Maurice Lacroix-masterpiece Lune Rétrograde Wins Red Dot Design Award

This is the third time that Maurice Lacroix has won the Red Dot Design Contest with one of the world’s most prestigious design contests with its extraordinary innovative design. In the 2010 Red Dot Design Awards: product design, the limited edition Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde watch was awarded the Red Dot Design Award by an authoritative expert review committee for its outstanding performance and design.

Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde is a limited edition of 250 pieces. It is a perfect combination of technology, traditional craftsmanship and modern beauty. It properly handles the highest production standards of the manufacturing industry while injecting fresh vitality into time measurement. The highlight of this masterpiece lies in its pure geometric simplicity, which undoubtedly adds fashion elements to complex mechanical structures.
Original source: Maurice Lacroix
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