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    Hublot Launches The Classic Aerofusion Chronographe Bol D’ Or Mirabaud 2016 Limited Edition Watch

    As the official timekeeper of Bol d’Or Mirabaud for the fourth consecutive year, Hublot launches the classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronographe Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2016 watch for the 78th event of 2016, with a limited edition of 78 watches, showing The brand’s continued passion for sailing and the Lake Geneva region.

       Every year, more than 500 sailing boats dock at the starting line of PortNoir in Geneva, preparing for a race of 66.5 nautical miles, facing the change of speed. This year’s event started at 10:00 on the morning of June 11. Thousands of spectators watched the game live.

       The classic Aerofusion ChronographeBold’OrMirabaud 2016 limited edition watch is inspired by sailing and Lake Geneva blue. It is equipped with the HUB1155 self-winding chronograph movement with date display function and is set at 6 o’clock on the dial. The watch is equipped with a hollow dial and a carbon fiber bezel. Carbon fiber, a high-tech material, is also favored by athletes for its light texture, impact resistance, and recognizability. The case is made of black ceramic with a fabric strap (stitched on blue rubber). The use of carbon fiber, ceramics, fabrics, and rubber reflects the spirit of ‘art of fusion’ cherished by Hublot. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    Essence Of Watchmaking With Starry Sky: Piaget Releases Three New Altiplano Watches

    Piaget presents three new Altiplano watches for the 2019 Geneva Advanced Watch Show (SIHH) preview. All Piaget classic technologies: ultra-thin watch design, extraordinary gem setting and rich hard gems, Contrast with rare meteorites.

    PiagetAltiplano Watch-36mm (G0A44076) 18K white gold case set with rectangular cut diamonds, white gold and diamond hour markers, hours and minutes, 430P ultra-thin manual winding movement, 43 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal, blue crocodile Leather strap, limited to 88 pieces.
    From the heart of the earth to the source of the galaxy
     Gem setting is one of the most exquisite craftsmanship of Piaget. Piaget is one of the few traditional watchmakers who is skilled in both watch and jewelry creation. It uses watchmaking technology to combine precise gemstone craftsmanship to create unique works. These gems are formed at extremely high temperatures and pressures and are mined from the deep crust to add brilliance to Piaget watches.
     The 36mm diameter Altiplano haute jewellery watch is the ace of the Piaget elegant collection, attracting charming women and connoisseurs of classic watch design. For the first time, the new work is set with baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel and dial, and is adorned with Piaget blue solar radiation, limited to 88 pieces (G0A44076). Baguette-cut diamonds are known for their subtle, understated elegance. The Altiplano haute jewellery watch, which was released before SIHH, is wrapped around baguette-cut diamonds and dotted with the hour markers on the four sides of the dial, making the deep dial brilliant. The unique dark blue tone travels between cobalt blue and midnight blue, and has established Piaget’s unique style for decades. It also shines in the anniversary collection of Piaget Altiplano watches displayed at SIHH in 2017. The dial looks like a sky, showing different appearances with changes in light intensity. The sun’s radiating patterns display dazzling and charming magic of light and shadow, and come alive under the twinkling light.

    PiagetAltiplano Tourbillon Watch – 41 mm (G0A44053) 18K rose gold diamond case, blue meteorite dial, eccentric hour, minute, flying tourbillon, ultra-thin 670P manual winding movement, thickness 4.6 mm, power reserve 48 hours , Sapphire crystal glass and case back, blue alligator leather strap, limited to 28 pieces.
     The 41mm rose gold AltiplanoTourbillon watch takes the starry sky concept to the fullest, and the blue meteorite dial is embellished with flash diamonds, which is particularly eye-catching. The Piaget classic Altiplano Barton hands are used, and the eccentric hour and minute display is set at 8 o’clock. At 2 o’clock, the floating tourbillon swirls and dances, reminiscent of the stars swirling in the night sky. The unique lines on the surface of the meteorite are called ‘Widmanstätten’, which is a common nickel-iron crystal structure of nickel-iron meteorite. This meteorite is estimated to have originated from the beginning of the formation of the solar system. If diamonds are the crystalline imprint of the geocentric world, the meteorites also cast the history of the birth of the galaxy. This Altiplano Tourbillon watch (G0A44053) is limited to 28 pieces, symbolizing Piaget’s extraordinary achievements in gem setting, gem-decorated dials and ultra-thin fine watchmaking techniques.

    The meteorite material is cut and processed to show a clear ‘Widmanstätten’, and through a special coloring process.
     The final piece in Piaget Pre-SIHH’s new product is a rose gold Altiplano watch (G0A44051) with a diameter of 40 mm. The work uses a gray meteorite dial. The design of the hours and minutes is simple and pure. The date window is set at 3 o’clock, which perfectly reflects the essence of Piaget’s flawless beauty. The combination of rose gold case with grey meteorite and rose gold hour markers is different from the contrast aesthetics emphasized by the 36 and 41 mm models, but it perfectly displays the subtle texture of the meteorite. This Altiplano is equipped with a 1203P self-winding movement with a thickness of only 3 millimeters, once again demonstrating the ability of Piaget Manufacture’s own movement, limited to 300 pieces.

    PiagetAltiplano watch – 40 mm (G0A44051) 18K rose gold watch, gray meteorite dial, hours, minutes, date, 1203P ultra-thin self-winding movement, thickness 3 mm, power reserve 44 hours, sapphire crystal mirror and case back , Gray alligator leather strap, limited to 300 pieces.
    Original watchmaking
     The history of Piaget and the history of fine watchmaking technology are inseparable, and the breakthroughs in the development of ultra-thin movements are of particular significance. Piaget’s masterpieces over the years include the 9P manual winding movement in 1957, the 12P automatic winding movement in 1960, the more recent 1200P (2010), and the extraordinary masterpiece that was only two millimeters thin at the SIHH in 2018-PiagetAltiplano UltimateConcept .
     Ultra-thin watchmaking is a special field in the industry, and its technical difficulty is often compared with complex watchmaking technology. This technology is similar to the hollow-out technology, and is also a master craftsmanship demonstrated by Piaget through the 1200S ultra-thin hollow-out movement. Ultra-thin watchmaking is not only the ultimate goal of Piaget Manufacture in terms of watch craftsmanship, but also an expert knowledge of the family, sublimating countless masterpieces in the history of fine watchmaking, with great aesthetics and craftsmanship.

    In the bright gray color, the unique texture of the meteorite is clearly visible.
     During the 1960s and 1970s, Piaget was widely praised for embellishing fashion watch dials with hard gems. Because the hard gem dial is always thicker than traditional metal dials, only the superb ultra-thin watchmaking technology of the watch factory can be used to realize such a bold idea. In order to keep the tradition of slim and elegant watch design, the hard gem dial can only be equipped with a thin body movement to minimize the overall thickness of the watch. The rigorous restrictions and specifications of ultra-thin watches were conquered one by one by Piaget, which caused the watch factory to create a number of ingenious works from the 1960s to the 1970s, and still teaches antique watch collectors to follow. The 430P manual-winding movement, 670P manual-winding tourbillon movement, and 1203P automatic-winding movement equipped on the SIHH preview watch are examples of ultra-thin watchmaking, witnessing advanced watchmaking technology, extraordinary craftsmanship and outstanding design How to integrate and achieve a unique Piaget model.

    Piaget’s own 1203P self-winding movement, with a diameter of 29.9 mm and a thickness of 3 mm, has a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour and a power reserve of 44 hours. Modified by the circular Geneva ripples, chamfers, etc., the Earl’s family emblem is engraved on the miniature automatic plate.

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    Precise Moment, First To Get Fast, Tissot Series 2014 World Cup Special

    The four-year football World Cup can be described as a highly anticipated feast for fans all over the world. In every 90 minutes of perfect collision of speed and passion, the audience will fly over the flags and scream. Will always be the other half of the protagonist on the field. Tissot, a well-known Swiss watch brand born in 1853, has been manufacturing professional timers for sports events since 1883. For more than 100 years, Tissot has successfully provided official timekeeping for many world-class sports events. The relationship between Tissot and football can be traced back to 1976. Tissot launched its first game timer specially designed for football referees. With colorful pointers and scales, it clearly and accurately timed the first and second half of a football game. Referees have more precise control over match time. In order to improve the on-site experience of football lovers, Tissot has developed a special movement that enables it to have both the function of half time and overtime of football matches. Today, the Tissot series of watches equipped with this special movement not only satisfies the fans’ immersive viewing pleasure, but also brings an exciting timekeeping experience. At the same time, this series of watches closely follow the trend of fashion, with six different color watches, with the jersey colors of participating teams enthusiastically echoed. This summer, scream for the most enthusiastic sports with warm and precise timepieces on your wrist.

    Tissot Porsche Series 2014 World Cup Brazil Special
    Timing Expert Experience Speed ​​and Energy

    As one of the oldest sports in the world, a football game is a sport that requires both technology and timing. It combines agility, speed, and strength. Before the referee sounds the whistle at the end of the half, every match There is a chance of scoring in a minute, so it can be said that if you control the time, you will control the key to winning. Since 1938, providing timing services for ski competitions held in Villas, Switzerland, and officially entering the field of sports timing, Tissot has been committed to providing accurate timing services for many of the world’s top sports events. In the field of football, as early as 1976, Tissot launched its first game timer specially designed for football referees. Through colorful hands and scales, it clearly and accurately timed the first and second half of a football match to help referees. Players more precisely control the time of the game. In order to bring the immersive viewing pleasure and the exciting and timed experience to consumers who love football at the same time, so that the fans around the world have the same sensory enjoyment as the rhythm of the game on the green field, the special series of the Tissot World Cup should be launched Was born. This innovative timepiece is equipped with a specially designed movement by Tissot, which enables it to have both the function of half time and overtime of football matches.

    1976 Tissot provides professional timer for football referees
     The Tissot Porsche Series 2014 World Cup Special Edition reinterprets every element of the football game using an original method. The calendar window at the four o’clock position on the dial can be used to remind important game schedules; it is set at the 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions. The chronograph dial can independently record the minutes and seconds. The second hand moving around the scale can record the time required to complete a wonderful goal. In addition, the special function of the chronograph dial at 2 o’clock makes it Stand out from ordinary chronographs-the white sectors marked 1 and 2 each represent 45 minutes in the first and second half of a football match, and the colored sectors 1 and 2 that are consistent with the color of the strap are used to record the overtime and overtime In the second half, after resetting the readings to zero, you can start the timing tour by activating the button at 2 o’clock. The wearers can be truly integrated into the game while watching the game. They will not only be spectators, but also the timing expert of the game.

    Tissot Porsche Series 2014 World Cup Brazil Special
    Yellow Legion Burning Passion and Dream

    Samba, World Cup, Brazil will undoubtedly become the center of world attention this summer. Adhering to the Swiss watchmaking tradition for more than 160 years, Tissot has always been committed to achieving the highest quality and quality, as well as to achieve a high degree of unity in practicality and fashion. This time is no exception. The design inspiration comes from the national team’s uniforms. The special edition of the 2014 World Cup in the Tissot series features six color schemes to create a visual feast for the wrist, echoing the star team running on the field. This watch representing the Brazilian national team host of this World Cup is particularly worth mentioning. The special model of the Tissot Porsche 2014 World Cup Brazil team boldly uses the highly saturated yellow-green tone to highlight the passion and dream of this football empire. The yellow silicone strap is wrapped in enthusiasm, and the green aluminum bezel is full of vitality. The yellow and green colors on the dial are embellished. Three chronograph discs stand on top of each other. A football, highly collectible.

    In addition to the yellow corps that symbolizes Brazil, there are five other colors to choose from. Quickly wear the watch that represents your support for the team, cheer for their wonderful performance, record their achievements and share their dream , You are the protagonist outside the arena!

    Specially designed Tissot 2014 World Cup Special Edition
    Technical Parameters
    Made in Switzerland
    Quartz chronograph movement with football game chronograph
    Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
    316L stainless steel case, black PVD coating, aluminum bezel, carved back
    Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
    Leather strap with standard buckle

    Reference retail price: RMB 3,050

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    Concentric Coaxial In The Same Plane Glashütte Characteristic Big Calendar

    As the Glashütte Original advertised by the big calendar, this unique masterpiece of the brand is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and this is a milestone of elegance and practicality The design has long been rooted in the hearts of the people and has perfect visibility in the industry. The large calendar display, as one of today’s most popular and practical features, was first invented by Girard Perregaux in 1930. At that time, the main focus was FHF. The popularity of the large calendar structure was carried forward by Lange’s design in 1994, which made the large calendar display all the rage. Glashütte differs from them in the design of concentric coaxial plane, the brand immediately applied for a patent for this innovative design. Observing the exploded view of this large calendar structure with Glashütte characteristics, it is clear that the coaxial large calendar structure adopted by the brand-the single-digit dial and the ten-digit dial are coaxially arranged, and the smaller ten-digit dial is only Numbers printed from 0 to 3 rotate around the center of a larger ‘units’ disc containing numbers from 0 to 9. This in-plane design eliminates the need to obscure the difference between the two discs with an interfering center bar, as other brands do (the two date discs overlap each other).
        Judging from the structure of the ten-digit and single-digit numbers to display the calendar structure, the Glashütte characteristic large calendar is responsible for converting the date wheel of the calendar plate. The component is designed in three layers. It is composed of changing ten-digit wheels. Changing one-position wheels is 30 teeth (one tooth is missing). Changing ten-position wheels is 4 teeth. Such an original design. For a 31-day month, a support plate can ensure that the The ten-digit day disc will not turn to ‘0’, and ensure that at midnight on the 31st, the single-digit ‘1’ remains in place. Such an outstanding design is a perfect combination of excellent traditional mechanical watchmaking technology and classic gorgeous design.
        For example, the PanoMaticLunar XL moon phase watch in the Glashütte Pano eccentric series adopts a large calendar display. The eye-catching large calendar display on the dial strengthens the minimalist design, and only displays the date with white numbers on a dark gray background instead of Plus double windows. The 42mm diameter stainless steel case has both polished and matte finishes, and is firmly fixed between a pair of well-crafted gray alligator leather straps. The heart is the Caliber 90-02 automatic winding movement. Its carefully crafted elements, including three-quarter splints, gooseneck trimming, Glashütte carving and radial pattern decoration, and excellent craftsmanship features from Glashütte’s original mechanical watchmaking, can be seen through the sapphire crystal Cover at a glance.

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    Qiao Fufang Lawn Shopping Center Shopping Guide

    Qiao Fufang Grassland is located on the west side of Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and is close to the core area of ​​Beijing CBD. The shopping center is located on the second basement floor to the second floor above ground, with a total area of ​​5,6000 square meters. Qiaofufang Grassland opened in 2012. It is only over a year now, but many high-end watch brands have been gathered in this shopping center, and it has become another watch-purchasing place in Beijing. The editor of the Watch House has taken this picture of the watch shop here for everyone. Please follow the steps of the editor to find out!

    Address: No. 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (to the west of Dongdaqiao Road, between Chaowai South Street and North Ritan Road)
    Opening hours: 10:00 am-10: 00 pm

    Public transit
    Take the subway
    Line 10: Hujialou Station, Exit A, take 126,440 Dongdaqiao Station
    Line 1: Yonganli Station, Exit A, walk 15 minutes north
    Line 6: Dongqiao Station, Exit A, walk about 400 meters south
    Take the bus
    Fangcao Station: Take 28, 43, 120, 126, 403 and get off
    Dongqiao East Station: Take trams 101, 109, 112, 118 and buses 75, 403, 420, 615, 619, 750, get off and walk 200 meters south
    Self-driving and taxi routes
    Coming from the north: Go south via Workers Stadium East Road to Dongdaqiao Road, just west of the road.
    Coming from the east: via Chaoyang North Road or Chaoyang Road to the East Bridge junction, turn left at the traffic light junction to Dong Daqiao Road and go straight south for 2 minutes.
    Coming from the west: via Chaoyangmenwai Avenue to the East Bridge junction, turn right to Dongdaqiao Road and go straight south for 2 minutes.
    Coming from the south: Enter at Yong’anli intersection, follow Dongdaqiao Road and go straight north to Dongdadao roundabout, then turn left at the traffic light intersection to the west side of Dongdaqiao Road.

       Founded in 1884, watchmaker Breitling plays a pivotal role in the development and innovation of chronograph watches, and is the pioneer and leader of modern chronograph watches. At the same time, with its precise and reliable precision instruments, it has witnessed countless glorious moments in the long journey of human conquest of the sky. As the only famous watch brand in the world whose entire series of movements have been certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), Breitling not only symbolizes extraordinary precision, but also one of the few watch brands actively developing independent high-performance automatic winding chronograph movements. First, and has been insisting on the family business model for 128 years, it is one of the few well-known independent watchmakers in Switzerland.
    Location: L2-22, Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center
    Phone: 010-8563 6395

       Chopard, an internationally acclaimed luxury watch and jewellery brand, is a family-owned and managed company, headed by Karl Scheufele and his wife Karin, whose sons and daughters- Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Caroline Scheufele are co-presidents.
       The company was founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 and acquired by Carl Schaefer in 1963. Since then, Chopard has gradually developed into a world-renowned watch and jewelry brand, sought after by global stars and celebrities. Chopard is one of the few luxury watch and jewellery brands owned and managed by families in the world. The direct involvement of the family makes the brand, as it did 150 years ago, always with a passion for excellence, and constantly striving for new prosperity.

    Location: L2-23, Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center
    Phone: 010-8562 6605

       The founder of IWC Schaffhausen is a pioneering American. Since 1868, this Swiss watch factory has been leading the development of watchmaking technology, constantly setting new standards for the extremely complex and precise watchmaking industry. IWC is known as the ‘high-end watch engineer’ and specializes in manufacturing men’s watches. Classic style combined with clever design, elegant and delicate, extremely easy to operate-this is the famous IWC.
    Address: Liaoning Fufang Grassland Shopping Center L1-14, L2-13
    Phone: 010-8562 1235
    Roger Dubuis

      Since 1995, Roger Dubuis has established itself in the field of modern fine watchmaking. The brand upholds the spirit of innovation, and the works incorporate bold and eye-catching design, showing the brand’s superb craftsmanship and authority in the field of fine watchmaking machinery, playing a pivotal role in the 21st century. Bold innovation and gorgeous elegance are the unique characteristics of the brand, and firm determination is the driving force for the brand to move forward. It draws inspiration from four different worlds of players, warriors, adventurers and peerless celebrities to create masterpieces full of creative concepts and mechanical details.
    Address: L2-02, Qiaofufang Meadow Shopping Center
    Phone: 010- 8562 1363

      In 1942, in Lucca, Italy, precision watchmaker Officine Fontana accepted a glorious task from the Italian Navy: designing and manufacturing a new watch for the military. This challenge means meeting the Navy’s high quality standards and adhering to very specific technical specifications, but most importantly to ensure maximum visibility in any lighting condition. However, for political reasons, the project never started and there were no products.
       In 2000, Italo Fontana, the grandson of Ilvo Fontana, accidentally encountered the design of that period, which became the source of inspiration for creating U-Boat U-shaped boat watches. When Italo Fontana saw his grandpa’s design, he first thought that this was a new dimension of time. This intuition became the inspiration for the entire U-Boat U-boat watch collection. Italian design, impeccable craftsmanship and Swiss movement. The U-Boat U-shaped boat watch is like this: distinctive personality, large size, perfect visibility in any lighting conditions, together with his unique design: a left-hand crown protected by a specially designed safety cover . Every U-Boat series is made in Italy and every minute detail is supervised by Italo Fontana.
    Address: L2-26, Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center
    Phone: 010- 5960 7616

    Van Cleef & Arpels

       Van Cleef & Arpels is an outstanding representative of fine jewelry, wedding jewellery and watches. Exquisite, feminine, charming, elegant and unique styles, rare gems, and unrivalled craftsmanship have made Van Cleef & Arpels create inspirational jewelry and watches.
    Address: L1-24, Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center
    Phone: 010-6561 2627

       SLYDE perfectly combines the most cutting-edge design trends with the most advanced electronic technology. At the dawn of the third millennium, it subverted our concept of time. Born in the extraordinary creativity of the famous Swiss designer JORG HYSEK, SLYDE turns a magical concept of time into a tangible reality, allowing you to freely travel in the wonderful world of watches and clocks. Works. With SLYDE’s revolutionary surface, you can generate a wide range of functions and time tools customized by you with just a simple swipe of your finger. Its top-level virtual module lets you only need one SLYDE, a watch with a variety of ‘unique’ features.
    Address: L2-25, Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center
    Phone: 010-5960 7618

       WEMPE watches and jewellery are designed and produced by the company’s exclusive studios in Glashütte, Saxony and Schwaben-Gmünd, Baden-Wurttemberg.
    Address: L2-10, Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center
    Phone: 010- 5690 7123

       The above is a summary of watch stores in Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center. Whether you have a plan to buy a watch recently or not, you can visit here in your spare time. You can have a close contact with the watch and you can touch it. To your favorite watch. In addition to this place in the Beijing shopping mall, the editor of the Watch House will also come to summarize it for you in the future, so stay tuned!

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