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    Smart Watches Yet To Be Innovated

    Recently, Ai Media Consulting, a third-party data mining and integrated marketing agency for mobile Internet, released the ‘2012 ~ 2013 China Wearable Device Market Research Report’. This report shows that in 2012, various devices in the Chinese wearable device market came out. The volume reached 2.3 million units and the market size reached 610 million yuan. It is estimated that by 2015 the wearable device market in the Chinese market will exceed 40 million units and the market size will reach 11.49 billion yuan.

     People in the industry believe that various products are still not far away from the lives of mass users, especially in terms of product hardware, application services, etc. There are still many key issues that will directly affect the popularity of wearable devices in China in the future.

     Yulong Coolpad recently released a watch in Beijing. Compared with Samsung’s super watch, this watch does not have a phone call function. The core of its technology lies in a mobile phone content management and interaction function based on the Bluetooth transmission protocol. Zhang Guangqiang, the company’s vice president, explained that the core function of this watch mainly solves the user’s trouble of ‘turning on the screen repeatedly to check the phone’. Users only need to check the watch to know who has sent new text messages. ‘In addition, this watch will integrate running calculator, sleep quality detection and other functions.’

     From the perspective of smart watches, both Samsung and Coolpad’s products are mainly based on accessories for mobile phones and tablets. The connection methods of these two smart watches are as follows: The watch is connected to the mobile phone (or tablet) via Bluetooth. Whenever the mobile phone receives new text messages, emails and other messages, the watch will remind the user and provide a quick preview.

     These two smart watches cannot make phone calls independently, but have functions such as health tracking, music playback, and camera (but these functions are already available in other products). Qualcomm Watch Toq and Samsung’s products are actually similar. They do not have a SIM card or WiFi function, and they all interact with the phone via Bluetooth. Developers can push messages to mobile phones through communication technology. But unlike Samsung, the Qualcomm watch Toq uses a low-power LCD screen and a central processing unit, which can stand by for 4 to 5 days.

     It is reported that in addition to Coolpad, Lenovo, ZTE and other domestic manufacturers are quietly conducting research and development of wearable device technology. Shanda recently launched GEAK smart watches and GEAK Lord of the Rings, and Baidu Eye, which is similar to Google Glass, developed by Baidu is also under beta.

     In addition to mobile phone manufacturers and startups, traditional watch manufacturers have also launched some smart watches with a test mentality. They pay more attention to electricity. For example, the Bluetooth watch introduced by Casio last year can be used for two years on a CR2032 battery. A Citizen watch can be naturally charged through sunlight. But the disadvantage is that they are not smart enough. There is no other function besides the most basic SMS and email reminders.

     Regarding the definition of smart watches, although there is currently no unified standard in the industry, many consumers believe that so-called smart watches should have at least the basic function of making calls and can exist independently as a communication tool.

     There are still many challenges for smartwatches to really catch on. It is understood that the most fatal flaw is insufficient battery life. An ordinary CR2032 battery can provide most Casio watches with a usage time of about two years, and current smart watches can’t last more than a week. For watches worn every day, too frequent charging will obviously only make users more offensive. Even compared to professional function watches such as Song Tuo, the standby time of smart watches is not qualified. Water resistance, a simple thing for ordinary watches, is a major weakness of smart watches; many smart watches hope to attract users through sports functions, but lack the sturdiness of sports watches, and a fragile smart watch is obviously not capable of some strong impacts. motion. In the price range of thousand yuan, compared with some mid-range brands such as Tissot and Citizen, smart watches are extremely cheap and rustic in terms of workmanship and styling.

     In addition, the main functions of smart watches such as touch screen and sports functions seem to be ‘new’, but compared to traditional watches, these functions are not new: Tissot has a touch screen early, and Songtuo or Casio have professional Sports, mountaineering watches, and more professional data analysis and professional peripherals. And such functions as Bluetooth connection are common on many Bluetooth devices or peripherals such as headphones. Almost no technology on smart watches is original or the best experience in its class. Smart wearable devices that lack ‘killer’ applications make it difficult to attract mass users. In addition, smart wearable devices are mostly based on a single application service, lacking integrated application services that can integrate video, camera, navigation, shopping, communication and communication, and have low adhesion to users.

     As a veteran of a technology website said: Smart watches still need to be explored and innovated, and a good enough product is needed to open the market and convince consumers. At present, it is probably more appropriate to call it a “wristband-type multifunctional interactive terminal device”.

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    Radar Crystal Stainless Steel/Pvd Hollow Watch Spot

    After a few days of cold and warm tug-of-war, it finally came to a close in the wind of recent days. I believe that everyone in Beijing likes windy winds, especially in the most severe winter. The wind is coming to disperse the haze. It is a good time to brush the streets. Let’s not ask our friends and girlfriends to go out together! Recently, when I visited the radar counter of the Henry World Watch Center (Beijing Blue Island Building), I found an interesting stainless steel / PVD watch. You can see the operation of the watch when you wear it. In addition to this beautiful and elegant watch, there is also a black body of the Hao Xing series of black ceramic is also a more classic watch, now let me take a look at these two watches of radar!

    Radar Crystal Extraction R30248012 watch

       The design style of this watch is full of strong brand colors, and a strong brand breath comes out, giving people a special beauty. Stainless steel / PVD case, exquisite and elegant. The difference between the watch and the previous radar watch is that the dial adopts a hollow design style, which is at 12 o’clock on the dial and the position of the dial. It is not necessary to unfasten the strap to see the back, you can watch the movement from the dial, which improves the watch’s viewing. With a gold bracelet, the inlay process design, so that every place on the watch bracelet is very radar. This watch is one of the classic models of radar. Don’t miss it if you like it.

    Rado Star R32291152 watch

       The main ceramic watch is cool and comfortable to wear. The stylish, cool black appearance is the biggest feature of the watch. The ceramic / stainless steel / PVD material case has been polished to a soft texture, reflecting the mysterious and soft light of black ceramic, which is very beautiful. Ceramics are chemically stable, corrosion-resistant and relatively rigid. The watch uses back-through technology, and marvels at the watchmaker’s magical mechanical process by observing the movement that is constantly running.

    Henry’s World Watch Center (Beijing Blue Island Building) Radar Counter

    Summary: The two watches introduced today are classic radar models, and their styles and designs are relatively new. The Blue Island Building is conveniently located near the East Bridge Station of Line 6 of the Metro. The radar counter is located on the first floor of the Blue Island Building. If you like it, you can move to the store for details.

    More details:
    [Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
    [Dealer Name]: Hengli World Watch Center (Beijing Blue Island Building)
    [Dealer Address]: 1st Floor, East Zone, Blue Island Building, No. 8 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    [Contact]: 010-58214063

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    This Year’s Changlin Wind Is Already Blowing Up To Draw Your Watch List This Year!

    Without talking about watches first, let’s follow the drama. Recently, the most popular TV series is ‘The Wind of Langya Bang Rises the Forest’. Like everyone, the author is also a fan. In 2015, he was attracted by ‘Langyao Bang’ starring Hu Ge. The play is an adaptation of Haiyan’s online novel of the same name, with the main line of vindication of injustice, support of Mingjun, slaughter of courtiers, and revitalization of mountains and rivers. Zhibo’s treachery was a series of struggles for Zhao Xue’s many years of injustice and supporting Xinjun’s succession. With Hu Ge’s ratings guaranteed and many old-fashioned three-point acting skills, the plot is progressive, the plots are interlocking and fascinating. Coupled with the excellent production, ‘Langyao Bang’ was rated as one of the domestic dramas of conscience of the year, and still has a score of 9.1 on Douban, which is quite classic.

    The wind of Changlin is blowing up the list again

       In response to the ardent expectations of the majority of movie fans, the second part of the Langya List series, The Wind of Langya List, started at the end of 2016 and premiered on December 18, 2017. Pingjing (Liu Haoran) has a series of stories about Liang Anwei in investigating the case of his brother Lin Jun, deputy commander Xiao Pingzhang (Huang Xiaoming). Personally, the story of the new issue has changed the settings of the new issue. Although it is related to the previous couple, it feels like a completely different main line. The first part is from the rivers and lakes to the court, and the second part It is a horizontal part of the court, and new elements such as the white gods’ prince Yangyang who disturbed the court’s situation were added, which became one of the biggest highlights of the drama. The term Langyabang continued to exist as an incentive to promote the development of the plot, weighing various forces and taking inventory of the world’s heroes. The content on the list will also be updated through changes in various factors. As a guideline to make the story fuller, it is also one of my favorite foreshadowing.
    Back to the topic: Which watch of this year has entered your ‘Langya List’?
       Coinciding with the end of the year, just before the two exhibitions in 2018, it is a time period that is most suitable for inventory and outlook. So what kind of impression does this year’s major brand new models have in everyone’s minds? And among the many watches, which one will leave a strong stroke in your watch “Langyao List”? Therefore, this is also a more interesting content, because everyone can speak freely, open their minds according to their preferences, and put aside the concerns about money and limited editions. Select 5 watches from all brands and new products this year and write them into the year of watches. Langya list ‘(Of course, each brand is limited to one to avoid monopoly). And below, let me start for everyone and imagine the annual list that belongs to me.

    TOP 5 Rolex Date Type 41 Model: 126334

       As a brand strength + blue disc control, I did not hesitate to choose the new log type 41 watch. As we all know, this year the new log launched a total of three models, one for the golden gold (126333), one for The full-steel type (126300) is also a steel version of this platinum ring (126334). The reason why I chose this platinum ring stainless steel model is because there are more precious metal parts in gold. The bezel, crown, and bracelet are all made of gold. Personally, I think it is suitable for slightly mature people. Although the stainless steel model is a more popular watch model in recent years, and the price is much cheaper than the other two models, the brand set the log type 41 stainless steel model to a polished round bezel, which has lost the triangular pit The design of the brand recognition of the grained bezel is decisive. (In popular terms, it feels a bit like this year’s iPhone X only offers 64G and 256G models, but the only appropriate 128G money is missing. You can only choose between more and less, blue skinny, shiitake mushrooms. Good Rolex also introduced the upper-middle platinum ring stainless steel model, with luxurious gold, and the brand’s iconic design, which is a good choice)

    TOP 4 Panerai 8th Power Reserve Titanium Watch (Model: PAM00735)

       In September, Panerai launched three dark green dial watches, which can be regarded as an army of pressure, making Peipei fans boil again. 45mm 8-day power reserve titanium watch (PAM00735), 47mm 3-day power reserve stainless steel watch (PAM00736) and 44mm 8-day power reserve single button chronograph two-time titanium watch (PAM00737) . According to the current market, the more complicated 737 of the three watches is a popular model in the specialty store, and it was sold out shortly after it was listed. Indeed, such functions as titanium, dual time, day and night display, 192-hour linear power reserve display, and minute accumulation add a lot to this watch. It is also one of the few Panerai watches that integrates multiple functions into one. One of the watches.

    Panerai 8th Power Reserve Titanium Watch
       But among the three models, I chose 735 because although the 737 has various functions, the GMT function is not very practical for office workers, and I personally prefer a refreshing and simple disk. Relative to the performance of the case, 735 titanium is more durable than 736 stainless steel, and although it is a large body, the 47 mm diameter is still a bit difficult to control. In addition, 735 also has a round bubble calendar magnifier, which is my favorite design, so I choose 735.

    TOP 3 Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150 Meters Observatory Men’s Watch
    Watch model:

       This year, a new Omega hippocampus attracted me with attractive blue tape, so stay tuned for this watch. So it has become the choice on the list. But it has been a long time between Sedna gold and steel, because the color of Sedna gold is indeed very beautiful, delicate and delicate can make people fall in love at first sight. However, as a daily wear product, the color combination of gold and steel in daily matching clothes is not as effective as that of steel, and the price of subsequent treatment after accidental scratches will be higher. The stainless steel model is the same as the Sedna gold model except that the case material is different, and it will be slightly lower in price, suitable for daily wear, so I chose the Hippocampus AQUA TERRA 150 meters to reach the observatory men’s watch Of stainless steel. (However, this watch is relatively difficult to buy in the market. If you see it, you must seize the opportunity.)

    TOP 2 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph Model: 26331ST.OO.1220ST.01

       Steel sports watches are a very popular item among high-end brands. As one of the three carriages of high-end steel watches, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, whether in terms of recognition style design, or from The overall performance is pretty good. Coinciding with this year’s 20th anniversary of the Royal Oak Chronograph, the brand has launched 7 such watches. Among them, 26331ST.OO.1220ST.01 is the most attractive to me because of the pure beauty of stainless steel, different from other brands’ bracelet design, and the blue “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial. Although titanium is more durable than stainless steel, but aesthetically speaking, the personal feeling is that stainless steel is more beautiful. (The reason for not choosing other precious metal materials is the same as TOP 5)

    TOP 1 BATHYSCAPHE watch Model: 5100-1140-052A

       In 2017, Blancpain added three 38mm timepieces to the 50 噚 watch, and that is the Blancpain 50 噚 BATHYSCAPHE watch. Some time ago, my colleague’s fifty-year-old BATHYSCAPHE titanium watch was fortunate enough to see the real thing and turn from pink to pink. It really is a collection of quality and beauty, it is worthy of being called ‘the conscience of heaven and earth’. The highlight of this year’s new products is, firstly, the 38mm diameter, which makes the Fifty Fathoms watch suitable for more people to wear. Secondly, the brand’s top-level positioning and low-key design, as a well-known diving tool type model, stylish and restrained dark blue dial, K gold hands, K gold hour markers. And the black-plated K gold rotor inside the movement, including luxury. In addition to excellent waterproof performance, it also has a 100-hour power reserve and a silicon hairspring, which greatly enhances the durability and accuracy of travel time. And embedded blue ceramic inner ring, the surface is decorated with Liquidmetal liquid metal hour scale, which can effectively prevent deformation. Finally, it is quite outstanding on the control of details. Combining quality, function and style, I sat firmly on the top of my list.
        These are the five favorite watches of the author’s new products this year. The reasons for their love are purely personal. So, in this year’s new products, what are the favorite watches of watch friends? Time to you! Let me share the message ~

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