2014 Market Trends A Year Of Ladies’ Watches

For centuries, ladies’ watches have paid more attention to their decorative functions. Therefore, professional craftsmanship, including gem setting, is often regarded as the key to production. As mechanical watches regained focus, women’s wearers began to pay more attention to precision timepieces. This is undoubtedly a new challenge for watchmakers: they must change the design concept of reducing the size of men’s watches in the past. Mechanical watches specially developed for women have become a watchmaker’s attention. It is one of the industries with increasingly complex and perfect functions. This is also evident from the new women’s watch works launched this year-

   While focusing on functionality, watchmakers are paying more and more attention to the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovative technology-the perfect use of techniques such as rose petal inlay technology, carving technology and Qianhua crystal decoration art is a good example. These craftsmanship and technology not only allow watch designers to express their creativity, but also show the wonderful shape of timepieces to the fullest, adding a poetic expression to precision machinery. These ‘decorations’ are not only reflected in external components, but also in the carving of movement components. In addition, hollow design has become another popular trend. This process aims to create the lightest and thinnest parts of the movement, making the movement an art treasure. There is no obstruction of the dial, and the wonderful movement can be seen at a glance.

   In terms of color presentation, this year’s watch works abandon dazzling colorful colors and return to classic black to highlight the beauty of classic design, which is particularly important in complex ultra-thin timepieces. At the same time, these ultra-thin watches are once again the highest in many worlds. Among the many ‘traditional’ complex watches, the minute repeater with a series of complex and innovative technologies is still receiving much attention. This function was originally designed to accurately tell the time in any situation, especially when it is impossible to read at night. Today, the reinterpretation by the watchmaker has become a model of extreme craftsmanship and artistic presentation.

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