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    Swiss Mido And Wu Jianhao ‘enjoy Inspiration-building The Great Wall Between The Wrists’

    September 17, 2013, the Swiss Mido used time to interpret the image of the building and used inspiration to prove eternity! With a history of nearly one hundred years, Swiss Mido Watch has come to Hangzhou, a long-established yet fashionable romantic capital, and opened the Swiss Mido 2013 “Enjoying Inspiration-Building the Great Wall Between Wrists”. Smart series of activities. At this event, Swiss Mido brought everyone a new Great Wall series watch that condenses the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and Chinese architectural miracles. It embodies the wisdom of the East and the West in the wrist of the engraving time, and the charm of the miles. Concentrating on the square inch space of the dial, it has become a new milestone for Mido. As the dazzling debut of the new Great Wall series of Swiss Mido watches in 2013, Mr. Wu Jianhao, an Asian idol, came to the scene to unveil the 2013 Swiss Mido watch “Enjoy Inspiration-Build the Great Wall Between Your Wrists” Hangzhou Station together with the guests present. The prelude to the event and best wishes for Mido.

     As a special guest of this event, today’s film, video, and song amphibious all-around idols, Mr. Wu Jianhao and Mido Watch join hands to pay attention to and participate in this year’s Mido Watch’s theme of “Enjoy Inspiration? Build the Great Wall Between Your Wrists”. A series of activities. At the event, Mr. Wu Jianhao not only expressed his personal love for Mido Great Wall watches, but also happily shared his personal understanding of Mido Great Wall watches with everyone. Mr. Wu Jianhao said that The implication of the Great Wall spirit has gained new insights. In the future, we will continue to meet new challenges with the toughness of the Great Wall.

     At the event, Mr. Wu Jianhao sent his best wishes to Swiss Mido Watch. And in order to thank him for his support and love for Mido, Swiss Mido gave him the Great Wall series men’s watch. I hope this Mido watch can always accompany Mr. Wu Jianhao’s future life path and record it Every memorable shining moment. The elegant artistic inspiration temperament, elegant brand charm and timeless classic design make Swiss Mido watches popular with consumers. Over the past 95 years, Swiss Mido has not only shocked people’s attention with its elegant and timeless models, but also used the innovative design that is full of artistic inspiration to make every watch timeless, confirming the years. The brand new Swiss Mido Great Wall series from 2013 will invite you to look at the distant past of the Golden Horse, look forward to the bright future of the stars, bloom bright sparks, and experience the elegant taste and eternity of Mido together. Wonderful!

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    Ulysse Nardin Acquires Ebel Ebel Chronograph Movement

    Ulysse Nardin has accelerated the pace towards independence through the acquisition of Ebel Ebel’s self-made chronograph movement. The Ebel Ebel movement has a convincingly reliable quality that has been considered one of the best movements on the market for 17 years-it writes a true success story. Interestingly, the story of the Ebel Chronograph is almost at the same time as a remarkable breakthrough of the Ulysse Nardin-the perpetual calendar.

    The commonality is that a basic movement is optimized and adapted to these two outstanding products, enabling both brands to realize their dreams of innovation. Ulysse Nardin Athens bought the movement this time, as if the separated twin brothers finally found each other. The story of this chronograph will continue in the hands of the watchmakers who brought the movement to life, as they are now part of the Ulysse Nardin family of Athens watches. Ulysse Nardin is looking forward to producing more movements by the end of 2012.
    Obviously, the acquisition of this chronograph movement further strengthened Ulysse Nardin’s position in the world’s most demanding watchmaking manufacturer.

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