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    Mb & F Opens World’s First Store In Beijing Fire Frog Limited Edition Debuts

    On December 1st, the internationally renowned independent watch brand MB & F, the world’s first watch store held the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in Beijing Yintai Center. The Intime Center, located in the elite area of ​​Beijing’s business district, is the first choice for many international first-tier brands; this time MB & F’s presence is even more icing on the cake.

     On December 1st, the internationally renowned independent watch brand MB & F, the world’s first watch store held the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in Beijing Yintai Center. The Intime Center, located in the elite area of ​​Beijing’s business district, is the first choice for many international first-tier brands; this time MB & F’s presence is even more icing on the cake. The founder of MB & F, Mr. Maximilian Büsser, came to Beijing from Geneva to participate in this event. In addition, Mr. Qiu Zijie, the president of MB & F China’s general agent of Europe Square Group, Ms. Qiu Yang Baochun, the vice chairman of Europe Square Group, and the Beijing store operator Jia Mr. Li Shu, President of Huahezhong Investment Group, and Ms. Zhang Wanru, the chief business planner of Intime Center, jointly held the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the scene, the well-known film and television star Mr. Sun Honglei was invited as the ribbon-cutting guest; this event was celebrated by many guests in the city to celebrate the opening of the first MB & F store in the world.

    MB & F founder Maximilian Büsser

     The event attracted VIPs from all sides, many of whom were MB & F watch lovers and watch lovers, and gathered media friends in Beijing and Shanghai. To celebrate the opening of the world’s first specialty store, MB & F has released a limited edition of HM3 Fire Frog-limited edition of ten worldwide. The naming of the model is a striking color interlaced by the complex case of 18K rose gold and the automatic dial of 22K rose gold; the two semi-circular dials that protrude like frog eyes plus the transparent mirror are this The biggest feature is also an indication of hours and minutes. The HM3 Fire Frog has a gorgeous rose gold case that makes it the perfect watch to light up the scene when the MB & F Beijing store opens.

     MB & F Beijing store is the world’s first watch boutique, presenting the most complete watch series of MB & F, including Horological Machines, Legacy Machines and Performance Art series with 3D design. A masterpiece of excellence. The design concept of the store also adopts the same design elements as the Geneva M.A.D Gallery. The restrained and low-key metal mechanical aesthetics and simple lines allow you to experience the original design style of MB & F in Beijing. MB & F Beijing store will be operated by the designated operator Jiahua Hezhong Investment Group. I hope to bring MB & F to the Chinese market and share this unique watch art with the three parties in cooperation with the brand China’s general agent Europa Group and MB & F.

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    Radiator Harbin Flagship Store Reproduces Bingcheng Jingcui Guangcai

    At the opening ceremony, the brand’s national sales director, Michael Wan Wan Zhifei, and Liu Ruoying, a well-known Asian creative talent, were unveiled together to witness the wonderful moment of reloading. At the same time, the new Centrix crystal The Cui series watches also share the brilliance with Bingcheng with its natural appearance and crystal clear appearance.
    From left to right, Mr. Wan Zhifei, National Sales Director of RADO, Miss Liu Ruoying, global spokesperson for the brand, and RADO distributor
    Mr. Wang Yongzheng, General Manager of Harbin Beiheng Watch Co., Ltd., Mr. Feng Rui, Deputy General Manager of Harbin Yuanda Shopping Center
    Swiss radar watch, design pioneer highlights ice style
       Swiss Radar Harbin Yuanda Shopping Center flagship store’s transparent and bright, neat and simple space is the perfect performance of the brand’s unique forward-looking design. Swiss radar is the first high-end Swiss watch brand to settle in Harbin, which not only witnessed the prosperity and development of Harbin, but also shared the creative spirit of being dare to be ahead of others without fear of difficulties. The flagship store located in Harbin Grand Shopping Center has gone through the twelve cold and hot seasons since opening with the Grand Shopping Center. The flagship store reopening is of great significance.
    Swiss Radar flagship store in Harbin Yuanda Shopping Center with a new store image

        Mr. Michael Wan, the national sales director of the brand, said in a speech at the scene: ‘The essence of the Swiss Radar brand is that it can represent an unrestricted pioneering spirit, like Harbin standing in the snow and ice. The flagship store re-opening ceremony is an opportunity to work together with Harbin and Yuanda Shopping Center to transcend the past and write history. ‘Asian creative talent Liu Ruoying:’ Swiss Radar has discovered mine ‘

        Liu Ruoying, a well-known all-round talented woman and global spokesperson of the brand who specially visited the event, not only witnessed the important moment of the re-opening of the flagship store of Harbin Yuanda Shopping Center, but also generously shared her love and resonance for the brand. : ‘For me, it not only represents the insistence of Swiss Rado on the quality of watches, but also an encouragement and affirmation for me as a multi-faceted artist across singing, drama, writing and so on. I am very happy this time The event can represent Swiss Radar to pass this unlimited pioneering spirit to every taste-loving watch lover in Harbin. ‘
    Miss Liu Ruoying, the global spokesperson of the brand, attended the opening ceremony.

    Swiss radar brand story

        Radar is an important brand of the Swatch Group. Since its birth in 1957, it has been a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, and the first luxury watch brand to enter China. Adhering to the core spirit of the brand of ‘Unlimited Spirit’-Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Swiss radars have not only made breakthroughs in materials and processes for a long time, but also have become more and more internationally renowned in recent years. Design masters (such as Jasper Morrison) collaborate to create pioneers in design and create future history.

        In 1957, the Swiss SCHLUP company, which has been a professional watch movement supplier, launched its first series of watches under the Swiss Rado brand. Five years later, in 1962, Swiss radar launched the world’s first non-wearable watch, DiaStar, which shocked the industry with its unique oval shape design and innovative high-tech tungsten titanium alloy material, conquering the market. Since then, Swiss radar has begun its brand’s success by combining innovative materials and unique designs. In 1986, the Integral Precision Ceramics watch was introduced unprecedentedly. It was the first to introduce high-tech ceramics into the watchmaking industry and regarded it as the most popular material, far before other watch brands. Three years later, in 1989, the Ceramica series of legendary ceramics was launched, and the world’s first watch with high-tech ceramics was born. Since then, Swiss radars have continuously accumulated, deepened their understanding of high-tech ceramic materials, and successfully got rid of the limitations of the traditional watchmaking industry both aesthetically and technically. In 2004, the research of Swiss radar in the field of innovative materials ushered in an update and breakthrough, creating the world’s hardest watch with a permanent and pure surface-V10K series. 10,000 Vickers hardness is comparable to natural diamonds. The use of high-tech diamond materials in watch design is a major leap forward in the field of materials and will never be recorded in history!

        Swiss Rado’s efforts in ‘contemporary design’ in recent years are obvious to all. With more forward-looking watch designs and innovative materials, he has won more than 30 international design awards, and has won the world’s most prestigious four top design awards, ‘Reddot International Red Dot Design Award’ and ‘iF Design Award’. , The ‘G-Mark Special Design Award’ and the ‘IDEA Design Award’ all won. The communication focus of the brand is first of all “innovative design and comfortable wearing”.

        In August 2010, Liu Ruoying, a famous Asian artist, officially became the first global image spokesperson for Swiss radar. Liu Ruoying’s intellectuality, restraint and continuous self-transcendence, the attitude of pursuing innovation and the brand spirit of continuous breakthrough-Unlimited Spirit coincide. In November 2010, the Swiss Rado Emerging Designer Award finally landed in China after many countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and South Korea. It aims to find young Chinese design power and become an emerging Chinese designer to show his talent and creation in front of the world The perfect platform for power. The achievement of China’s young design force leads the way, and its success is shining!

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    Montblanc Becomes The Official Timing Partner For The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

    Every summer, Goodwood hosts the internationally renowned Festival of Speed, bringing together the world’s rarest and most spectacular car drivers, which is also the most representative of the British sports and social circles Sexual activity one. This year’s Goodwood Speed ​​Festival will be held from June 29th to July 2nd. Montblanc provides professional timing for this most important festival in the world’s automotive culture. As the official timing partner of the speed festival for the next five years (from April 10, 2017), Montblanc will showcase the new Timewalker series of watches, emphasizing the tradition of Minerva’s professional timing.

       At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Montblanc will focus on the close connection between exciting motorsports and precision timing instruments, the source of victory. The speed festival 2017 was held at the launch of the new TimeWalker series watches in major markets. The Montblanc TimeWalker series is inspired by performance and combines the adventurous spirit of early racers in pursuit of victory, their racing cars, and the enthusiasm of officials who use Minerva to accurately time. The new Timewalker watch awakens the glory of victory and enriches the traditional series with superb technology, masculinity, highest performance and design texture.

       The theme of the 2017 Speed ​​Festival is ‘Peak Performance-Racing Game Changer’, saluting fast, powerful and complex cars that must be changed to contain. As a brand driven by the spirit of innovation, it also has many breakthrough and innovative brands. Montblanc will exhibit 10 cars from the 1920s to the present that best embody the spirit of ‘game changing’ and explain their legends in detail. history.

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