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    Girard Perregaux’s New Limited Edition Luxury Watch Shocks The Market

    Girard Perregaux, one of the top ten luxury watches in the world; Girard Perregaux’s two founders, Jean-Francois Bautte and Constant Girard, are recognized as ingenious watchmakers. At the end of the 18th century, Bautte launched an ultra-thin watch, combining amazingly small and complex parts. Constantly updated timing configuration has also pushed Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking process to the top of the brand, and even now, continuous innovation in technology has left Girard Perregaux with profound significance and impact in the watch industry.
        The Sanjinqiao Tourbillon watch has become the representative of the brand. Since its launch, it has become the target of many watch fans. After many years, the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon watch has derived many fine works. Today, the brand combines modernity with tradition to launch a new limited edition Titanium Bi-Axial Tourbillon Watch. The new limited edition titanium dual-axis tourbillon watch uses a 45 mm diameter titanium case with a sapphire glass. The black dial is simple and beautiful. In addition to the hour and minute hands, it also has a dual-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon consists of more than 110 parts, but weighs only 0.8 grams. It is exquisite and exquisite. It is very pleasing to the eye when turning. No matter the appearance or even the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmaking, they are more delicate and exquisite. The deserved limited edition has its special features.

        Through the sapphire glass case back you can enjoy a panoramic view of the internal structure of the watch. The watch is equipped with a GPE0201 manual-winding movement, a wobble frequency of 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz), 28 gems, a Phillips hairspring, a Geneva hairspring, a variable inertia balance wheel equipped with 18K gold bar splint and central splint . The twin barrel provides a 72-hour power reserve. Water resistant to 30 meters.
        It seems that Girard-Perregaux’s new limited edition titanium biaxial tourbillon watch is powerful and sophisticated, and then the global limited slogan can attract someone’s attention. If you like it, please stay tuned.

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    175 Sailing 175th Anniversary Patek Phillppe Gorgeous Debut

    Forty Art Treasures
    To celebrate the 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe has spared no effort to find and hire the best experts many years ago, turning these forty precious timepieces into true examples of handcraft and watchmaking, including: 20 rare craft watches and 20 dome clocks and pocket watches with stand. All timepieces use one or more different rare crafts, such as enamel, carving, cabinetry, carved patterns and gem setting.

    To celebrate the 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe has created stunning works with carving techniques

    The engraving process requires tools such as carving knives, carving needles, chisels, other sharp metal blades with wooden handles. This is likely to be the oldest timepiece decoration craft, creating countless exquisite watches for hundreds of years. In the hands of experts, the engraving process can turn the pocket watch case into a work of art, with a lifelike silhouette, elegant chic reliefs, light and shadow passing through, and full of aura. The most common carving techniques include line carving, relatively deep bas-relief, and the most common relief. In 1789 alone, there were nearly 200 registered engravers in Geneva; today this number has been reduced to a dozen.

    Unique enamel crafts show magnificent gorgeous scenery

    Enamel Craft
    This term covers a variety of traditional techniques, and Patek Philippe is still using them to decorate Patek Philippe timepieces. The most complicated is the miniature enamel painting, an exclusive craft that Geneva is famous all over the world. This process generally requires large paintings to be reduced to the size of a watch, while maintaining high fidelity. Craftsmen need to use ultra-fine brushes to paint countless translucent enamel coatings and go through multiple calcining processes. The entire process takes several months. Filament enamel creates a bright and colorful decoration with color saturation comparable to the finest stained glass. The contours of the graphic components are drawn with flat gold wires with a diameter between 0.05 and 0.10 mm, and the resulting space is filled with enamel and calcined in a furnace. The pattern in the infill enamel process is engraved on the green tire with an engraving technique, and then the enamel composite is filled in the depression, and then calcined at a high temperature above 800 ° C. Another traditional process used by Patek Philippe is called transparent enamel, which refers to the application of translucent enamel on the metal surface treated or carved to create a shining sunburst or wavy pattern. The fifth process is called cut-out enamel, reminiscent of the stained glass windows of the church. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove a part of the metal, then fill the enamel composite into the hollowed out part, and then calcined. Patek Philippe also highly respects the technique of gold enamel, which means that small gold leaf sequins and silver leaf sequins (called paillons) are embedded in the enamel. The shape of the sequins is formed by punching ultra-thin silver foil and gold foil with a steel cutting machine, and then fixing it into a darker enamel layer. Thereafter, a layer of highly transparent molten enamel is covered on the surface, thereby improving the brightness of the sequin-like object and exerting a protective effect, for example, preventing oxidation in a silver material.

    Patek Philippe has always attached great importance to the highly professional handicrafts. It has extensively applied many exquisite craftsmanship to the cases, bracelets and dials of its various precious timepieces

    Pure gray painting
    The inspiration of the pure gray painting technique is from the French enamelist of Limoges. This technique originated from the Renaissance and is one of the rarest decorative art forms today. As a cross-border product of oil painting and sketching, this process can also be called ‘monochrome painting with brushes’. The artist in pure gray paints a pattern on a dark (usually black) enamel background using ‘Limoges White Glaze’. They used ultra-fine brushes and even the tip of the needle to draw various structures in the size of hair. Depending on the complexity of the artwork, three or four coats of thin, sometimes even eight or more Limoges white glazes are applied, forming a very detailed monochromatic gradient effect, transitioning from black through grey to white.

    Patek Philippe this year launched a number of limited edition rare craft timepieces carefully crafted using these beautiful handicrafts.

    Glyphs are a mechanical evolution of the engraving process, designed to form lines, waves, intersecting circles, and other regular decorative patterns. The engraving equipment is like a lathe, using a multi-cam controlled workpiece headstock to form an engraving pattern through rotation and reciprocation. The trim is created by the tip of the chisel, which cuts on the workpiece during the turning movement. Patek Philippe still has a dedicated department for embossing, and the history of its embossing equipment can be traced back to more than 100 years. These devices are well-maintained, so they can continue to create flawless engravings.

     Limited editions feature Geneva’s cityscape and its landmarks, citizens and ports as decorative patterns best suited for these works

    The result of this rare craft may be called a ‘fine-wood mosaic’ and is often embellished with precious metal inlays. To create a delicate and rich pattern for the dial, the components must be extremely small. Master cabinetry uses ultra-thin wood chips for processing, and can choose different colors and textures from more than 120 kinds of precious wood. These ultra-thin wood chips are cut into usually very small pieces with a high-precision wire saw, and then combined to form a complete graphic, a time-consuming process. It often takes a full month to make a fine wood inlaid dial.

    Patek Philippe combines superb watchmaking technology with the most gorgeous installation art to create an elegant pocket watch.

    Fine Jewelry Crafts
    Jewelry masters’ professional skills include superb jewelry setting, and Patek Philippe is undoubtedly proficient in this. Patek Philippe’s watchmaking workshop in Geneva produces exquisite timepieces that incorporate a variety of key gem setting techniques, including bead setting, meshless paving, wrapping, and highly sophisticated invisible setting, which is considered to be The peak of a jewellery master can only be mastered by a skilled jewellery master. According to the relevant regulations of the Patek Philippe Seal, precious stone inlays must fully comply with the highest standards for jewellery.

     Enamel craftsmanship demonstrates Patek Philippe’s excellent watchmaking technology and design

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    These Exhibitions Are Super Exciting. There Is No Charge, Don’t You Go? I’m Sorry For You

    I especially like to watch the exhibitions of luxury brands with a long history. The curators tried their best to systematically gather many ‘exotic treasures’ together, and presented them at once, which was amazing. , Sigh again and again. Of course, the exhibitions of fashion brands are very good, especially the high-end custom series, but the theme is often limited to clothing accessories; rather, the exhibitions of jewelry brands are more diverse, because the established jewellers with historical accumulation usually have deep roots with the royal family. In addition to jewellery, the works also include clocks, crowns, scepters, jewelry boxes, and various daily necessities, such as snuff bottles, cigarette cases, cosmetic bags, dinner bags, aromatherapy jars, and so on. Throughout June to July, two very powerful jewelry brand exhibitions appeared simultaneously, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. The layout of Beijing is magnificent and elegant. The layout of Shanghai is elegant and exquisite, but the themes passed are the same. The praise of exquisite craftsmanship and the ode to the good life are worth checking out. ‘Beyond Boundary: Cartier • Palace Museum Craft and Restoration Special Exhibition’ Cartier’s Bird of Paradise Brooch and the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty Scented silk makeup flowers and phoenix queen costume / em> Let’s talk about this heavyweight exhibition of Imperial City! The exhibition is called ‘Beyond the Boundary: Cartier · The Palace Museum Craft and Restoration Special Exhibition’. This is a super large-scale exhibition. Cartier has selected about 800 pieces from its ‘Art Collection’ to cross the ocean. The Palace Museum also The collection is echoed under the corresponding theme. The exhibition is located at the Forbidden City’s Wumen Gate, and you can visit the Palace Museum free of charge I am relatively familiar with Cartier’s ‘Art Collection’, and in recent years, I have participated in the ‘Cartier Treasures of the Beijing Palace Museum in 2009’ Art Exhibition ‘, Liaoning Provincial Museum’s’ Beauty and Fine Arts-Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition ‘, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum’s’ Cartier Time Art-Passion for Watchmaking ‘exhibition in 2014, and Chengdu, Sichuan, 2015 The Museum’s ‘Artistic Heavenly Craftsmanship-Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition’. With so many large-scale exhibitions held in China in 10 years, it shows that the brand attaches great importance to the Chinese market. See more of Cartier’s art collections. In addition, the 2013 ‘Cartier: Epic Style’ exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, and the ‘Dreamwalking’ of the Boa Museum of East Asian Art in Geneva in 2015 Asia: Special Exhibition of Bower’s Oriental Art Museum and Cartier Collection ‘, I have also been invited to visit. The coolest thing is that I have had the pleasure of visiting Cartier’s well-guarded ‘treasure’ in Geneva’s ‘Art Collection’-all visitors must sign a ‘confidentiality agreement’ and not allow the address to be disclosed to the public, which is afraid of lingering Nothing moved. Mysterious bell on the porch of Cartier’s Art Collection Series, A smiling Maitreya Buddha sits at the top, Inspiration from China Let’s find out what is called ‘The Cartier Collection’. At a auction in Geneva in 1973, Cartier first repurchased a ‘Portique’ mysterious clock created half a century ago, and began a long and extensive collection of the brand. Its collection includes all kinds of A masterpiece of exquisite jewellery, watches and accessories from 1860 to the end of the 20th century. As time goes by, the collection has increased year by year. By 1983, Cartier officially established the ‘Art Collection’ series. These rich historical heritage collections were not locked in the vaults and disappeared into the sky, but were shown to the public as much as possible. Therefore, since 1989, these collections have embarked on a long tour tour and began to hold large-scale exhibitions in well-known museums on five continents. Currently, Cartier Art Collections has more than 1,500 collections, all of which are obtained through public auctions or private purchases. Enjoy more Cartier’s antique clocks, which contain strong Chinese elements. ‘Beyond the Boundary’ is another 10 years after the 2009 ‘Cartier Treasure Art Exhibition’, the Beijing Palace Museum and Cartier joined hands again. The exhibition is called ‘Beyond Boundaries’. It originated from Cartier’s antique clock restoration project 5 years ago. This project restored a total of one pair of pocket watches and two pairs of clocks. During the restoration process, the Forbidden City The watch and clock repair team and the Cartier watch and clock repair team, in their exchanges and discussions, realized that the cooperation between the two sides has constantly broken the original boundaries, whether it is watch art, decorative art or plastic art. Because of the ‘boundary’, we must cross the boundaries of time and technology, reshape the artistic creativity of different cultures and regions, and go ‘outside the boundary.’ Antique clocks and pocket watches restored by Cartier for the Palace Museum There are three units in the exhibition. The first unit is ‘Inspiration China’, which should be well understood. The second unit, ‘Style Witness’, stands for The third unit ‘Time Craft’, created by the imperial power and aristocracy, displays masterpieces of clocks and watches, and Cartier’s six timepieces restored for the Palace Museum are displayed here. In addition to viewing the collections of Cartier’s collection, some of the exhibits corresponding to the theme of the Forbidden City are also very interesting. For example, in the second exhibition hall “Witness Testimony”, many crowns, scepters, jewellery, and jewellery made by Cartier for the royal nobles and noble men and women are displayed. There are hundreds of pieces that surround the entire rectangular main exhibition hall, but the Palace Museum There is only one corresponding display case, which is placed in the center of the exhibition hall. In the display case, a Qianlong emperor’s royal robe is hung, and a ‘Jade Emperor of the Qing Dynasty’ jade seal is placed below it, showing the emperor’s honor and momentum. It was shocking. The Emperor Qianlong’s robes and the jade seal of ‘The Great Qing Dynasty Emperor Tianzibao’ have said so much, no matter how I described it, the lotus flower is not as good as seeing it for yourself, because there are so many exhibits , Please arrange at least 3 hours to taste it carefully. There is also an interesting game you can play while viewing the exhibition. That is, every time you come to the showcase, you can guess which exhibits are from the Forbidden City and which collections are from Cartier? Honestly, it’s not easy to guess! Beyond Boundary: Cartier • Palace Museum Craft and Restoration Special Exhibition Duration: June 1st to July 31st Address: Beijing Palace Museum Noon Gate Exhibition Hall Tickets: Tickets are not sold separately, visitors can visit the museum for free . ‘Noah’s Ark High Jewelry Series and Art Installation’ Enjoy more cute animal brooches Compared with the ‘Beyond the Boundary’ of the Forbidden City in Beijing, this exhibition in Shanghai is much smaller, with more than 40 exhibits , But still very promising. In addition to the exhibits, the sound and light effects of the showroom designed by Robert Wilson, the American stage set designer, are well worth exploring. This ‘L’Arche de Noé’ fine jewelry series and art installation exhibition hosted by Van Cleef & Arpels was first exhibited in Hong Kong in March 2017. After being invited to Hong Kong to watch the exhibition, it later began a global tour and finally came to the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art at the end of May this year. Enjoy more cute animal brooches The story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ Everyone knows that the Great Flood is about to hit. Noah built the Ark and sent the world’s animals one male and one female to the upper boat. Refuge as a way of extending life. Therefore, this series of jewelry works is naturally dominated by animals, lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, raccoons, owls, penguins, kangaroos, polar bears, and also insects such as dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs … all in pairs Appear in pairs in this living animal kingdom, and all appear in the form of brooches. Why is it a brooch? Nicolas Bos, global president and CEO of the brand, said in an interview that because the size of the brooch is just right, the ring is too small, the necklace is too large, and the brooch is the carrier, which can best represent the animal’s lifelike look. Appreciation of more cute animal brooches The way of expression is also different. Some animals are paired by a male and a female to make two brooches, and some animals are linked together to form a subject. There is only one brooch, mainly depending on the needs of the design. What’s more interesting is that there are three kinds of animals that exist independently of male and female, that is, the mythical beast-Pegasus, Phoenix, and Unicorn. Three beast brooches—phoenix, pegasus, unicorn The ‘Noah’s Ark’ series originally exhibited has more than 60 species of animals, but so far, many works have been collected by collectors without I am willing to continue to display, so there are only over 40 works left in Shanghai. I believe that more works will remain in China when this exhibition period ends. Robert Wilson, the master of stage design in the United States Did you notice the Noah’s Ark above the center? In addition to these cute animal jewellery, there must be Robert Wilson, the American stage set designer who set up the exhibition. He used lights, music, space, installation and other effects to create a universe that is wild and shaking. The scene can only be understood, but not uttered, and you are invited to experience it for yourself. ‘Noah’s Ark High Jewelry Series and Art Installation’ Exhibition Period: May 28 ~ July 12 (closed on Monday) Visiting Time: 11 am to 7 pm Address: Shanghai Contemporary Art, 200 Huayuangang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai Museum tickets: Free This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.

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