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    Unique Taste Real Shot Fiyta Series Retro Dark Blue Dial Watch

    At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2016, Fiyta released a new retro fashion watch series-the Indian series, on the occasion of its participation. This year, the brand launched a retro dark blue dial watch (model: GA850001.WLL), showing a variety of flavors, injecting new vitality into the Indian series.
    Watch real shot show:

    Watch details real shot display:

       The case is made of stainless steel and has a round shape, with a stainless steel bezel and anti-glare synthetic sapphire mirror. The crown design is inspired by gears and stylish personality. In addition to simplicity, there is no lack of attention to detail.

       The dial is retro dark blue with sunburst and radioactive shading, and silver-plated brass pins. With the theme of urban riding behavior, the disc-shaped hour indicator is set at 9 o’clock, representing the wheel of time.

       Equipped with imported automatic mechanical movement, threaded through design, through the sapphire mirror, you can appreciate the precise operation of the movement.

       Comes with a dark blue plain weave leather strap, which echoes the vintage dark blue dial, and is equipped with stainless steel and a double-button closure.

       The above content is the information related to the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports. Everyone pays attention.
    2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Coverage

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    Extremely Expensive Unveil The Snowflake Diamond Watch

    As an exquisite craftsmanship that perfectly combines watches with jewelry, the name of snowflake inlay sounds mysterious and attractive. And only the most advanced design, the most luxurious brand, can put this expensive craft into practice. Today PCLADY will bring you closer to the snowflake-inlaid watch and feel the ultimate charm of diamond and time.

    Patek Philippe: Noble blood deeply imprinted

    Patek Philippe 7099R Women’s Watch

    Patek Philippe, which is deeply imprinted by the aristocratic ancestry, has launched a snowflake-inlaid watch that is more expensive and exposed. This 7099R ladies watch, with its elegant and elegant wine barrel-shaped rose gold case as the stage, makes the exquisite snowflake inlaid craftsmanship and the brilliance of the diamond sparkle, filling the wrist. It is more like a wine made of diamonds, which makes people feel drunk and happy. The case is paved with non-directional inlaid diamonds, and the dial is a precious hand-carved pattern with diamonds. Finally, it is equipped with a delicate hand-wound rectangular movement, showing the noble style from the inside to the outside.
    Patek Philippe: Noble blood deeply imprinted

    Watch design details

    手工 Precious hand-engraved dial with diamond inlaid with rose gold willow leaf hands, classic richness. The beautifully curved barrel-shaped case is set with fine diamonds in a snowflake inlay process, which shines brightly. A brown alligator leather strap with a rose gold case adds elegance. The Patek Philippe brand logo and the word GENEVE highlight the noble Geneva origin.

    Patek Philippe: Noble blood deeply imprinted
    Watch technical parameters:
    Manual winding mechanical movement, movement 25-21 REC
    Case set with 480 diamonds, randomly set
    Hand-engraved gold dial with 367 diamonds
    With convex gold hour markers
    Strap: square scale crocodile leather
    Water resistance 30 meters
    Case: 29.6 × 38.9 mm

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    If I Give You 1 Million, I Can Only Use It To Buy Cars And Watches. How Do You Want To Buy It?

    Life is always loved by young people like me who are helpless. They all say, ‘Play poor cars, watch rich, and the proletariat play computer.’ As an ordinary proletarian computer waste wood, I feel extremely ashamed. Even if you can’t become an ‘old money’ born with a golden spoon, then you can still dream of it. In my spare time, I brushed the “House of Watches” and suddenly saw a “if” question in my head when I saw those watches that I really liked but could not afford.

       If I have a one million cash domination right here, but I can only use it to buy cars and watches, what will I choose? If it were you, what would you choose? Everyone is welcome to share their views, but refuse to let go and create a civilized and harmonious society together.
      A. You have a soft spot for watches. You must use it to buy the best watch, car in a million? Almost.

    Patek Philippe Sports Series 5740 / 1G-001 Watch
       This Patek Philippe Nautilus is the first super-complex watch in the Nautilus collection, which cleverly combines sports charm and precision technology. The watch uses the famous Caliber 240Q ultra-thin self-winding movement, the case is extremely slender, this watch is Patek Philippe’s thinnest perpetual calendar watch to date. Price: ¥ 871,500.

    Bugatti x PG joint limited bike

      Wearing nearly one million watches, it seems that it is too out of place to drive more than 100,000 cars. Others think your watch is a fake watch, so how can we not lose the grade? Last year, Bugatti teamed up with German luxury bike brand PG to produce the world’s lightest city bike. The frame material is hand-made using carbon fiber materials designed for aviation technology and racing. Weighing less than 5 kg, it is limited to 667 units worldwide and is priced at $ 39,000. It is expensive and expensive for a bicycle, about RMB 270,000.

      B. Table? What fire buys what! car? What handsome buy?

       Speaking of watches, Rolex’s brand awareness has always been high, from once ‘forever and once’ to now ‘a watch is difficult to find’, starting a Rolex is naturally the first choice for many watch friends. But taking a Rolex is not enough. The top brand Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is one of the watches that many noble nobles will surely get, and naturally it will also get a piece.

       Two sports watches are included in the bag, and the dress watch cannot be dropped. The Jaeger-LeCoultre series is simple in appearance and minimalist in design. IWC Explosive Portugal series is also one of the classic formal watches that business people must not miss. Buying more watches and wearing them is also a pleasure.

       Every man has a love and longing for hardcore SUVs. Wrangler’s sharp and tough appearance contrasts sharply with mainstream urban SUVs. Compared to the previous model, the new Wrangler ‘Big Box’, which was launched last year, has no obvious difference in appearance and price, but the internal system can be described as a ‘big change.’ The engine uses a 2.0 T four-cylinder turbocharger and the gearbox is also switched to an 8-speed automatic, which improves the smoothness of city driving and reduces fuel consumption. The interior configuration and workmanship have also been improved, which has expanded the Wrangler’s audience capacity to a certain extent. As a representative of the American hardcore SUV, the Wrangler’s textbook-like off-road capability is convincing. After improving quality control and workmanship, I believe that more people will be willing to pay for it. Manufacturer’s guide price: 429,900 to 549,900 yuan.

      C. Car car car! Buy a good car! A good watch is enough!

    Audi Sport- Audi RS 4
       The domestic station wagon market has always been tepid. Many manufacturers have launched domestic station wagons, but very few have achieved good sales. At this stage, the station wagon is still a model for the niche market. The Audi RS4 Avant, as a high-performance station wagon, is destined not to be a best-selling car that can be seen all over the street. But this can also reflect the distinctive personality of the owner. In terms of performance, this 4.1-second 0-100km / h acceleration performance can be called fierce; in practical terms, the maximum capacity of the trunk can reach 1510L, which is sufficient to meet the needs of daily transportation of things or long-distance travel. The car has already begun pre-orders before the auto show and is expected to sell for 910,000.

    Omega-Speedmaster Series
       Omega’s Speedmaster series is the most representative model of the brand. The legendary Speedmaster watch has participated in all six moon landing missions of human beings, which can be regarded as a model of the pioneering spirit of the brand. The design of Speedmaster is different from other chronographs. This watch features a black surface, luminous hands, tachymeter scale, waterproof case, spiral case back, arched crystal and additional protective inner cover for movement. The iconic Speedmaster surface features a minute counter, hour counter and small seconds dial. The watch has a highly accurate chronological certification and a solid and reliable quality guarantee. Choosing an Omega Speedmaster is indeed a good choice.
      Summary: As the saying goes, ‘Life is long, car watches will always be with you.’ What does your car watch look like? If you can only buy cars and watches for 1 million, do you have a more special match?

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