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    We Flew To Geneva To Dig For Treasure. Will You Come Together?

    Foreseeing many treasure hunting trips, finally came. Earlier we had an industry analysis and also analyzed one of the future trends of smart watches. The one that will come will eventually come, so the treasure digging journey is not just a look, but also flew to the clock and watch town under the Alp mountain, and once again participated SIHH Geneva Watch Show. DAY 1 We follow the landmark of treasure digging, go deep into each treasure, and present all the boutiques of SIHH this year to everyone. 01, Cartier (Cartier) first to unveil the mystery for everyone is Cartier’s Cartier Privé series watches, Cartier Privé series watches this year’s masterpiece, but also a special collection series. This watch to a large extent reproduces the original work of 1906, let us see more of Cartier’s early iconic elements. In addition to paying tribute to Cartier’s classic barrel-shaped design, its subtlety is that although two times are set on the dial, only one movement is designed. The buttons on the side can move two times at the same time, or you can turn the The two schedules are really interesting. This structurally innovative design makes the watch as a whole natural, showing a delicate and delicate hollow movement, witnessing the delicate balance of extraordinary craftsmanship. 02. Roger Dubuis Whether we are driving a Lamborghini sports car or watching the Super Trofeo Challenge on-site, we can personally witness Roger Dubuis’ personality and bravery. The Excalibur Shooting Star watch follows the design concept of the Lamborghini Squadra Corse sports department, creating a timepiece with the aesthetics of a super sports car: capable lines, excellent depth and charming light and shadow. Even the mounted structure looks like a supercar’s tubular structure, and it is equipped with a double flying tourbillon tilted at a 90-degree angle. 03. The advent of Panerai’s new SUBMERSIBLE sneaker series has realized the fusion of Panerai diving watches’ decades of innovative spirit, and has pushed the quality and appearance of diving watches to a new level, making the world feel ‘ The new Marine Corps. The SUBMERSIBLE LUNA ROSSA stealth watch is the first watch that originated from the cooperation strategy between Panerai and Luna Rossa, the recorder of the 36th America’s Cup. Demonstrating the strength and unique style of Panerai professional diving watches, echoing the brand’s legendary history of providing high-precision timing tools for the Italian Navy commando for many years. 04. Montblanc The Montblanc masterpiece this time is a brand new heritage watch. However, the global limit of this pulsometer chronograph called ‘Doctor Watch’ is only 100, so there will be many people curious. Where does its good play come from? This style is the highest-end and least-collector style in Montblanc’s entire collection. The detail design comes from the dial phone of the 1980s and 1990s. Do you remember? The dial and sutra of this watch imitate the dial-type telephone dial surface, which slightly echoes the shape, and has designed three minute marker lines. This is a very important feature in the telephone age. Bring back to the 1980s and 1990s and relive the memories of that time. 05, Hermes (Hermes) is definitely not a hot spot, and this watch hot spot also requires the brand to have considerable predictive ability. However, the popularity of Hermès has never been because the hot spots were fast enough or the maiden helped to predict the future, but because of the pursuit of timepiece art. This Arceau Grande Lune watch with dual moon dials and small dials reflects the pursuit of this art and how it has reached the extreme. The sight of this watch naturally reminds people of the hidden story behind it. In the current watch industry, the independent watchmaker who can make the sub dial uniform is the Jean-François Mojon. His works are very famous, and they all convey his love for small dials. See, even the pointers and hour markers on the layout of the small dials are exactly the same as Hermes’s logo, which is really amazing! 06, Greubel Forsey (Greubel Forsey) special mention is the Art Piece watches, it is the main style of this year, probably because it is presented in various forms For the sake, it also made the table friends see its different wonderful things. Observe carefully, there is a subtle engraving in the magnifying glass of the crown. This delicate detail design has been a great success. Not only that, the design of the entire movement is also very architectural and structured. Secondly, most of the movement is higher than the half-tilted double tourbillon. Another interesting detail is the red arrow between 11 and 12 o’clock. Just turn the button to the side to tell you a precise time. Really, we are very happy about this treasure digging journey. Many limited edition models allow us to eat chicken all the way to the end. If you want to share more secrets of treasure digging with us, continue to follow our follow-up reports. . Editor: Lily, Mia | Visual and drawing: Dried fish Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Fluo hip-hop was launched by watchmakers to watch and jewellery culture guide for 8090 young people

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    【basel 2017】 Breitling Superocean Heritage Ii

    On the 60th anniversary of the birth of Breitling series, Breitling fully reproduces the first generation of super marine professional diving watches to bring Breitling Superocean Heritage II. The classic is not afraid of the time, and this watch has the best annotations. The new Breitling Super Ocean Culture II retains the prototype style, which is equipped with the Tudor-certified B20 movement, which strives to keep pace with the times. Function, let the charm continue to burn.

    The new generation of Breitling Super Ocean Culture adds a date window to the faceplate, which is more comprehensive than the prototype, and the hard and black charm is still undiminished.

    The new Breitling Super Ocean Culture II is worth noting: the bezel design is made of stainless steel with strong scratch-resistant and shock-resistant high-tech ceramic bezel scale ring, removing the original metal ring around the minute scale to make the existing bezel and decoration The same color faceplate with the prototype classic brand logo blends perfectly. The uniquely shaped hands (triangular hour hand, diamond-shaped minute hand) and slightly tapered hour markers are in the same vein as the 1957 model, and the luminous mark ensures excellent reading performance.

    One of the highlights of this year’s Breitling Super Marine Culture Series is the B20 movement co-produced with Tudor.

    The second generation of the Super Ocean Culture series introduced 42 and 46 mm diameters, and a chronograph with a 46 mm diameter. In addition to the black models that pay homage to history, there are also blue and copper brown options. The latter can be optionally equipped with a brand new leather and rubber strap of the same color, which is sewn with contrast stitching and has a very design sense. With the exception of cowhide, crocodile and rubber straps, all models can be paired with the same stainless steel braided bracelet as the legendary 1957 model. Breitling used the second generation of the Super Ocean Culture Series to show everyone the first movement B20 produced by the brand in cooperation with Tudor. Through this movement, all the second generation of the Super Ocean Culture series was used to enter the world and battle the deep sea. This movement has a power reserve of 70 hours, a water resistance of 200 meters, and an excellent luminous mark on the watch, allowing the watch to make full use of deep sea adventures.

    Breitling Superocean Heritage II

    Stainless steel material / B20 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 200 meters / table diameter 42, 46mm

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    Charlize Theron Charlize Theron Renews Contract With Breil Milano

    Actress Charlize Theron has re-signed a contract with Italian luxury brand Breil Milano. The contract will run in the company’s advertising campaign until 2011.
    The new ad not only promotes the brand’s watches and jewellery, but also showcases other products from Breil Milano’s new lifestyle, including bags and earrings.
    Photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino filmed the latest commercial for Theron in Los Angeles.

    Charlize Theron at the shooting location of Breil Milano’s latest advertising campaign.
    An Oscar-winning actress, Theron’s collaboration with Breil Milano began last year to advertise the brand’s fall campaign for sports watches and jewelry.
    Source: Nationaljeweler.com

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