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    2013 Basel Watch Show Hamilton New Products Summary

    [Special Report from Basel of Watches] On April 25, 2013, Swiss time, the 41st Basel International Watch Fair kicked off, as a watch home of the top watch industry A special reporting team was sent to Switzerland to bring the exhibition report to everyone in the first place. The following will bring you a summary of the new Hamilton watches at this exhibition, please enjoy.

     The Hamilton Sir Lady Automatic watch is exquisite inside and out, allowing the wearer to grasp time efficiently and elegantly. The soul of the watch, the Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement, operates precisely under the transparent bottom, and the precision mechanical skills harmoniously harmonize with the inner beauty of soft women. The exquisite shape is also fascinating, the round dial is integrated into the oval case, with teardrop-shaped lugs and scales. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques create charming timepieces at your fingertips.
    For details of the watch, please click: The three hands of hours, minutes and seconds are designed separately. There are not many such unique designs, not to mention the horizontal or vertical design, but a unique diagonal setting. I do not know if there is obsessive-compulsive disorder. Will my friend feel a little uncomfortable?
    For details of the watch, please click: The classic design does not need to be repeated. The new watch adopts Hamilton’s unique hollow design. The gear’s gear meshing and operation at a glance.
    For details of the watch, please click: It has a 12-hour timekeeping function, and the date display window is from 4 to 5 o’clock.
    Watch details please click: This series of new watches has a total of 2 dials, pendulum and black dial. There are three types of straps: steel, rubber and canvas. There are 6 watches to choose from.
    For details of the watch, please click: Face2face watch has a classic elegance and an avant-garde leapfrog character. It has built a double movement and
    The breakthrough of the technology presented by the display shows the double-sided charming character of the movie hero. Hamilton breaks the myth of the fusion of watch design styles, allowing two distinct design elements to coexist, and turning the two-sided movement through the moment of flipping the play
    Transform instantly. One side of the Face2face uses a simple and simple three-pin sun-patterned dial to show a stable and restrained vision of wearing; the other side is a chronograph with a smoky blue crystal dial, which highlights the sense of speed
    Full-blown sexy charm.
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