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    Hamilton History Brief

    Hamilton is an authentic American brand. Over the past 100 years, it has witnessed and recorded the course of modern American economic and cultural development, growing up with the United States. The enthusiasm contained in it and the American spirit of personality and innovation are blooming today.
    Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892, it is famous for producing railway timepieces.
    The United States entered an era of rapid economic development in the 1890s. The construction of railways throughout the United States was in full swing, but because there was no accurate and uniform timer, large accidents occurred frequently. Hamilton came into being, and the railway timers produced by him were accurate and reliable, which the Americans called ‘the most accurate railway time’. An early ‘Broadway’ limited-edition railroad pocket watch set an auction record for a U.S.-made watch at the 2006 Antiochouren auction and sold for $ 67,600.
    In 1910, the U.S. military watch, conquered Europe.
    Army watch is Hamilton’s most glorious identity. Because of its reliable performance in the railway field, Hamilton became a U.S. military watch during the First World War, equipped with troops led by General Birchin, nicknamed ‘Black Jack’.
    In 1930, major American airlines designated time.
    Hamilton became the appointed timekeeper of many major American airlines, thus initiating the development of Han watch in the aviation field. Hanbiao also became the first non-stop timer in the history of the United States, recording a historical period of 15 hours and 20 minutes from New York to Los Angeles.
    In 1940, the US military and the Allied military watch produced more than 1 million military timers.
    World War II became the glorious history of Hamilton’s permanent history. Han watches stopped more than 99% of civilian production lines and made full efforts to produce military watches. In just 4 years, Hamilton has produced more than 1,000,000 sea, land and air timers. , Contributed all his strength, was awarded the honorable title of ‘One Minute Militia Award’ by the US Treasury Department after the war. In order to save steel materials, but also to ensure the use of watches, Hamilton uses canvas (khaki) to make straps, hence the name of the Hamilton Khaki series.
    In 1951, ‘Frogman’ watch appeared in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Frogman Undersea.’
    The ‘Frogman Undersea Battle’ shot in 1951 is a story about the heroic landing of the Marine Corps Frogman Squad. The props division naturally chose the then military watch Hamilton ‘Frogman Series’ and opened Hamill. A brilliant career on the big screen. Today, Han Watch has made its debut in more than 350 Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Man in Black’ and ‘The Return of Superman’. It is a well-deserved ‘Hollywood Star Watch’ and its 58-year origin in Hollywood Han Watch has become a symbol of the film industry.
    1957, the first battery-powered watch & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; Adventure & rdquo ;.
    Hamilton introduced electricity into the watch, creating the world’s first battery-powered watch ‘Expedition’. This triangle watch, called the ‘ancestor of quartz watch’, will bring the watchmaking industry Into another vast sky. & ldquo; Adventure & rdquo; The impact on the timepiece industry is as if the ancients 300 years ago saw television. ‘Adventure’ also uses an extremely rare triangular shell, which was inspired by design master Arbib based on cars and radio waves.
    In 1970, the first digital display watch.
    The talented designers of Hamilton are not satisfied with the honor brought by ‘Exploration’. In the 1970s, they invented the world’s first ‘digital display electronic watch’, This creativity became the pride of Hamilton.
    In 1974, joined the predecessor of Swatch Group.
    In 2001, the production line was transferred to Switzerland, and the entire line of products was “Made in Switzerland”.
    初 In the early 21st century, all Hamilton production lines were transferred to Switzerland. The Hamilton watch combines the free-spirited American style and the finest Swiss craftsmanship. ‘From the Swiss Made in the United States’, it provides the most cost-effective choice for people who pursue individuality.
    Landed in Mainland China in 2006.
    汉 On January 1, 2006, Hanbiao officially landed in Mainland China and opened its first counter in Shanghai. Four years have passed. Today, Hamilton has more than 200 stores in more than 60 cities, and sales are growing at a rate of more than 50% per year.
    & Hellip; & hellip; The legend continues.
    1.1961 Hamilton Watch with Elvis appeared in ‘Blue Hawaii’.

    In 2.1966, the first ODC watch tailored for the movie ‘2001’.

    3. World War II military watch.

    The former site of the watch factory in 4.1892.

    5. During World War II, the military watch was fully produced, calling on the people to work together.

    6. Early 1900 railway timer.

    7. Since its establishment in 1900, it has been hailed as the most accurate railway timer.

    8.1970 The world’s first digital display electronic watch.

    2011Basel Hamilton Preview
    Hamilton Khaki Skywalker

    The design inspiration of Kaki Skywalker can be traced back to the 1940s that the brand is proud of. At the time, Hamilton made sophisticated and sophisticated marine timepieces for the US Navy. Today, the Khaki Skywalker watch, which has the functions of two places and can display the abbreviations of major airports around the world, commemorates its predecessors with the function of stellar time display, and pays tribute to the once glorious navy timer with modern design.
    The new watch has a solid 42 mm stainless steel case, a Swiss time movement with excellent anti-magnetic performance, and a water resistance of 300 meters. The second time zone display also injects modern ideas into the Skywalker. The second time zone window adjusted by the 2-point crown shows the three-letter airport code specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), such as JFK International Airport (JFK), Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and even Honolulu and Pendlegada in the Azores.
    The khaki skywalker watch with a strong nostalgic atmosphere uses many high-tech processing techniques and uses imaginative modern materials. The dial is available in three colors: white, silver, and cold gray. The contrast between the black and white colors of the scale is clear and easy to read. The back cover is engraved with the Hamilton family coat of arms, retro and textured; Swiss-made, excellent antimagnetic performance and other words highlight the high-end quality of the watch. Rubber-backed canvas straps and other elements are specially designed.
    Hamilton slim series

    The new Hamilton Slim Collection is derived from the watch of the same name launched in the 1960s. It is available in two sizes, both of which are equipped with a slim Swiss automatic movement.
    Hamilton’s slim series highlights the past glorious, every detail is perfectly nostalgic. The soft curved dial and second hand, as well as the Hamilton retro coat of arms engraved on the case back, all highlight the classic texture. Hamilton’s ‘H & rdquo’ knot design in the nine-section spliced ​​stainless steel strap subtly reproduces the style of the ancestors of the 1960s, and the tapered belt design also adds nostalgia.
    The classic appearance is equipped with a 2824 self-winding movement. The rigid and soft shell perfectly blends with the round and slightly convex sapphire mirror. The 38mm and 42mm diameter cases are exquisite in appearance, showing timeless elegance.
    The 38mm medium-dark gold PVD watch design is inspired by the long history of the brand in the 1940s. This unique dark gold brings a strong warmth and low-key luxury to Hamilton watches.
    Hamilton pan-Europe automatic timing

    The new Pan-Europe inherits the chic design of the watch of the same name in 1971 and incorporates modern craftsmanship and functions. The back of the watch is clearly engraved with a limited number of 1971 pieces, which is a landmark moment in the history of Hamilton watches. In 1971, Hamilton joined the predecessor of the Swatch Group, SSIH.
    The unique one-piece design case, elegant and chic sky blue dial and outer ring, and jumping red chronograph hands all make the Pan-European watch very eye-catching. 45 mm stainless steel case with brown embossed leather strap.
    The latest Hamilton self-calibration H31 pushes pan-European watches to the forefront of the horological era. At the same time, it also makes us miss the middle of the last century full of mechanical texture. In 1936, Charles & middot; Chaplin’s iconic tramp character in the classic film ‘Modern Times’ tried to survive in the era of continuous industrialization. The birth of the Hamilton Pan-European watch has recorded the peak of the development of mechanical watches in the 1970s. At the same time, it also commemorates the long journey that the Han watch has set off from the United States, sailed across the ocean, and rooted in Switzerland in the past 40 years.
    Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Automatic Chronograph
    During World War II, Hamilton was not only a watch for the U.S. military, but also an air, sea and air timer for the Allied forces. The Pioneer series is a replica of the Royal Air Force’s aviation watch since the 1940s and 1950s. Coin patterns, anti-magnetic soft iron, snake-eye hands and other pure aeronautical elements are combined with the new H31 movement of the 2011 watch, demonstrating the glory of the times.
    Limited edition: Hamilton protected international chronograph watch
    In 2011, Hamilton continued its collaboration with Hollywood superstar Harrison & middot; Ford in the field of biodiversity protection and launched the International Automatic Chronograph Watch. The new watch has the performance of the Pioneer series, and the back cover is engraved with the Harrison & middot; Ford signature and protection international organization logo. A fixed portion of the sale of this watch will be donated to ‘Conservation International’.

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