipes have text messages commemorating this historic space flight feat.
    Platinum limited edition
    Limited sale, unlimited luxury
    The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Platinum Limited Edition is limited to 69 pieces. The main body of the case and the bracelet with the chain needle system are made of platinum, while the small seconds dial and small seconds are made of 18K yellow gold. The hour, minute, 30-minute chronograph dial and 12-hour chronograph dial are platinum.
    This elegant model also comes with a limited-edition, 42mm-diameter, 24K yellow gold medallion, etched with the Apollo 11 ‘Eagle’ mission badge and ‘APOLLO 11, 40th ANNIVER & shy; SARY’ (Apollo 11) , 40th anniversary). Like the 925 silver medallion included with the stainless steel model, the other side is engraved with ‘THE EAGLE HAS LANDED’, ‘LAUNCHED JULY 16 1969’ (launched on July 16, 1969), and ‘LANDED JULY’ ’20, 1969′ (landed on July 20, 1969) and ‘RETURNED, JULY 24, 1969’ (returned on July 24, 1969) as well as a series of inscriptions as well as Omega letters and logos.
    The 18K yellow gold mission badge on the case back is engraved with the words ‘Apollo 11 40th Anniversary’. Surrounded by a platinum outer ring on the case back are the words ‘The first Watch Worn on the Moon’, the words ‘PT950’ in platinum, and ‘July 21, 1969’ ‘(July 21, 1969), the date when Armstrong and Aldrin first stepped on the surface of the moon.
    Like the stainless steel model, the platinum model also has a shatter-resistant polyacrylic synthetic crystal watch and the Omega 1861 movement.
    微小 A small detail of the small badge pattern on the dial highlights the special value of this watch: the limited number (00/69) is etched on the bottom of the small badge pattern on the dial.
    米 Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Platinum Limited Edition is housed in an eye-catching wooden gift box, decorated with elegant inlay crafting details. The limited number (00/69) and Apollo 11 mission emblem are embossed on the top of the wooden box. The steel base of the wooden box is etched with the year “1969” where the Apollo 11 mission took place, the year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the human moon landing and the year “2009” for watch production. A certificate of authenticity is also placed in the watch box.
    限量 The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 ’40th Anniversary’ Platinum Limited Edition will be exclusively available at the Omega New York Fifth Avenue flagship store that will open this year.
    历史 Omega historical role
    历史 In the coming centuries, historians will continue to review the great task of Apollo 11. It was the first time that humans left Earth, walked on another celestial body, and returned safely. Omega has always been honored for its important role in human scientific adventures.

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    The ‘careful Machine’ In These Workplaces Makes You Win Delicate And Beautiful

    The workplace is the battlefield for adults. Here, we must overcome challenges and bravely meet opportunities and challenges. But sometimes it takes some ‘carefulness’ to stand out. Your dress philosophy is a manifestation of your own style. Facing different occasions, we must always show the best status: release passion and creativity at work; keep calm and calm at meetings; interpret fashion charm at the party; exude elegant charm at the dinner.
    ‘Self-presentation’ at the conference

     Meetings are important occasions in the workplace. How to express yourself to win the favor of leaders is a compulsory course for people in the workplace. In formal, high-profile situations, being able to speak well is a must-have ability, but the details of the accessories can inadvertently show the true attitude. Every professional elite has a unique style of watch. The simple steel watch is matched with a smart suit. It replaces the distinctive LOGO with iconic elements such as bees and stars. It is low-key and restrained but hidden and sharp. Such as your work attitude in the workplace.

    G-Timeless watches

     The meticulous image of the elite women in the workplace makes it difficult to get close, and they always fall into the stereotype of ‘strong woman’. Using a smart small suit with a small watch, it adds a touch of tenderness to the wrist, which can ease the serious aura. The cold and hard wind brought by stainless steel and PVD materials is matched with cute feline motifs. It is firm and flexible, and the aura and affinity coexist. It shows the modern professional female style without fear and dilemma.

    G-Timeless watches
    ‘Dazzling talks’ at the party

     The social gatherings on the weekends are both an anticipated Casual Day and a good time to expand your network. Pick a single item with a story and talk about the content of it, which will make friends look at you. The new Gucci watch re-emerges the classic elements. The stripe pattern was originally designed by Gucci in the 1950s. The green-red-green stripe is also an iconic classic element widely used by Gucci. , Intended to pay tribute to the classic brand, but also the best single item with casual style.

    #TimeToParr Series Photography

    G-Timeless watches
    ‘Cheats for the Mirror’ at the dinner

     Gold jewelry, like diamonds, is always a woman’s good friend. If the gold jewelry and gems are skillfully matched, not only the golden age is avoided, but also the ingenious mix and match will be better than a single element, highlighting the exquisite and delicate texture. At dinners or annual meetings, the stars are shining and the clouds are fragrant. Le Marché des Merveilles series jewelry with elegant dress, 18K yellow gold with pink opal or black onyx, embellished with diamond embellishment, the moment you wear it, it looks different, delicate accessories will easily attract the audience’s attention.

    Le Marché des Merveilles jewelry
    ‘Matchwork’ at work

     Can’t stand the uniform dress code of black and white dress? Paired with a delicate silver ornament, the light color is more vibrant and cheerful. The Blind for Love series of silver ornaments are embellished with black spinel, which echoes the positive assembly color, rejecting the side of a thousand people, making you stand out. Start with your styling and inspire unlimited creativity. In addition to your hard work, please enjoy yourself with beautiful styling.

    Blind for Love jewelry
    Facing different moments in the workplace with a variety of shapes, let the poetic aesthetic accessories express a different professional attitude.

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    Introduction To The Le Méridien Watch Series

    Maurice Lacroix’s ingenious series perfectly combines the exquisite craftsmanship of Maurice Lacroix, reflecting the vibrant and elegant 21st century urban style. The Ingenuity Series is renowned for its sophisticated interpretation of complex functions, especially the callback function. It is undoubtedly regarded as the first series of Le Méridien. For many years, Le Méridien has mastered the essence of the complex functions of watches.
    Ingenuity series has always been good at developing manual-winding mechanical movements. This year, for the first time, its technology was applied to automatic movements. Ingenious series new calendar dial watch and double dial watch are based on the long history of watch series, comply with the most stringent traditional mechanical watchmaking standards, strive for excellence, apply superb technology to fashion design. The ingenious series of automatic watches is based on the manufacture of the 10,000-year movement, which reflects the ‘Never Stop Moving’ concept advertised in the new advertising. The movement of a watch can be wound on the wrist with only movement of the wrist, a perfect interpretation of this concept. ‘The concept of the future’ also reflects that Le Méridien strives for innovation, relentless pursuit of the ultimate in technology and aesthetics, and strives to make breakthroughs in the design of each watch. Le Méridien strives for perfection and never compromises.

    Baby in picture
    Ingenious calendar dial and dual dial watch & mdash; & mdash; superb automatic movement
    日历 Craftsmanship Calendar Dial Watch and Double Dial Watch are crafted in rose gold. The case has a diameter of 46 mm and its sculptural lines are clear, allowing time to flow quietly through this large space. Water-resistant to 50 meters, the watch is polished and silk-satin-polished alternately, without any cumbersome and exaggerated decoration, perfectly interpreting the spirit of fashion. Both models are equipped with blue dials, and various time display layouts are exquisite, reflecting the understated and subtle beauty.
    腕表 The date dial display of one watch is at 10 o’clock, and the second dial of the second time zone and date dial display of another watch are at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. The display window is simple and generous, slightly protruding, and its digital display is more eye-catching on the blue dial that is brushed and polished to show the effect of solar radiation. Depending on the model, the power reserve is at 2 or 3 o’clock, lively and playful, reflecting the personality of the watch. The rose-gold-applied hour-markers are extended one by one and have a half-moon shape on the dial, which is full of dynamics. The small second hand repeats itself, turning continuously.
    The long rose-gold hands shimmer dazzlingly, and the diamond facets on the hands make it slightly convex, as if suspended on a blue dial. There is no shaft hole in the watch, which proves that the watch manufacturing follows the tradition and strives to be flawless even at the smallest details. The watch has a pure appearance and exudes a solemn and peaceful atmosphere, reminiscent of the most magnificent architecture, with a simple design highlighting the shape and function. This series is clear and clear when reading, reflecting perfect visual balance.
    The calendar dial watch is equipped with the ML 190 self-winding movement, and the dual dial watch is equipped with the ML 191 self-winding movement, both of which follow the purest Swiss watchmaking traditions. Every part is retouched, even for small components that are not visible after the watch is assembled. Through the transparent sapphire caseback, you can explore the delicate decoration inside the movement. The diameter of the movement is 161/2 cents, which is one of the largest diameter movements on the market.
    Nowadays, many watch admirers regard watch performance as a living art. In order to meet its requirements, the brand-new automatic watch of the Ingenious Series also launched a stainless steel model with a diameter of 43 mm and a black and silver dial. These watches are highly competitive in the watchmaker’s home-made watch market and set Emmys apart.
    Technical information & mdash; & mdash; Limited Edition (50 pieces)
    Models: MP6509-PG101-430 (calendar dial watch), MP6519-PG101-430 (dual dial watch), 18K rose gold, diameter 46 mm, silk satin and polished, curved sapphire crystal with anti-glare Coated, oversized sapphire crystal screw-in case back, waterproof 50 m / 5 atm
    Dial: Made of 925 sterling silver plate, dark blue, with sunray treatment
    18K rose gold diamond faceted embedded indexes, small seconds and power reserve indicator
    Hands: 18K rose gold stamped and formed hour and minute hands, the front diamond cut face shape is created by traditional pure hand craftsmanship, 18K rose gold small seconds hand and power reserve indicator, rhodium-plated callback hands
    Bracelet / Bracelet: Large alligator-textured black alligator leather strap, black calfskin lining, black stitching
    Clasp: 18K rose gold standard buckle
    Total gold weight: with standard buckle: 81.4 g (18K)
    Movement: ML 190 self-winding movement (calendar watch), ML 191 self-winding movement (double-return watch)
    Calendar Callback Watch (ML 190):
    The central hand indicates the hours and minutes; the dial at 10 o’clock indicates the date; the small second hand at 6 o’clock; the power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock
    Vibration frequency: 18,000 times / hour, 2.5 Hz
    Power reserve: 52 hours
    Number of jewels: 57
    Tuning: 5-way calibration can be performed after full chain and 24 hours
    Decoration: Vertical matte surface and Grand Colima? On motif, rhodium-plated
    Double-return watch (ML 191):
    The central hand indicates the hour and minute; the dial at 6 o’clock indicates the date; the dial at 12 o’clock indicates the second time zone; the small second hand at 9 o’clock; the power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock
    Vibration frequency: 18,000 times / hour, 2.5 Hz
    Power reserve: 52 hours
    Number of jewels: 74
    Adjustment: 5-way adjustment can be performed after full chain and 24 hours

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    Not Confusing Classics: Nautilus History And Key Watch Reviews

    Forty years ago, Patek Philippe broke the convention of watch design and launched the Nautilus Nautilus series. Unconventional ideas suddenly reveal the characteristics of leisure and elegance, which immediately drive the trend and set off the fashion of watchmaking. After enjoying Patek Philippe’s two wonderful limited edition models, 5711 / 1P and Ref. 5976 / 1G chronograph, to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Nautilus series, I believe you will definitely want to look back at this paragraph of Nautilus. Become a legendary story source.

    The Nautilus Ref. 3710, introduced in 1976, has a prominent watch body with a width of 42 and a thickness of 7.6 millimeters, plus a non-circular, square-shaped case inspired by the portholes of the octagonal ship. The dazzling shape breaks all design conventions. Make the watch altar shake.

       Let’s push the time back to 1976, the advent of a high-grade watch forged in stainless steel, which caused a commotion in the conservative Geneva watch world. The prominent watch body with a width of 42 and a thickness of 7.6 mm, coupled with a non-circular and square-shaped case inspired by the portholes of the octagonal ship, dazzling shape breaks all design conventions and shocks the altar. At that time, high-end watches were still slender and ultra-thin, and the case material was also made of precious metals. It was more often paired with K gold bracelets, diamond-set rings and hour markers to add elegance. Suddenly, this large steel watch appeared, and its price was even higher than many precious metal models at that time. It was even more shocking that it was not others who dared to stand out, but it was Patek Philippe, a top brand respected by the industry.
    ‘One of the most expensive timepieces in the world is made only of stainless steel.’
       Former Patek Philippe president Philippe Stern later confirmed that the daring to get rid of the mainstream style of the watch was not a risky advance, but an extraordinary strategy after careful evaluation. At that time, the model of social values ​​was changing. Many HNWIs were more successful in their careers and were more active in various leisure sports. They sailed the sea, galloped in the snow, and sweated on the court. The precious movement of the movement and the case are easily scratched. It is difficult to cooperate with this new generation who loves sports and pursues a dynamic lifestyle. The far-sighted Patek Philippe understands such a trend. The Nautilus Nautilus Ref. 3700 watch was very enthusiastic when it was launched in 1976. It not only caters to the needs of customers to have a sturdy and durable stainless steel watch in addition to the precious gold watch. It has also attracted a group of energetic new-generation customers. The breakthrough style of the Nautilus series has also been transformed into the belief of the new era. ‘One of the most expensive timepieces in the world is made only of stainless steel.’ This advertising slogan of that year particularly highlights the significance of the era represented by the Nautilus series.

    The Nautilus Nautilus 3700 watch is widely advertised as a rugged, top-end stainless steel watch that attracts vibrant new generations of customers, and the Nautilus series breaks through the traditional style and transforms into the belief of the new era.

    The second Patek Philippe in life
    New appearance, new concept
       At the time, the design of the Nautilus watch was indeed controversial. In addition to turning the stainless steel watch into a representative of ‘prestige and luxury’, its prominent case design and structure even break all existing watchmaking regulations. The body of the watch is non-circular and non-square. It belongs to an octagonal shape, but the corners are slightly arched, making it untouchable. There are also hinges on the left and right sides of the watch body, which are called ‘ears’; let alone the size of the watch, far beyond the standards of fashion and aesthetics in 1976, 42 mm wide (including the hinge count), thick 7.6 mm. However, the above features are really carefully arranged, and each design has its performance basis. The structure of the case is also not the style commonly seen today, that is, the structure of the three independent components of the bottom cover, the bezel and the ring, but a single piece design, that is, cut out of the entire piece of steel, only one small Hole for inserting the winding stem. The ring part is equipped with a mirror surface, which is secured from the four fixed points of the case with screws. Those familiar with the details of the construction of old cruise ships will notice the similarity between the case design and the classic porthole. The round porthole is pressed and locked into the hull structure by a hinge and a bolt. This design makes the Nautilus series water-resistant to 120 meters in depth, which is truly amazing in terms of the standard of general leisure watches in 1976. Even in the most difficult environments, this performance confirms that the Nautilus watch will be a loyal partner of the owner.

    Nautilus ads from the 1970s

    From unbridled to creating a trend
       After the launch of the Nautilus series, the market response was very different, some shocked, some applauded. Therefore, as early as the launch of the watch, the market response made it clear that the Nautilus series was not launched to meet the tastes of the general public. The Nautilus series has its own followers. The size of the watch body was initially criticized, but it eventually became one of the unique selling points of the watch. The original 1976 model also won the nickname of ‘Jumbo’; later, the watch attracted more and more women’s attention. Promoted the workshop to introduce Ref. 4700 style in 1980. In 1981, Ref. 3800 debuted, the watch body was 37.5 mm wide, and was designed for smaller wrists. After the large model was discontinued in 1990, the Nautilus series was once Patek Philippe’s only casual watch. The full range is available in steel, gold / steel and gold, and some models are available in platinum. Although the styles are diverse, each Nautilus watch retains its original case shape and its laterally extending spine design has become a household feature. In 1998, Patek Philippe re-launched the original Nautilus series and added a patented winding status monitor to display it by area.

    List of Nautilus watches released between 1996 and 2015

    New body pays tribute to classic concepts
       In 2006, on the 30th anniversary of the Nautilus series, Patek Philippe launched six new Nautilus models, including 38.4 mm medium-sized models 5800 / 1A and 43 mm large 5711 / 1A, made of stainless steel, rose gold and platinum. 5712 / 1A, 5712R, 5712G power storage moon phase indicator and 44mm 5980 / 1A chronograph. The most unique design of the original Nautilus is that its case uses a double-layer structure, the body and the bottom cover are integrated into one, and it is cut from a single piece of metal, so it can achieve an amazing achievement of waterproofing 120 meters. Due to the more advanced material technology and watchmaking process, the new Nautilus adopts a three-layer structure consisting of a bottom cover, a body and a bezel. Performance; at the same time, all new models can be equipped with a see-through sapphire crystal back cover, presenting an exquisite fully-made movement with the ‘Geneva Quality Mark’.

    Nautilus Ref. 5712 / 1A

    Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5980 / 1A

       However, Patek Philippe still displayed the original double-layer structure of the 5800 / 1A series displayed on the junior date, paying tribute to the original 1976 Nautilus model. In addition, the new watch retains the original design of the bezel imitating from the ship’s porthole, reinforced hinges, and laterally extending ridges on the side of the body. The bracelet part has been slightly modified, and the original straight design has become a slightly arched effect, reflecting the curve of the side edge of the bezel, making the new case more elegant.

    When Natilus changed models in 2006, in addition to the 5800 / 1A watch series, which retained the original double-layer structure, and paid tribute to the original 1976 Nautilus models, the other models adopted the three models consisting of the bottom cover, body and bezel The layer structure not only is equally strong and waterproof, but also allows the new watches to be equipped with a see-through sapphire crystal back case (Ref. 5980 / 1A shown).
    New Generation Movement Declaration
       In 2014, Patek Philippe added new complex functions to the Nautilus series, introducing Ref. 5990 / 1A time chronograph. This watch has three very useful features: date hands, chronograph device, and the acclaimed ‘two places’ system device, which can display the time in the second time zone. The new self-winding movement is equipped with a stainless steel case. The case design has been slightly changed. Two buttons are added for quick and easy time zone adjustment.

    Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990 / 1A, stainless steel case, 40.5 mm diameter (without crown), hours, minutes, center chronograph seconds hand, chronograph, 60-minute chronograph, Local time, home time with day / night display, analog date display, CH 28-520 CFUS automatic winding movement, Patek Philippe imprint, 55 hours power storage, Spiromax hairspring, waterproof 120 meters, stainless steel chain.

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    Many Cities With Gold Armor Tasting The Omega Seamaster Gold Watch

    Omega’s waterproof watches began in 1932. But the name of the hippocampus series was not used until 1947. During this decade, the hippocampus has adopted a strong sports and functional appearance, and has more diving watch features, such as deeper waterproof depth, rotatable graduated bezel, chronograph function, high visibility dial, and has been favored by watch friends all over the world. favorite.

      The hippocampus Aqua Terra 150m men’s watch is made of dynamic materials and full of vitality. This series is truly worthy of reference, whether it is on the sea or on the land, it works reliably. Today, the Watch House will bring you a bling Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meter watch. The official model of the watch is

      In terms of appearance, this watch can be called bling, which is very attractive. The Aqua Terra 150m watch is one of the most distinctive watch series in the hippocampus series. The vertical texture of the iconic ‘Teak Concept’ sunlight ray polished lacquer champagne dial is reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht. Location has a calendar window. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this unique dial. The watch has a 41.5mm 18k yellow gold case and an 18k yellow gold bracelet. This certified astronomical watch is equipped with the Omega 8501 ‘Zhenzhen coaxial movement’, which can withstand magnetic fields above 15,000 Gauss. The movement is clearly visible through the transparent case back and is durable. Provides 150 meters of water resistance.

      The 18k yellow gold screw-in gear crown is finely polished and has a good feel. The top of the crown is engraved with the Omega symbol “Ω”. The exquisite details show the high-end skills of Omega watchmaking.

      The workmanship of the bracelet is very detailed. The outer and inner edges of the bracelet are treated with two different methods, brushed and polished, respectively. The same 18k gold material has two different visual effects, which undoubtedly increases the watchmaker’s Steps and difficulty in parts processing. Three rows of metal chain links are flexible and comfortable to wear. With a butterfly buckle of the same material, the classic Omega symbol is decorated on the buckle.

      On the side without the crown, the thickness of the case is moderate and three-dimensional, and the edges and corners are clear. The cut surface of the case and the bezel are fine and polished. The brushed metal design on the case shows a strong texture, and the temperament of the precious metal is undoubted.

      The design of the lugs still attaches great importance to ergonomics. The lugs are basically flush with the first section of the stainless steel strap. They are perfectly integrated, and they do not affect the wrist’s various activities in daily life.

      The champagne-colored lacquered dial is embellished with the Aqua Terra’s signature ‘Teak Concept’ vertical texture, with a three-pin design. The hour scale is made of 18k yellow gold, and the sides of the arched central hour, minute and second hands of the same material are brightly polished, and the luminous material is filled in the middle to show the extraordinary ingenuity in the details. A calendar window at 3 o’clock adds to the practicality of this watch. The arched, wear-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides provides comprehensive protection for this unique dial.

      The back of the sapphire crystal case back, a beautiful movement produced by Omega. Equipped with an Omega 8501 self-winding coaxial movement, it has more lasting superior accuracy and stability. Can withstand the interference of strong magnetic fields of more than 15,000 Gauss. A cardless balance with silicon hairspring and double barrels arranged in succession. The two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. Unique Arabic-inspired Geneva ripples on the splint and rotor. Provides a power reserve of about 60 hours.

      Summary: The Omega Seamaster series watch has a stylish appearance, precise travel time, and amphibious practicality. It is the most popular watch in diving watches. This watch is entirely made of 18k yellow gold. It is precise and practical, while adding elegant and noble classic elements, allowing the wearer to instantly become the focus of everyone.

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