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    Cartier Celestial Constant Center Of Gravity Watch Unprecedented Masterpiece

    9800 MC movement is an unprecedented masterpiece. When the watch is in the vertical position, it will avoid the influence of gravity on the timing. Cartier Watch Factory spent 5 years developing 9800 MC movement, and completed the design, development, manufacturing and assembly of the movement. This movement contains 4 patented technologies. This new top-of-the-line complication movement fully demonstrates Cartier’s huge investment in fine watchmaking.

      Controlling the effects of gravity has always been one of the biggest challenges faced by watchmakers. In fact, gravity can shift the center of gravity of the balance with the hairspring, causing the watch to move inaccurately. The tourbillon is the oldest and most common way to overcome this problem. The tourbillon frame rotates once a minute, and it rotates through all the centers of gravity as much as possible. By offsetting the influence of gravity, it avoids the running deviation when the watch is in the vertical position.
    Alternatives to the problem of gravity

      At the Cartier workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, watch designers and watchmakers have developed a movement that can replace the tourbillon. Since the isochronism of the vibration depends on the regularity of the vibrator frequency, and this regularity will be disturbed by the gravity of the earth, the ideal situation is to ensure that the vibrator always has only one center of gravity regardless of the vertical state. Based on this principle, Cartier conceived an innovative anti-gravity system, that is, using the ‘rotor’ component to return it to the same vertical position every time.
      On the 9800 MC Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device movement, the escapement, the vibrator and the small second hand are driven by the rotor, and the rotor can always return to the same position, thereby avoiding the gravity caused by the watch in the vertical position caused by the time Adverse effects. By adjusting the action of the vibrator in this fixed position, the watchmaker was able to make the working platform of the Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device movement, no matter what vertical state, the gravity can avoid interference with the timing. This is a major innovation in watch design. Compared with the simple tourbillon frame, the rotor can drive and carry five times more parts than the tourbillon frame.
    Differential technology system ensures continuous accurate timekeeping

      Wrist movement brings different strengths to the escapement. However, these powers must be corrected to ensure that the escapement runs at a constant speed, which is a necessary condition for accurate watch timing. Therefore, the senior watch designer invented a system consisting of two differentials that converts the power transmitted by the wrist to a constant speed, ensuring the regular movement of the second hand with the rotor, and especially ensuring the accurate timing of the watch.

    Platinum inertia weight for automatic winding of the movement

      The rotor is equipped with a platinum inertia weight, which can return to the same position by its own weight to ensure automatic winding. This is a unique two-way winding mechanism: no matter which direction the rotor is rotated, the movement can complete the winding.

    Niobium titanium case

      Cartier chose a case with a diameter of 50 mm to complement this unique movement. The niobium-titanium alloy weighs only 55 grams, giving the watch excellent wearing comfort. Although the freestyle escapement makes the watch more susceptible to collision damage, the niobium titanium case can offset the impact of the collision as much as possible. Because of the physical properties of the niobium-titanium alloy, severe impact can be converted into the same energy, but it is softer and more cushioned.
    Previously, niobium-titanium alloys were only used on ID One de Cartier concept watches.
    Superb retouching process

      The finishing of the 9800 MC movement takes almost 60 hours. All parts of the movement are hand-machined: the main splint is decorated with a ring wave pattern, the bridge is chamfered, the Côtes de Genève is decorated and so on.

    Limited edition of 50 pieces.
    Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur watch data-

    Case: Niobium-titanium alloy, leather strap

    Numbered limited sale: 50 pieces

    Thickness: 18 mm

    Size: 48.5 × 57 mm

    Diameter: 50 mm

    Crown: Titanium or 18K white gold bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire

    Mirror: Sapphire crystal

    Case back: sapphire crystal case back

    Water resistance: 30 meters

    Dial: dark gray electroplated dial, silver-plated hollow grille, with solar radiation effect, black transfer Roman numerals.

    Hands: Sword-shaped blue steel hands.

    Strap: Black alligator strap

    Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle

    9800 MC Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity movement

    Movement: Cartier 9800 MC automatic mechanical movement, hour and minute display, rotor-driven escapement, to ensure that the watch in the vertical position is not affected by the gravity.

    Frame diameter: 15½ fen, or 35.2 mm.

    Total diameter: 15¾ legal minutes, or 35.8 mm.

    Thickness: 10.1 mm.

    Number of ruby ​​bearings: 43.

    Number of parts: 281.

    Balance vibration frequency: 21’600 times per hour.

    Power reserve: about 80 hours.

    Individually numbered movement.

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