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    Introduction Of Iwc Portofino Series Asia Limited Watch

    This year’s Swiss IWC Portofino series watch released the 2010 Asia Special Edition, limited to 500 pieces, only for sale in Asia. In the early 1980s, the atmosphere of the whole world was full of leisure and elegance. The first Portofino model was inspired by the simple and classic pocket watch design. It was released in 1984 and conceptually reflects the situation of the time. Such a casual style has continued from that time to the present day, creating a rare and unique style under IWC, and rarely changing the concept. So Portofino does not have a very magnificent story like the other series of IWC, or the starting point has a strong functional orientation.
     This uniquely designed watch also contains the biggest feature of the Portofino series: the back is engraved with a special portofino port pattern. Portofino is a pleasant fishing village off the coast of Ligurian in Italy. The town built along the harbour has always been hailed as one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports, and ‘Portofino’ today has become a synonym for sweet life and luxurious holidays.

     It takes too much effort to describe a Portofino watch as adding a fourth hand to the hour, minute, and second. The Portofino watch has a subtle and elegant date display beyond the three hands. The watch is driven by the 35100 mechanical automatic movement.
     The movement of this Portofino automatic 2010 special edition is hidden in a rose gold case, and the precision movement can be seen through the non-reflective sapphire glass. The champagne-colored hands combine classic design and modern technology, making the watch as confident as possible, exuding subtle elegance and charm, no more and less, from the perfect example of IWC’s implicit design.

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    Bvlgari Diagono Scuba Watch High-performance Diving Watch Model

    BVLGARI presents three new Diagono Scuba watches. It interprets colorful modern life with pure white, bright yellow and vibrant orange.

       The Diagono Scuba is the ultimate in a Bvlgari sports watch. In 1994, Bulgari launched the first Diagono Scuba watch. Since then, this stylish design, excellent performance and water resistance to 300 meters has become the favorite of water sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Today, the new Bvlgari Diagono Scuba watch is coming, with three color options: white, yellow and orange. Bright and vibrant colors add ‘coolness’ to the Diagono Scuba sports diving watch collection.
       When it comes to classic styles with bright personality, bold colors and very creative ideas, Bvlgari refuses to let it go. The passionate DNA of Italy has given the brand extraordinary talents, reinterpreting classic legends with modern style, and easily controlling bold color matching and cutting-edge designs.
       White symbolizes purity. Bvlgari’s new white Diagono Scuba watch is made of contrasting materials, eye-catching, and the satin-finished stainless steel case matches the unidirectional rotating bezel.

       The hour markers, large numerals and rhodium-plated luminous hands are particularly striking. The delicate dial naturally extends to the white vulcanized rubber straps on both sides. The strap is equipped with a steel pin buckle, which is easy to open and close and easy to wear. With a diameter of 41 mm and a dial thickness of only 10.75 mm, the Diagono Scuba watch is calm and distinguished. The natural finish of white makes the watch brighter and brighter.
       The other two watches have the same dimensions as this white watch.
       Throughout the ages, yellow has been regarded as a symbol of success.

       This warm yet vibrant hue is very attractive and attracts everyone’s attention everywhere. With the blessing of these qualities, this yellow Diagono Scuba watch will surely gain the favor of many water sports and sailing enthusiasts. In addition to its stylish design, this fine watch also performs well in challenging sports. The use of luminous hands and hour markers makes the watch extremely visible both during the day and at night. In addition, the watch’s large power reserve is also very attractive.
       In addition to the above advantages, the Diagono Scuba watch also boldly introduces orange, which is rarely used in the field of today’s watch, injecting wonderful fun colors into the entire watch series. Orange is often thought to stimulate imagination and appetite, and its vibrant tones coincide with hedonistic lifestyles. The warm and friendly color tone can not only improve the attention, but also improve the communication between people. The famous musician Frank Sinatra regards orange as his favorite color, and he often says ‘orange is the happiest color’. Orange also highlights the sense of power of the design. However, this watch originally designed for men turned out to be the favorite of some Italian women. The Diagono Scuba watch not only satisfies their pursuit of excellent water resistance, but also fulfills their needs for a stylish look that is different from other professional diving watches.

       The Diagono Scuba watch is exquisite and stylish, born from the Mediterranean sun. It can be found in every major beach resort in the world, becoming the perfect choice for fashionable women on the seaside.
    Design First Performance King
       Diagono Scuba is a watch that fully meets the needs of diving. In addition to its style, it has superior performance: the watch is equipped with a self-winding Calibre Solotempo BVL 191 movement made by Bvlgari, and has an excellent water resistance of 300 meters. The Diagono Scuba is equipped with a 42-hour power reserve and a vibration frequency of 28,800 vph, ensuring accurate timekeeping. The dial design is simple and clear, providing hours, minutes, seconds and date display, and uses a large second hand. In addition to its versatility, the Diagono Scuba watch is a stylish and versatile wrist accessory that perfectly interprets the style of dress for all occasions.
       Diagono Scuba watches are the perfect choice whether you are swimming on the beach, swimming in the water, diving or doing various underwater activities. It can also be easily worn with everyday casual wear, and its bold and bold style can also create a neat urban style.
       As a jewellery brand rooted in Rome, Bulgari, after more than 130 years of precipitation, has extremely creative works and ingenious handicrafts, and has also accumulated outstanding Swiss fine watchmaking technology.
       The Diagono Scuba watch combines Italian extraordinary bold design style with the precise movement of the chronometer, which is amazing.
    Technical Parameters


    BVLGARI Diagono Scuba diving watch, price 47900 yuan
    (SAP: 102733/102788/102787)

       Solotempo Calibre 191 self-winding movement, independently designed, developed and manufactured by the brand: vibration frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz); 42-hour power reserve, hours, minutes and seconds displayed, date displayed at 3 o’clock;
       The Geneva pattern is decorated and snailed and matte polished. The bridge plywood is chamfered and polished. The gears are ring matte. The axle is chamfered and polished. The screw head is hemispherical and polished.
    Case and dial
       Stainless steel case, 41 mm diameter, unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring diving and decompression time; screw-in crown inlaid with ceramic inserts; water-resistant to 300 meters.
       Depending on the model, a white, yellow or orange dial is used, and the hour markers and hands have a luminous function to enhance its visibility.
       White, yellow and orange vulcanized rubber strap with steel pin buckle.

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    Performing Ancient And Modern Legends, Learning From A Long History – ‘bao Di, Walking With Greatness’ China Tour Exhibition In Shanghai Langtian Boutique, Xintiandi, Yaoshi Debut

    As one of the representatives of the long history of Swiss clocks and watches, Breguet has witnessed the changes in Europe over the past two centuries. Founder Abraham-Louis Breguet has created many great inventions that have a profound impact on the fine watchmaking industry in the more than ten years after the brand was founded with breakthrough innovation. Today, after more than two centuries of development, Baoyi adheres to its peak inventions and innovations. With its long-lasting aesthetic memory immersed in the long history of European civilization, Baoyi has always stood at the highest position of the fine watchmaking industry. Will inherit innovation and elegance. Since the 18th century, members of the royal family and outstanding figures in various fields have become loyal supporters of Breguet. Many timepieces were born during this period, and between these masterpieces and their owners, there are many traceable stories that have been traced.

    Abraham – Mr. Louis Breguet

       At the end of 2016, Breguet relayed the theme exhibition ‘Breguet with Greatness’, which was held in Geneva in January of the same year. It started in China for two months and touched the four major cities. It took Breguet’s distinguished patrons as the main line and went back to Breguet. Legendary history in history. Following the successful closing of the three major cities in Beijing, Shenyang, and Hangzhou, from December 17th to 25th, the fourth and final stop of the Breguet China tour came to one of the most culturally rich commercial districts in Shanghai, Breguet Shanghai The Langham Boutique in Xintiandi strives to provide an elegant and high-end shopping environment and high-quality audiovisual feasts for the majority of watch enthusiasts in China. At the same time as the theme exhibition, there are also a number of new watches launched in 2016. The four celebrities patrons of this exhibition are French Empress Marie Antoinette, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Naples Caroline Murat, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. There are traces of thick ink in history. The exhibition tells the story of four important celebrities patrons and Breguet in the history of Breguet in an interactive book format, reflecting the profound marks left by the legendary figures in the history of Breguet timepieces. The founder of the brand’s founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet, is in the center of the exhibition area to welcome the arrival of each watch enthusiast in the progress zone. Four interactive books are erected on the inner court. In the past, the legends of Xun were displayed one by one through books. The front cover of the book is painted with a contoured portrait of the patrons, and the inner pages of the book tell the story through text and pictures. It also has an interactive experience device that allows guests to experience the change of time and space through history, rich in depth and interesting. .

    Event site

    Queen Marie Antoinette and top complex pocket watches
       In 1783, a mysterious admirer ordered a timepiece from the Breguet Watches Embankment Workshop with a sumptuous collection of scientific essence of watches and clocks as a gift to the queen. This order contract stipulates that each part should be replaced with gold as much as possible, and the functions of the pocket watch should be complicated and diverse, but there is no stipulation on the completion time and the maximum amount. It was not until 1827 that this timepiece of complex functions was completed, at this time 34 years before the death of the queen. This Breguet No.160 pocket watch named ‘Marie Antoinette’ has been a watchmaking myth since 1783. For two centuries, the timepiece’s sophisticated construction and legendary history have lingered in the hearts of watchmakers and collectors. In 2004, Mr. Nicholas Hayek led the reproduction of this timepiece, reappearing the style of the master. The replica Marie Antoinette pocket watch has the functions of hour, minute and minute repeater. It is a self-winding pocket watch with power reserve indicator and bimetal temperature indicator. It adopts a unique set of automatic lift escapement. Installation, a gold spiral balance spring and a bi-metal balance, and an invention of Breguet-double shock-proof and shock-proof mechanism, is a work of art with exquisite craftsmanship. The famous portrait of Queen Mary holding roses and its former residence, a model of Versailles, one of the world’s five largest palaces, were displayed at the exhibition site, bringing watch enthusiasts into the spectacular and artistic charm of the French king’s room at that time, immersed in the treasure 19 At the same time as the century’s watchmaking masterpiece, it also quietly recalls its long history of watchmaking culture.

    Queen Mary Antoinette

    Napoleon and the first two-question moon phase travel clock
       In 1796, as a loyal fan of Breguet, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte purchased a travel clock from Breguet before his expedition to Egypt. This travel clock No. 178 is equipped with a calendar and spring function. The four sides are covered with glass, the silver dial is equipped with a large moon phase display window, and the bronze bell case is decorated with Doric decorative columns, which are exquisite and elegant. In addition to considering the need to use sturdy and reliable clocks during the expedition, there are also considerations of power and status symbols. This is the first two-question travel clock in history to display the time and date. It is expensive, and Napoleon’s attention to the Breguet timepiece is sufficient to reflect it. In fact, Napoleon’s Bonaparte family is a large buyer of Breguet, buying a total of nineteen Breguet watches. In addition to introducing the story of Napoleon and Breguet in the book’s inner pages, the famous travel clock is displayed with shutters, making history vivid and close the distance between historical celebrities and exhibitors.

    Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France

    Queen of Naples with first watch

       As an orderer of the first watch, the story of Queen Caroline Murat and Breguet of Naples has to be mentioned. In 1810, she customized two very special timepieces to Mr. Baodi. One of them was a ‘bracelet oval watch’, which was an epoch-making design in the nineteenth century. And with his years of accumulation in the field of horology and extraordinary imagination, Mr. Bao Di created this breakthrough timepiece, which is the first watch with a clear historical record. A total of 17 people with names were put into production of this timepiece, and it had to be made into 34 parts. The finished product was not delivered until December 21, 1812. This center’s blood is evident. In this exhibition, both the original order of Queen Caroline’s order and the Queen’s own photos are on display. What’s even more amazing is that the inside page of Queen Caroline’s book is equipped with a sensor glass device. Guests can change the cover by touching the glass cover. Colors, each color will correspond to the important dates below, from 1810-1811-1812-2002, respectively, a more intuitive presentation of important nodes of history for guests. In 2002, in order to pay tribute to the Queen of Naples, Breguet created the Queen of Naples series, which became the noble and elegant representative of the Breguet watch series.

    Caroline Mula, Queen of Naples

    Churchill and Breguet No.765
       The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the Breguet in 1928 to buy a watch, and a Breguet watch numbered 765 accompanied his life. This extraordinary chronograph is equipped with minute repeater and flyback seconds. Churchill has repeatedly returned it to Breguet for maintenance, and his love is self-evident. As a great statesman and orator, Churchill’s political talent is obvious to all. The book of this event will show the true manuscript of Churchill and audio materials of his live speech. It is very interesting that the radio is embedded in the book during the exhibition, and guests can simply press the corresponding button to hear the great speech of Churchill and feel the vigorous momentum of the political leaders and the mind of the magnificent shore.

    Winston Churchill

       As the founder of Breguet, Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet immortalized it, and the birth of Breguet opened a miraculous chapter in the watch industry. For more than two centuries, watch enthusiasts from all over the world have been talking about Breguet timepieces. Its groundbreaking innovations, adherence to the principles of aesthetics, and the classic feelings of the classic elements retained in the design are universal Beloved. Breguet continues to advance the high-end watchmaking industry with its excellence in watchmaking technology and never-ending innovation. Through the passage of time and the test, Breguet became a witness and pioneer of time, accumulating the next miracle in the silent minutes and seconds.

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    Beijing Skp Shares A Stylish Birthday Celebration, The Biggest Shopping Carnival Is Coming

    The April spring breeze actually blows out a little bit of summer, and a pair of autumn and winter clothes and accessories are repeatedly worn in the closet. It now looks like a velvet thickened explosion model, and it can’t bear how to bump the shape Can’t move. At this time, don’t you see that you can’t move without seeing the new spring and summer styles? Did you look at the price, but after checking the tax increase of Haitao, you hated that the wallet was too thin? Beijing SKP’s 9th birthday celebration will definitely give you the most satisfactory solution.

    Beijing SKP shop

       Beijing SKP, which took root in Dawang Road in April 2007, has gone through 9 years. In Chinese traditional culture, ‘9’ is the respect, which means the number of the sun, covering the meaning of infinity. Such an important birthday, you should be the adult gift of Beijing SKP. From April 14th to April 24th, Beijing SKP shared a stylish birthday celebration, presented a shopping feast for everyone, and invited you to join us in carnival!
    Extreme Birthday Shopping Carnival
        Just after March, which belongs to women, we naturally have to prepare a big gift for the young masters separately. Before the grand ceremony of the whole museum, let’s introduce the two birthday celebrations launched in the cosmetics area:
      Activity one: birthday beauty gift

        As long as the full amount, we will send you beauty products. From April 18th to 21st, you can get a designated regular-priced cosmetic when you spend the specified amount in the cosmetics area on the first floor.

      Activity 2: Girlfriend ‘1 + 1’
        The shopping spree is so meaningless, so invite her to come. Card friends invited non-card friends to join Beijing SKP, and both of them have spent in the 1F cosmetics area, and can receive a gift at the consumer counter with a small ticket.
        Are you tempted? Do n’t worry, beauty is just an Appetizer. During the April 14th to April 24th event, Beijing SKP will launch many preferential gifts, which will also be the largest birthday celebration. This time, take everything you like!

        Women who don’t like to buy some jewelry accessories shoes bags? However, if you have a sharp article, you can use electronic gift to make makeup artifacts and accessories. This is the trick. During the 14th to the 24th, a single settlement of 1,000 yuan in the Beijing SKP Hall will receive a 100 yuan electronic gift. On April 15, 16 two days, the single settlement of 1F cosmetics area, 4F women’s shoes area on that day can be 1,000 yuan. Receive a 200 yuan electronic gift. E-gifts are equivalent to cash recharge and can be used in multiples.

        When you buy everything, you will be considered willful. On the day of the cumulative consumption (except the brand day counter), you can redeem 20g investment gold bars or 6,000 yuan shopping cards if you earn 300,000 points.

        In addition to buying and buying, birthday gifts are naturally indispensable. Cardholders spent over 5,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, and 100,000 yuan on gifts on the day. Surprises are everywhere!

        Do you think it is enough to give a gift in full? The heavy weight is still behind. As a card friend of SKP, how can you lose all kinds of bank cards? We will give gifts when shopping for credit cards! If you have the bank cards of Bank of China, Shengjing Bank, China Construction Bank, SPDB, and Bank of Shanghai, as long as the spending is more than 2,000 yuan, 10% of the electronic gift will be returned in equal proportion. The more you spend, the more you will get back!
        In addition to gift vouchers, points can also bring you great value surprises during the birthday celebration. We will talk about the specifics later, let’s talk about how to grab points!

        Newcomer? no problem! New cardholders can get 2000 points immediately during the birthday celebration. Of course, this point is not enough to see, go down.

        10 times points! It is to be willful, and you can enjoy 10 times points and brand special discounts when you spend at designated brand counters during the brand day!

        Earn enough points to double, so let’s take a look at what surprises points can bring you.

        During the birthday celebration, cardholders can use their membership card and valid credentials to exchange points for corresponding gifts or exchange electronic gifts. Ten times the points, presumably the little masters are going to make a crazy profit again.

        Do n’t forget to pay attention to “Beijing SKP” official WeChat after you have been shopping for so long. Participate in WeChat and shake, you will have the opportunity to get Beijing SKP999 shopping card, Valentino bag, Fendi scarf. At the same time, during the birthday celebration, the chef of 10 CORSO COMO and Ding Dingxiang restaurant in the gourmet area specially launched birthday desserts and drinks. We invite you to taste them for free. We want all your sensory taste buds to revel!
    Extreme Birthday Celebration Brand Event
        During the SKP birthday celebrations in Beijing, many international big-name partners also launched special limited-edition products and activities. As a fashion lover, you must not miss it!

        The Italian city of Cinecittà, known as ‘Hollywood on the Tiber’, has also made Bulgari famous worldwide. Many classic movies, such as ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Sweet Life’ make this eternal city bring a lot of imagination, Cinecittà has become a dream castle that you must go once in a lifetime. The BVLGARI Cinecittà Rome Film Art Exhibition will be grandly exhibited in Beijing’s SKP Atrium from April 18th to May 1st. The elegant charm and exquisite craftsmanship of the Italian jewelry family Bulgari antique collection jewelry will also be exhibited simultaneously. Show all Bulgari’s origins with Rome and cinema.

        Aruna Seth, the British brand chosen as Princess Kate’s wedding shoes, will officially open its first store in China during the birthday celebration, and hold a grand opening event on April 10-18 at SKP 4F K Avenue ;

    ARUNA SETH grand opening

        After Jonathan Anderson became the creative director of LOEWE, LOEWE redefines its traditional craftsmanship and innovative spirit that have lasted for 168 years, and on the basis of retaining the tradition, opens the future of the brand with a new look, winning for itself and the brand Many fans. Jonathan Anderson will also come to Beijing’s SKP 4F K Avenue during the birthday celebration. What kind of inspiration will this talented designer’s first trip to China have?

    LOEWE 2016 autumn and winter women’s ready-to-wear

    Top-brand sharp goods only in Beijing SKP

        During Beijing SKP’s birthday celebrations, the spring and summer seasonal products of major brands have all arrived in the store. Many more sharp-edged items are only available for sale by Beijing SKP. SAINT LAURENT oversized dark gold cotton sequined cardigan, LOEWE sky blue leather Hammock handbag, CARVEN word-neck round cut hem long-sleeved dress, LOEWE sky blue leather Hammock handbag and so on they?

        And for all of you guys, it’s time for you to further explore the depth of clothing. During the birthday celebration, many brands launched their limited edition men’s items in Beijing SKP. BALLY Voyage travel bag and GUCCI XL tote add a sense of excitement to your trip. CORTHAY Duke wine red crocodile leather and calfskin stitching Oxford shoes is definitely the best choice for your formal wear plus full marks, while BOTTEGA VENETA’s striped jacket and long Pants make it easy for you to take control of all occasions.

        4F’s SKP SELECT is the only multi-brand collection store under Beijing’s SKP. During the birthday celebration, SKP SELECT specially launched the KENZO gold three-dimensional jacquard coat and skirt, MISSONI dress, PAULA CADEMARTORI leather embroidered handbags, and other items that are only sold by SKP SELECT, injecting a lively style into your spring day style. More trendy new products, want to own, only Beijing SKP!

        Beijing SKP’s 9th birthday celebration, everything is ready, only you!

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