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    Earl Counts As The Official Timer Of The 3rd Beijing International Polo Open

    On September 17, 2011, the third Beijing International Polo Open final was rekindled in Beijing and the grand opening of the match. This year, the Beijing Polo Open was included in the WORLD POLO TOUR (International Polo Tour) for the first time, becoming the only top-level polo event in China that scored in international points. This is an important milestone in the internationalization of Chinese polo. The event was located at the foot of the winding and magnificent Badaling Great Wall, bringing together polo players from all over the world: Piaget has always supported China’s polo sports and brought polo, an elegant and gentlemanly sport, to the Chinese Within sight, this count has once again become the official timer of China’s top polo events, leading the Chinese polo team to make a head start and create an impressive record at the foot of the Great Wall.
    The historical origins of Piaget and Polo
    The emergence of polo can be traced back to the Han Dynasty in China. In the 1850s, the British brought polo from India to Europe, and soon spread from European courts to the world. Its difficulty and fun made polo swept the global royal nobility and became an upper class. The most popular and favorite sport in society.
    Count and polo unrivaled noble attitude
    In the 1980s, Yves G. Piaget, the fourth generation of Piaget, was obsessed with polo and actively led the establishment of cooperation with polo events to promote this gorgeous and noble sport. Since then, the Earl brand has established a close relationship with the polo sport, and sponsored the World Cup Polo Tournament, which has gained popularity.

    At this point, the count and the polo sport officially form an inextricable bond. In 1979, Piaget particularly took inspiration from the elegant and beautiful polo sport, using real gold to create an innovative model with a bracelet and surface integrated: Piaget Polo series.
    The case and strap of the Piaget Polo watch are subtly integrated, coupled with the interlaced polishing of shiny and matte surfaces, and the ingenious design makes it quickly among the classic watches. Its appearance not only reflects Piaget’s spirit of pursuing excellence, but also interprets a new style of wearing a watch—mdash; & mdash; elegant yet elegant, stunning and fascinating, which also unveiled the new Piaget polo Chapter.

    In the United States, Earl has not only hosted the highest honor of the American Polo & mdash; & mdash; Earl Silver Cup of the American Polo Association; it has also become the title sponsor and official designation of the Centennial Santa Barbara Polo Club this year. In addition, Prince William and Kate of the United Kingdom were invited to attend the Foundation Polo Challenge, and promoted the top polo players Nic Roldan and Melissa Ganzi of Prince William, Prince Harry and Earl Brand Ambassador to compete with each other in an unprecedentedly magnificent situation. In addition, the earl spared no effort to support the development of polo in China. With the improvement of the quality of life of the Chinese elite, polo, as an elegant international sport, has also begun to integrate into the social and entertainment life of leaders and elites in all walks of life. Under the count of the count, the noble temperament and charming charm passed by the polo sport will inevitably win the support of more people.

    What’s more worth mentioning is that at this year’s Beijing International Polo Open, Piaget specially invited the brand ambassador, Super Polo star Marcos Heguy, to come to Beijing to represent the Chinese Piaget team in 2011. The Beijing International Polo Open presented the most exciting peak matchup.

    Marcos Heguy is from Argentina’s most famous polo family. When he was only 18 years old, he was promoted to the highest level of 10 points. Over the years, Aikui has fought around the world and has won almost all the trophies of internationally important polo competitions, and has been named the ‘magician’ on the polo field by the Argentine people. As the brand ambassador of Piaget Piaget, Aikui led the Piaget Pilara polo team to participate in the world’s highest level of the open tournament: ‘Argentine Three Royals Cup’ with outstanding results. In addition, Ai Kui is in charge of the operation of Pilar & aacute; Piaget Earl Polo School, training a new generation of polo players, and making outstanding contributions to the cause of polo.
    In addition to Ai Kui, this year’s game also welcomed the famous actress Huang Yi. Huang Yi, who is usually busy with the performing arts, is actually a horseman in private.

    Huang Yi learned to ride a horse under the chance of filming before. I am very excited to have the opportunity to visit the Polo Open this time and feel this high-end event full of pure-blood horses and top polo players. Huang Yi and Ai Kui appeared on the field in a handsome sweat-bloomed BMW; she was handsome; she was dressed in black pants and a classic Piaget Polo Fortyfive women’s watch; then, after the swing kicked off, she wore a decent fit A small dress appeared on the court, with a wide-brimmed bowler hat, cheering on Aiqui, perfectly showing the harmonious beauty of Piaget and polo.

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