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    First Experience Of Playing With Watches

    In the past, we introduced a lot of top brands and top models, and the price of one million has made many watch lovers amazed and unavoidable. Actually, There are also many classic functions and affordable prices. We are going to recommend an entry-level mechanical watch of about 10,000 yuan in this issue. No matter the brand reputation or the quality of the watch, it will be enough for you to have a wonderful first time playing the watch.
    相比 Compared with quartz watches, choosing a mechanical watch is to choose a fun to play with. Quartz watches can be rotated regularly on the dial without relying on manpower. It has no important interaction with humans, while mechanical watches and wearers need a close dependence. Technically, if no one wears, The mechanical watch cannot work. Regardless of whether the watch is to be wound or not to be wound automatically, the watch is motivated by every action in the daily life of the watch wearer. The operation of mechanical watches depends entirely on humans. The wearer took time and effort to maintain the mechanical watch, showing his eagerness for love.
    魅力 The charm of mechanical watches is also reflected in the click sound when winding, and the click sound of each watch movement has different tastes. The exquisite watch movement, the multi-functional complex movement, the sound is quieter and more regular than the cheap watch. Especially when you wind up with your hands, you will feel the intimate contact between the crown and the thumb and forefinger, making you have an unspeakable heart throb.
    If you understand the joy of driving enthusiasts who love manual gears, you will certainly understand the true love of mechanical watches for watch enthusiasts.
    Hamilton Jazzmaster Meastro
    Recommended reason: Pure American spirit
    Reference price: 11700 yuan
    耐久性 Hamilton, who admired durability, was a military watch supplier for the United States Army. It upholds the atmosphere and clarity of ‘Made in the United States’. The Jazzmaster Maestro is the most magnificent of all Hamilton watches.
    45mm dial, silver or black chronograph dial, slightly recessed, extending all the way to the bezel, further highlighting its open dimension. Exquisite digital scales, tapered hands, like a baton at a concert, make the Jazzmaster Maestro watch unique elegance. Automatic chronograph movement, black dial, overall design is confident and low-key, smooth black crocodile leather strap with black dial, decent and handsome.
    Anonymous Classima Executives XL
    Recommended reason: Excellent business partner
    Reference price: 19900 yuan
    Lufayuan’s home-made watch industry cradle of Swiss celebrities, each product has an extraordinary style, fully revealing the wearer’s different personalities, so that celebrities have a large number of loyal fans around the world. In 2010, the newly launched Chrysler watch not only perfectly inherited the traditional round and elegant watchmaking style of Baume & Mercier, but also presented a new design connotation. With reference to the dynamic and vibrant urban atmosphere, Baume & Mercier Design Workshop reinterprets the meaning of simplicity and elegance, and integrates new concepts of modern design into the production process.
    This traditional and delicate chronograph is equipped with a self-winding movement with high-end watchmaking technology, with full calendar display function (18K red gold central hand to display the calendar, week and month display at 12 o’clock, moon phase The display is at 6 o’clock), and the 24-hour display function is at 9 o’clock. The silver dial with the ‘grain d’orge’ linear pattern and the satin-finished sun-patterned satin display panel are rich in simplicity and exquisite. The oscillating weight engraved with Geneva decoration, the delicately polished movement splint, and the blue steel screws can be perfectly displayed through the case back. The crown is engraved with Phi’s brand mark Phi, which highlights superior quality.
    Longines Master Collection
    Recommended reason: Elegant classic
    Reference price: 17900 yuan
    The proverbial slogan of Longines is ‘elegance is an attitude’. Their products, whether they are daily watches or sports models, always show a touch of elegance. Longines is sought after in China, probably because its elegant design is particularly in line with oriental aesthetics. The Master Collection series tailored for men, upholding a long and outstanding watchmaking process, launched models with different complex performances, chronographs, world time zones, oversized watches, power reserve displays and moon phase profit and loss wrists Watches, etc., not only meet people’s requirements for precise and simple design, but also meet the different needs of work and leisure.
    Stainless steel models, each with a transparent case back design, you can clearly appreciate the movement of the movement. The handsome willow-shaped blue-steel hands are reminiscent of Longines’ long history and the ultimate aesthetic of low-key luxury.
    Montblanc Star 4810
    Recommended reason: Everyday Joker
    Reference price: 18200 yuan
    Montblanc’s entry-level watch uses a purchased movement, which is unique from design to function, which is suitable for novices to use for daily wear. Among them, the Star 4810 series can be said to be the beginning of the Mingyi, named after the brand’s white six-pointed star and Mont Blanc’s height of 4810 meters, symbolizing that it contains the core connotation and essence of the brand.
    Large three-hand calendar automatic style, the dial is focused on the hexagonal star under the hour and minute hands, such as wavy three-dimensional decorative pattern spread to the west in all directions. The arc-shaped calendar display window under the hexagonal star is not only unique in shape, but also can display the date of today, yesterday and tomorrow. The crown design, commonly known as the ‘onion head,’ adds a touch of nostalgia to the watch. The case diameter is 415 mm and comes in red gold and stainless steel. The latter can be equipped with a belt and a steel belt.
    TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph
    Recommended reason: Chronograph expert
    Reference price: 28800 yuan
    Heuya is an expert in chronographs. As early as 1969, they created the first automatic chronograph with a miniature oscillating weight on the chain, which has led the racetrack for decades. Calibre 1887, a new generation of self-developed self-winding chronograph movement launched in commemoration of the brand’s 150th anniversary, allows the chronograph function to be activated in two thousandths of a second, greatly enhancing accuracy.
    严 Strictly structured new movement, the star wheel necessary for advanced chronographs is plated in a striking indigo blue. The skeletonized auto-tortoise-like steering wheel adds sportiness. The outer ring is printed with a speedometer scale that is inseparable from motorsport. The beveled surface is a scale of one-fifth of a second. A 12-hour counter can be arranged in 6, 9, and 12 rows. The small seconds at 9 o’clock has a simple decoration. 30 minutes accumulate at 12 o’clock, and 12 hours accumulate compatible calendar windows, keeping the clarity and integrity of the dial elsewhere. The polished hands and the bar scales are coated with luminous substances, reminiscent of the elegant style of the 1960s in the modern sense. Optional belt and steel belt.
    Amy Les Classiques Jours Retrogrades Automatique
    Recommended reason: Simple gentleman style
    Reference price: 21500 yuan
    Le Méridien has made some fancy things a few years ago. This year, the brand is fully back to basics. The Les Classiques series has regained the formula that the brand relied on in the past: different basic functions are installed on the basic automatic winding movement. The module is paired with an elegant and gentle appearance and an accessible price.
    According to the brand, the self-restraint preached by Les Classiques is a concept that returns to the essence and aims to reveal the glorious side of time. Watches are designed for people who prefer quaint but not flashy, they faithfully reflect the brand’s refined style and true connotation.
    搭配 This watch is paired with Aimei’s best big calendar and retrograde week design. The former is set at 12 o’clock, and it has a double window pattern. The latter is at 6 o’clock. A small pointer moves steadily and regularly along an arc, jumping from left to right plus one day until the sun at the end of the arc is reached. The leftmost position starts again from the beginning. This is a feature that will appear in many complex watches, and Le Méridien has mastered this technology for almost thirty years.

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