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    The Most ‘luxury’ Hippocampus Of Omega 300 Meters

    I want to talk about a watch that is both ‘familiar and strange’ today. Familiar, because this watch is well known to everyone, the popularity is very high; strange, because relatively few people buy this model. This watch is the new OMEGA Golden Seahorse 300m diving watch.

    Omega’s new Golden Seahorse 300m diving watch
     Last year, Omega launched a new generation of hippocampus 300-meter diving watches. The new 300-meter hippocampus diving watch has achieved the perfect balance of appearance value, configuration, price, and the three, becoming one of Omega’s hottest watches. Especially in China, the popularity and influence of the hippocampus is huge. Everyone knows that the most popular 300 meters of the new Omega hippocampus is the steel shell model. This is also because the public price of the 300-meter steel shell hippocampus is very reasonable, and the steel chain 36500 / tape 35600 is extremely cost-effective.

     In fact, in addition to the steel shell model, Omega’s 300 meters in the new hippocampus also includes more luxurious and more expensive gold models. I first bought a steel shell and recently replaced it with a gold one. With gold on the watch, the sense of luxury has improved significantly after getting started. The most common Omega gold watch in the country is the gold constellation. Regardless of the number of men and women who wear it, the gold Omega sports watch is much rarer.

    Omega’s new Golden Seahorse 300m diving watch
    The Golden Seahorse 300m uses Omega’s exclusive Sedna Gold.
     Omega’s new 300-meter diving watch is familiar to everyone, but this gold model, I mean, the gold on the watch.
     There are usually only four types of gold used on watches: gold, rose gold (also called red gold), white gold, and platinum. Although we often hear names such as honey gold, magic gold, beige gold, and eternal rose gold, these are actually new names for various watch brands. After improving the performance of these four types of gold. Essentially still, gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum.

    Omega Sedna Gold is a modified rose gold.
     Sedna Gold is an improved and enhanced rose gold of Omega, and it is also unique to Omega. Conventional rose gold is a kind of reddish gold made by adding copper and silver (mostly copper) to gold. Rose gold is very fashionable because it is not as yellow as gold, and it looks more fashionable and young. But after a long time in rose gold, the color will become darker, not as bright as when it is brand new. Therefore, Omega Sedna Gold is added to the conventional ratio of gold and copper, and palladium is added to improve the durability of the gloss of rose gold.

    Omega Sedna Gold, Bulgari Rose Gold, TIFFANY Gold, we can see the difference in color.
     In color, Omega Sedna Gold is redder than usual rose gold. I have a Bulgari rose gold spring ring. If you compare them, you will find that Omega’s rose gold Sedna blonde is red, and Bulgari’s rose is yellow. At the same time, when I put a TIFFANY gold ring together, I will clearly see the obvious difference between gold and these two kinds of rose gold. Omega’s new 300mm seahorse bezel, crown and helium exhaust valve are made of Sedna gold. The huge Sedna gold bezel greatly enhances the luxury of the watch. The surface of the Sedna gold bezel is ceramic. The digital scale on the ceramic ring is made using Omega Ceragold technology. It is a fusion of gold and ceramic. On the side of the polygonal bezel, you can see that the entire piece of Sedna gold has been brushed.

    Omega’s new Golden Seahorse 300m diving watch
     In addition to Sedna gold, the other parts of the new Omega Intercontinental Seamaster 300m diving watch are the same as the steel case model. The case is a steel case with a size of 42 mm. The watch uses a ceramic dial, which is decorated with laser waves and decorated with wavy patterns. The ceramic dial is very bright. In order to match the Sedna gold bezel, the hands and hour markers on the dial are also Sedna gold. The dial at 6 o’clock is the calendar window.

    The new Omega Golden Seahorse 300m diving watch has a very bright ceramic dial.
     The new Golden Seahorse uses the Omega 8800 movement at 300 meters. The main Omega 8900/8800 movements are already very familiar to everyone. The 8900/8800 are all certified by Omega Zhizheng Observatory, with 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic capability, and the error is 0 / + 5 seconds per day. Among them, the 8800 movement has a power reserve of 55 hours and has a calendar quick adjustment function (the 8900 does not have a calendar quick adjustment, but sometimes a zone quick adjustment function). The self-produced movement has been so strong for so many years that it really highlights the brand’s own technical characteristics while ensuring precision and stability. The Omega 8 series movement is definitely one of the representatives. Some brands’ self-produced movements are not reliable enough. From my personal experience in buying watches, Omega’s 8-series movements and 9-series chronograph movements are convincing.

    Calibre 8800 used in the new Omega Seamaster 300m.
     In the end, I still want to talk about the cost performance. To be honest, watches and luxury products are not cost-effective. Only you like it and don’t want to spend it. But when buying things, there must be choices and choices, and the word ‘cost-effective’ can only be used.
     OMEGA Golden Seahorse 300m tape version, the price is 48500. Luxury watch grades mainly in Omega, Rolex, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Panerai, Zenith, Breitling. At a public price of more than 40,000, you can usually buy Air fighters, Jaeger-LeCoultre junior calendars, Cartier blue balloons, IWC flying cypress and so on. Omega is 300 meters from the seahorse where you can buy Sedna Gold. Compared with other steel watches, there is a large gold ring, and the cost performance is still very high. From this perspective, 300 meters of golden seahorse is not expensive. Interested players can follow.
    In the end, it was verified.

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    Jacques Pays Tribute To Gustav Klimt The New Atmos Marqueterie Parquet Stitching Air Clock From His Famous Painting Waiting

    The fifth masterpiece of the Atmos series is to pay tribute to Gustav Klimt, inspired by the Austrian artist who decorated Stowe in 1905 The mural ‘L’Attente’ by Palais Stoclet, a private mansion built by a Brussels financier. The original work, a mosaic of marble and colored stone, is faithfully reproduced on a crystal glass clock case with ingenious inlaying techniques. This outstanding work is limited to only 10 seats. They perfectly integrate the artistic craftsmanship created by Jaeger-LeCoultre with the magic of the Atmos air clock. The mysterious operation principle of its mechanical structure has become the most amazing mystery in nearly 80 years, and it is also human The latest step towards perpetual motion.

    Parquet masterpiece
     Since 2008, Jaeger-LeCoultre has dedicated its respect to Gustav Klimt. The Art Nouveau style advocates freedom and desires to break the stereotyped classicism’s restraint on beauty; Gustav Klimt deeply imprinted himself in this trend. This perspective is profoundly reflected in the work of the Austrian artist, which kept them as fascinating as the beginning of the 20th century until 2013. Obviously, only with the outstanding talent of the master craftsman who has won the title of ‘Meilleur ouvrier de France’ can he use more than 1,400 carefully-made pieces of wood to reproduce the layered sense of murals and imitate such a wonderful parquet masterpiece . These wood chips are from 35 precious tree species from all over the world: Kamasarari Boxwood, Brazilian Cherry, Andean Boxwood, Ceylon Lemon Wood, Montana Wood Knot, Liriodendron Alder, Walnut, Ambon Tree knobs, etc … Each piece of precious wood is like a miniature of the world, integrated into the overall vision loyal to the original inspiration. This art treasure takes hundreds of hours to complete.
     However, when it is placed on a table or a stand, it shows incredible gorgeousness and magnificence, and there is a surprise hidden under the pattern: just touch the button, the wooden bell door will slowly open Show the light running state of the mechanical parts under the crystal glass clock case.
     Another wonder presented to people is the slow and powerful rotation of the gears in the mechanical structure of this Atmos air clock. This standard pointer clock has a large face plate covered with mother-of-pearl. Every two adjacent time marks on the face plate are separated by 5 minutes. They are made of siliconized wood. The 60-minute time mark on the top is exceptionally Pillow-cut yellow sapphires. Smaller hour scales are also scales made of siliconized wood. The small circle below is a 24-hour scale, while the month display surrounds the week of the moon phase display. The sparkling diamonds are like the stars in the sky, and the night is painted as brilliant gold by the background of petrified wood. Therefore, through the materials used to decorate the front of the table clock, the charm of parquet art is perfectly displayed. This Atmos air clock not only perfectly reflects the rare craftsmanship created by Jaeger-LeCoultre, but its technical achievements in mechanical structure are not inferior.
     When trying to explore the mystery of the Atmos air clock in vain, there is no choice but to close the fine wood inlaid clock case to enjoy the charm of Waiting again. This action accumulates energy in a delicate way for the mainspring for the next turn on.
    Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

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    Montblanc’s 190th Anniversary Birthday Exhibition In Beijing

    To celebrate the opening of the Beijing Xinguang Tiandi brand boutique, Montblanc held a brand chronograph’s 190th birthday exhibition on the first floor of Beijing Xinguang Tiandi from November 9th to 14th. The movie stars Zheng Jiaying and Liu Shishi were invited to help out on the opening day of the exhibition. Montblanc President Zhan Zhaoan, Liu Shishi and Zheng Jiaying Liu Shishi and Zheng Jiaying exchanged with watchmaker Thierry Pellaton Montblanc fountain pen Montblanc Nicholas Kaiser series watches
         Montblanc’s 190th Anniversary Exhibition is co-organized by the brand in collaboration with the Musée International d’Horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It aims to comprehensively display the historical trajectory of the development of chronograph technology over the past 200 years, and tell Montblanc ) The timing culture of ‘writing time’. This exhibition will exhibit for the first time all kinds of antique chronographs and full-line chronographs from the brand Villeret watch factory, the Musée International d’Horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and private collectors. Including the earliest birth time, Arnould hand-wound chronograph collection from the 18th century, 12 19th century chronograph collections, and 23 20th century collections.
    Watchmaker Thierry Pellaton shows how the watch is assembled
         On the day of the event, Montblanc also invited the watchmaker Thierry Pellaton of the brand Reno Watch Factory to show and explain the entire process from the assembly of the watch to the finished product at the scene, vividly showing the extraordinary charm of the traditional Swiss watchmaking process. .
    About Musée International d’Horlogerie:
         Founded in 1902, it is the only chronological museum in the world that integrates chronological history, art, and scientific research. It is located in a large part of the underground building. The museum was officially opened to the public in 1974 with more than 4,500 collections ( Including clocks, watches, tools, instruments, and drawings), including rare 17th century timepieces, exquisite 18th century clocks, complex mechanical watches of the 19th century, and the most complex watches of the 20th century.

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