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    Exuding Natural Poetic Flavor Jacques Dro Launched The Golden Eagle Koi Hour Minute Needle

    Jaquet Droz launched the Petite HeureMinuteReliefCarps watch, which pays tribute to the koi, a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Jaquet Droz pushes the limits of decorative craftsmanship, combining engraving and enamel techniques, to create this watch that exudes natural poetry.

      Vaguely visible, it is hard to find, but it is in it. They roamed under a curtain of pure water, hidden among blooming lotuses, and shuttled among the dense reeds. They float and elusive with the waves, and the figure that can be discerned at a glance is vividly displayed on the dial of this golden carved koi hour and minute dial (PetiteHeureMinuteReliefCarps).
      The master craftsmen of the Ateliersd’Art at Jaquet Droz started with the most prestigious eccentric hour and minute dial, giving bold creativity a free space to play. Taking inspiration from traditional Asian patterns, the artisan masters break through themselves and create an elegant scene with a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Koi is very meaningful in Asia, meaning rich and auspicious, fortitude, longevity and masculinity. This group of highly-respected carps is often used to embellish ponds, beautify views, and follow the spirit of attention to detail in Chinese and Japanese aesthetics.

      This scene is carefully engraved in the 41 mm dial space. Under the dial, there is a pool of clear water, and the delicate blue translucent enamel layer reflects the clear and transparent water surface. Two lotus leaves hold a blooming three-dimensional inlaid lotus flower, which floats elegantly on the water surface, while the hand-made gold carved reed stands in the water. Below the enamel, three koi leaped out of the ripples on the gold chassis, as if performing a graceful ballet, the dance is natural, elegant and moving. The enamel becomes bright and clear on the upper part of the dial, and the gradient color contrasts with the sky and the carved patterns of birds. For the first time, Jaquet Droz uses enamel weights and is decorated with hand-carved bas-relief koi.

      The enamel weights match the colour of the case. There are two models of the Gold Carved Koi Petite HeureMinuteReliefCarps series: a white gold case with a bezel and lugs set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and a white mother-of-pearl hour and minute dial surrounding the platinum outer ring; The model features a red gold case, a lotus flower and a bezel, and a black onyx hour dial. Both surfaces can admire this peaceful and beautiful scene. Gold Carved Koi Petite HeureMinuteReliefCarps watch with grey or black hand-rolled alligator leather strap. Both models are limited to 28 pieces. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

      2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

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