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    Brazil’s New Plavi Evotec Series

    Brazil’s new Plavi EvoTec series
    The world’s top watchmaking brand, Bucherer, is the only watchmaker in central Switzerland, and it is one of the rare century-old family-run brands in Switzerland. Bucherer has always adhered to the century-old family watchmaking tradition. In 1969, it was one of the manufacturers that made the famous Beta 21 quartz movement. In 1978, Bucherer became the first manufacturer to manufacture a quartz watch with a C.O.S.C certification, and has always held a high-level position in the Swiss Official Observatory’s Timing Test Organization. This year, the Belvedere EvoTec series watch, which represents the new milestone of the Bucherer watchmaking, is equipped with the watch factory’s homemade movement CFB A1000, which is now officially listed in China.

    There is an unwritten rule in the Swiss watchmaking industry that watch manufacturers must produce at least 100% of their own movements before they can claim to be watchmakers. Carl F. Bucherer Technologies S.A. has a well-known reputation, and it is not simple to possess original technology and the ability to produce movements. The watch factory has rich technical knowledge and advanced equipment, and is dedicated to developing perfect timepieces every moment. In 2008, Bucherer released the first self-developed CFB A1000 self-winding movement. In addition to the special two-way winding automatic rotor, it also has a patented shock absorber (DSA) and escapement fine-tuning device. (CDAS) and other designs. Won the German watch brand ‘Uhren-Magazin’ for the outstanding watch design awarded the Golden Balance (Goldene Unruh) award, in the field of mechanical watches enjoys high honor. Bucherer immediately launched the Plavi EvoTec DayDate, Plavi EvoTec PowerReserve, and Plavi EvoTec BigDate women’s watches for women. Qilai arrived in Beijing with his new watch and many series of watches under his watch and began his tour. In this process, we not only learned more about the Bucherer watch series, but also deeply convinced by the brand’s creativity and watchmaking skills.

    Golden pendulum charm breaks through the boundaries of movement manufacture
    的 The CFB A1001 movement, which is based on the CFB A1000 movement, can further strengthen the functions of the Plavi series. The Plave EvoTec DayDate watch has a round pillow-shaped case with a large profile of 44mm & times; 44.5mm, which perfectly matches this outstanding movement. The small seconds at 6 o’clock on the dial subtly echoes the shape of the case, the week is clearly displayed at 9 o’clock, and the large calendar display on the upper left of the dial is very prominent, which is unique to this watch. The geometric hour scale echoes the radian of the case and also highlights the deliberately low-key modernity of Plavi’s EvoTec DayDate. The movement developed by the Bucherer watch factory adds two new calendar functions to this watch. Located on the dial, the luminous hands can accurately calculate the hours and minutes. At the same time, in order to reduce the impact of the two on the display function below, this component adopts a large hollow design. The dial and hands of this watch are distinguished by a large rubber bezel surrounding the color scheme, the stainless steel model is distinguished by the noble carbon gray and black, and the rose gold model is decorated with elegant brown. In addition, the elegant surface and the bottom of the case also use a sapphire crystal mirror. The large case allows you to fully appreciate the essence of the watch & mdash; & mdash; that is, the outer oscillating weight design of the first self-produced movement by Bucherer, which can give a glimpse of the internal operation of the entire movement The biggest charm of watches is that many watch fans’ dreams come true.

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