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    Chef’ Mr. Liang Jinglun Inspired By Gp Girard-perregaux Laurel Series To Create Laureato Theme Luncheon

    Recently, Hong Kong-Girard Perregaux, a Swiss fine watch brand, held a VIP lunch and watch appreciation party at the Samsung Michelin restaurant Bo Innovation in Wan Chai on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. For the grand occasion, the brand and the owner of the three Michelin-starred restaurant, ‘Chef’, Alvin Leung, inspired the Girard Perregaux watch series to create the LAUREATO theme menu.

    ‘The Kitchen Devil’ Mr. Alvin Leung
     The six-course menu for this lunch was designed by Chef Liang himself, inspired by the LAUREATO laurel series, and paid tribute to its iconic octagonal shape. Launched in 1975, the laurel series broke the watchmaking tradition of the time in shape, material and movement. The 2017 collection returns with honor, gradually becoming the core collection of Girard Perregaux. The unique aesthetics of stainless steel set off the trend of watch sports. The polished octagonal bezel and matte satin-finished case, and the exquisite bracelet-style design combine comfort and flexibility. At noon, the delicate foie gras with an octagonal clock shape greeted the VIP at the welcome reception and officially kicked off the luncheon.
     The journey of time continues at the dining table, including the appetizers “laurels” (caviar. Smoked quail eggs. Honeycomb taro), “star anise” (octopus. Bochuan pepper juice. Sea urchin), ‘8’ (corn, broccoli, pine nuts, and eight vinegar sweet vinegars), followed by the main course ‘Sweet stream’ (Canadian black cod. 48-month air-dried Spanish black hairy pork ham. Almonds. Wild mushrooms). (Japanese A3 Saga Wagyu. Black Truffle Sauce. Toasted Soy Sauce), and ‘Light Shadow Hourglass’ (Signature Butter Chicken Rice. Air-Dried Abalone. Air-Dried Foie Gras).

     The focus of the luncheon was on a series of wonderful and interactive magic performances, leading guests through time and space, back to the 1970s when the Laurel series was born, and exploring the evolution of the series together in wonderful ways.
     The dessert of the day “from the story of Constant and Marie” (mango. Purple glutinous rice. Wine. Grapefruit. Grapefruit. Coconut. Lemon) with a fine dial, pay tribute to Girard-Perregaux founders Constant Girard and Marie Perregaux. The event ended in perfect perfection.

    About Girard Perregaux
     Girard Perregaux is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1791. Over the years, Girard-Perregaux has created legendary watches that combine unique design and innovative skills. For example, Constant Girard-Perregaux won the gold with a three-gold bridge tourbillon in 1889. prize.
    Girard-Perregaux holds more than 100 patents and has been committed to the development of innovative and exquisite high-end watches for centuries, becoming one of the few design and production technologies in the world today, including the forged watch ‘heart’, which is the movement. One of the watch brands. In 2013, GP Girard-Perregaux won numerous awards for constant escapement L.M. watches and many other designs, including the most prestigious ‘Golden Finger Award’ for the most authoritative Geneva Watch Awards.
     Girard Perregaux is one of the brands of the leading apparel and accessories group Kering Group. The group has a number of world-renowned luxury, sports and lifestyle brands.

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