Co-branded With Gundam: Seiko X Gundam Limited Watch

There are countless examples of cross-border joint names in the watch industry. Usually, both parties of the joint name will drive each other’s voice, and they have complementary effects. Seiko has released three joint watches with Mobile Suit Gundam to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this classic TV animation this year. The three co-branded models are the mass-produced MS-06 Saak II (SBDX027), the red comet Xia Sac II (SBDX029), and the original Gundam (SBDB033), which are exciting!

ProspexMarinemasterProfessional series ZakuII limited edition (SBDX027), limited to 1,000, reference price 400,000 yen.

   Seiko launched the MS-06 Mobile Suit Sak II as a joint watch in its ProspexMarinemaster Professional diving watch, maintaining the classic ‘canned catfish’ appearance, the crown design at four o’clock, and the bellows rubber strap. The charm of Seiko diving watches born in the 1960s. The unidirectional rotating bezel with time scale, screw-in crown and good recognition in the water show the essence of professional diving watches. The two models use red and green as bezels, dials and straps to match the appearance of the robot.

ProspexMarinemasterProfessional series ZakuII limited edition (SBDX029), limited to 1,000, reference price 400,000 yen.
   Equipped with 8L35 self-winding movement, antimagnetic 4,800A / m, waterproof up to 1,000 meters, solid and durable; large diameter up to 52.4mm, titanium case, ceramic case, lightness and scratch resistance , As powerful as the two Sac II. The solid caseback is engraved with ‘MOBILESUITGUNDAM40thAnnivesary’ commemorative words and patterns, which increases the value of collection.

ProspexLX series (RX-78-2Gundam) (SBDB033), limited to 300 pieces, reference price is 600,000 yen.

   Another one chooses the most classic first-generation Gundam RX-78-2 as the theme and presents it on the ProspexLX series. It has a practical time in two places and is equipped with a 5R66 SpringDrive movement with a daily error of about ± 1 second.

   The jagged two-way rotating bezel shows the day and night time (24-hour clock) in blue and white, the red arrow pointer serves as the second time indicator, and the power reserve indicator (72 hours) is displayed at 8 o’clock. Dial color selection with blue, red, yellow and white as the color, echoing the color up to RX-78-2.

   Mass production of MS-06 Saak II (SBDX027) and Red Comet Xia Sac (SBDX029) are limited to 1,000 each, with a reference price of 400,000 yen, which is expected to be released on April 12; the reference price of the first generation Gundam (SBDB033) is 630,000 yen, limited to 300, is expected to be released on August 9 this summer.