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    Innovation To Create The Future Zenith Zenith 2019 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair New Product Launch Conference

    Basel, March 20, 2019-2019 is becoming a milestone in the Swiss watchmaker ZENITH Zenith. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the legendary ElPrimero chronograph movement, Zenith has not only forgotten the tradition but also forged ahead into the future. At Bselworld, it launched its brand new DEFY Inventor watch. At the event, Mr. JulienTornare, CEO of Zenith, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, Director of LVMH Watch Division, Eason Chan, the soul of Chinese music, global spokesperson for Zenith, SwizzBeatz, Zenith brand friend, singer and music producer, and guests, Pay tribute to every moment of devotion and dedication due to your devotion.

      Since its founding in 1865, Zenith has been pushing the limits of technology with its superb watchmaking skills and pioneering the spirit of exploring the future of Swiss watchmaking. The Zenith DEFY is the world’s first and only mechanical watch that revolutionizes the traditional escapement system and successfully achieves mass production. The Zenith self-developed escapement terminator— — ‘ZenithOscillator’ recreates the heart of mechanical watches, leading mechanical watches into a new era.

    Zenith CEO Julien Tornare and Zenith Global Spokesman Eason Chan
    Innovation conquers the unknown
      Since the brand was founded in 1865, Swiss watchmaker ZENITH has walked the 154th anniversary in the time corridor, inheriting the skills of the forerunners to shape the future. At the Pakistan exhibition, Zenith’s booth is decorated with the legendary ElPrimero movement, which coincides with the 50th anniversary, and tells the evolution of time between the wheels. In the exhibition hall, there is a special INVENTORROOM, which displays the unique mechanical rhythmic charm of ‘Zhenli Shizhen Pan’ with an immersive experience, creating a futuristic sci-fi color.

    Zenith 2019 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair New Product Launch Site

      At the event, Mr. JulienTornare said: ‘154 years is a testament to Zenith’s spirit of exploration. Zenith has been telling the world about its extraordinary quality with precision, excellence and the future. The launch of the DEFYInventor watch is a timepiece for Zenith. A milestone in the exploration of watchmaking craftsmanship. For a long time, parts such as the balance with hairspring have been designed into an integrated ‘Zhenli Shisha’, which has achieved revolutionary breakthroughs in performance and watchmaking technology. ‘

      Zenith’s global spokesperson Eason Chan also performed his pioneering charm in person, showing the fusion of technology and the future in a low-key elegance. Eason Chan said: ‘The DEFY Creators Watch is amazing. It is full of adventure spirit in the innovation and revolution of the heart of the watch, the subversion and breakthrough of the watchmaking tradition. But it is not only the innovation that shocked me. And breakthrough is the embodiment of Zenith’s persistence and love for mechanical watches. It also made me confirm the tacit understanding between Zenith and me. ‘

    Zenith’s global spokesperson Eason Chan also performed the pioneering charm of the DEFY Creator watch

    Pioneer Path
      Today and in the future, Zenith creates legends with its foresight. Since 1865, it has been adhering to continuous innovation and technological breakthroughs. It has been known for its legendary ElPrimero star-speed movement with accurate time measurement of 1/10 seconds. In 2017, Zenith launched the landmark DEFYLab. Nowadays, from experiment to mass production, it also leads the watchmaking industry with DEFY. Relying on the faith and enthusiasm of the watch industry, Zenith was able to boldly break through the traditional structural theory, open up a new path, simplify complexity, and lead mechanical watches into a new dimension.

    DEFY Creators Watch

      The DEFY watch is precise and cool, with a superb core and a technologically modern look. Under the transparent and light hollow dial, the heart of a new mechanical watch developed by Zenith, the Zenith dial, is jumping. A thin thin real-time vibration plate replaces the traditional escapement system composed of more than 30 parts; the error within 0.3 seconds a day once again pushes the precision level of contemporary mechanical watches to the peak. While DEFY watches are equipped with top cores, they also use the world’s lightest aluminum-based composite material Aeronith metal textured bezel. Zenith combines the perfect watchmaking craftsmanship with outstanding scientific and technological aesthetic strength to become the most remarkable innovation of this exhibition with its extreme futuristic style.

    ElPrimero 50th Anniversary Celebration
      To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary ElPrimero chronograph movement, Zenith will host the ‘GrenierClub’ world tour in 12 important cities around the world, reviewing the unique and precise half-century legend of ElPrimero in a unique style. In addition, Zenith will also hold an electronic music party with the theme of ‘HighFrequency’ during the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2019 to experience the immersive Zenith Legend journey with celebrities from all walks of life.

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