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    This Moment Pays Tribute To The Classic Tissot Watch Through The Time Promenade To Play Retro Fashion

    After experiencing a walk in the long river of history, the classics not only have not passed by time, but have shined in bronze retro light under the washing of the years. On the way of human beings’ exploration of the beauty of mechanical art of time, numerous classics have been left. As a famous Swiss watchmaking brand that has promoted the development of the industry several times, it has left countless strokes in this period of history. As a tribute to the classic models, Tissot has continuously launched the ‘Nostalgic Classic Series’ replica watches in recent years, which reinterprets classic designs with today’s aesthetics and technology, showing you the classic timepieces that once represented history. Endless charm. A century-old prince series with legendary stories, a Tissot nostalgic classic series 2018 replica watch, and a Vistar series replica watch that recreates the style of the 1950s, shuttles the space-time promenade, making a beautiful contemporary The modern temperament meets a strong retro elegance, which not only gave birth to a timeless love that spans time and space, but also interprets the brand’s concept of ‘innovation and tradition’ in front of the world.

    Remember the style forever
       Fashion is fleeting. Only the classics are eternal, and the time of the colorful story is stored in the exquisite design room by the craftsmen, thus creating a classic that can be passed on to the world. The Tissot watch travels the promenade of time, turning the dial’s hands back to 1916, and launching the Tissot prince classic century centennial watch in a engraved form, which reproduces the excellent craftsmanship of the early twentieth century, bringing a period from Russia to The scene of Switzerland’s difficult journey is unfolded at the wrist.
       The design of the Prince Tissot Classic Centennial watch was inspired by the launch of the Prince Tissot series in 1916. Its most notable feature is the Art Nouveau style in its design. As one of the representatives of Art Nouveau watches in the early 20th century, the prototype of the Tissot Prince series has a strong natural decoration style: the curved case and the specially designed irregular Arabic numerals are rare in Tissot models. At first sight, these features also add endless artistic charm to this watch.

    Figure 1: Tissot Classic Centennial Watch

       The watch was first exported to Russia in 1916 and returned to Tissot for maintenance in August 1917 a year later. However, due to restrictions on the import of gold watches and the outbreak of the October Revolution, Tissot watches could not be restored to the owner, and ultimately had to be placed in the Tissot Archives for safekeeping. This story gave it a legendary color. To pay tribute to this history, Tissot also launched the Tissot Prince Classic Centennial Watch in 2017. This watch retains its original design: a curved case that fits the curvature of the wrist and irregular Arabic numerals. The curved case allows the watch to fit the curvature of the wrist, showing a soft outline, and also adds a distinctive artistic sense to the watch. The retro stylization of the early twentieth century oozes from the staggered hands. The edges of the time scale are soothing and soft, like the silhouette of a natural plant.

    Figure 2-4: Tissot Classic Centennial Watch

    Picture 5: Prince Tissot Classic Centennial Watch

       The classics are eternal foundations, full of mellow fragrance and evocative, also like a lighthouse in the night to guide the way now. The Tissot Prince Classic Centennial watch meets the modern people’s pursuit of boldness and retro style, while bringing a lot of modern design, it is an excellent choice for consumers who prefer art and style.

    Industry Pioneer Classic Reappearance
       In the early 1930s, Tissot launched the industry’s first truly anti-magnetic watch, which has achieved great success since its launch. The nostalgic classic 2018 replica watch is a reproduction of the classic design of that time. Its elegant design is inspired by the brand’s long history. This watch was originally designed for urban men, simple and dynamic.

    Figure 6: Tissot nostalgia classic 2018 replica watches pay tribute to the classic

       The engraved version of the original watch’s case is a nickel-chromium alloy. This alloy is characterized by strong anti-magnetization ability. It was a relatively advanced anti-magnetic technology at that time, which enhanced the watch’s anti-magnetic performance. The dial of the original watch has a small seconds design and a 27 mm diameter. The special shape has become an iconic Tissot watch once it is launched. The nostalgic classic 2018 replica watch is based on today’s watchmaking technology and craftsmanship, combining today’s aesthetic and trend. It adopts a 42mm 316L stainless steel case, which retains the small seconds design and metal brushed dial technology. The details use the original retro style, with the retro Tissot italic logo dedicated to the Tissot nostalgic classic series, the elegant texture emerges.

    Figure 7-8: Tissot nostalgia classic 2018 replica watch pays tribute to the classic

       In addition to the dial details, the engraved version also uses an arched scratch-resistant sapphire glass diameter and is coated with an anti-glare coating. This arc is also a classic detail of the Tissot watch. The pursuit of perfection in form also extends to the inside of the movement. This watch uses a Tissot-made ETA6498-1 manual winding movement. Through the transparent glass case back on the back of the case, users can manually While winding, admire the beauty of Swiss-made machinery. With the regular rhythm of mechanical movement, the Tissot nostalgic classic 2018 replica watch takes you back to the beginning of the 20th century and feel the charm of that mechanical world.

    Figure 9: Tissot nostalgia classic 2018 replica watches pay tribute to the classic

    Time goes beyond innovation
       For 165 years, Tissot watches have always taken “innovation, originating from tradition” as their eternal brand concept, and have been inspiring and leading generations of Tissot watches to break through their limitations and innovate bravely. As the Tissot brand’s first watch series with a calendar function, Visodate has been occupying an important position in the brand’s many watch series since its birth.

    Figure 10: Tissot Vista Series Reissue Edition

       Launched in 2018, the Tissot Visteon series replica watch is based on the first watch with a calendar window introduced by Tissot in the 1950s. The replica watch adds more contemporary style to the classic design of the original watch. The delicate texture of the charm blue dial reflected in the light reflects the many design details of the Vista series. The silver vintage italic Tissot logo and VISODATE nameplate are located at 12 o’clock on the dial, telling each wearer the origin of the Vista series. The calendar window at 3 o’clock has more modern aesthetic characteristics compared to the original. The finely polished metal rectangular calendar frame inlay makes the reading of the calendar more intuitive and the dial more three-dimensional. And the use of Milanese metal woven bags is also a watch for stylists, wearing it on your wrist will definitely take your fashion style one step further.

    Figure 11: Tissot Replica Watch-Case Back

    Technical Parameters:
    Tissot Prince Classic Series Centennial Watch Reference Price: 2,950-3,700 RMB


    -Made in Switzerland
    -Quartz movement
    -316L stainless steel case
    -Water resistance to 3 bar
    -Mineral glass diameter
    -Leather strap with butterfly clasp and buttons, or leather strap with butterfly clasp
    -PVD coating in yellow and rose gold

    Tissot nostalgia classic series 2018 replica watch reference price: 7,950 RMB

    -Made in Switzerland
    -Manually wound mechanical movement
    -Arched scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
    -Water resistance to 5 bar equivalent
    -316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
    -Leather strap, push-button butterfly clasp
    -Size: 42mm * 42mm
    Tissot Vesta Series Reprint Version Reference Price: 5,050RMB


    -Made in Switzerland
    -Automatic movement
    -Arched scratch-resistant sapphire glass with anti-glare coating
    -Water resistance to 3 bar
    -316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
    -Metal braided strap
    -Size: 40mm * 40mm

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