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    Nomos German Quality Cost-effective Win

    NOMOS from the German century-old watchmaking town Glashütte. Founded in 1990, the brand name is derived from Greek and represents law and norms. Like its watchmaking spirit, it emphasizes the accurate function of watches, and Inheriting the history of Glashütte’s century-old watch manufacturing, it mainly produces high-quality mechanical watches, and in just a few decades, it has become a watch regarded as a national treasure by the Germans.
    NOMOS uses the best materials and produces with the highest standards and zero defects to ensure that consumers can use it for a long time. The watch movement started with the 7001 ultra-thin manual movement and evolved continuously. The original hand-wound machine The core gradually evolved into different functions and modules, such as the date window, power reserve indication, and the self-made automatic movement that NOMOS is most proud of. Each movement has the brand of NOMOS LOGO as a guarantee of ‘Made in Glashütte’. The function of the movement is really durable, and it does not lose the high-priced movement with great value. The design of the watch is simple and refined. It is famous for its ultra-thin case, elegant yet persistent German style.

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