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    Those Little ‘sexy’ Watches, Do You Like Them?

    It is said that the watch is a very private object, just like a car, and cannot be borrowed, so it often reflects some of the personality of the watch wearer. In fact, for people who like watches, watches are a part of life. It is not so special, but it is also indispensable. There must always be some surprises in life, some freshness, and some sexiness, and watches are also interesting.
    Baume & Mercier Crichton Series M0A10339

    Model: M0A10339
    Watch diameter: 42 mm
    Case thickness: 10.30 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Sellita SW200
    Case material: Black steel plated
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Watch details: The Club series is very interesting. This is a watch series with a strong sense of sports. Prior to this, the watches of Baume & Mercier were generally formal, feeling too serious. If life is so old and so boring, so Crichton The club collection has become more and more popular since its launch. This watch is one of the most eye-catching models. The black case with black rubber strap is very cool and cool. Then it matches the orange second hand and a little orange inverted triangular scale on the bezel to make it very personal. This is the feeling of a kind of quail boy. Although he likes to play handsome most of the time, he is serious in general. This watch is also a diving style watch, but it is only 100 meters waterproof, not a professional diving watch, but it is enough for daily wear, it is suitable for tide suits.

    Radar Haoxing Series 763.0500.3.131

    Product model: 763.0500.3.131
    Watch diameter: 37 mm
    Case thickness: 14.3 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: ETA C07.611
    Case material: stainless steel, black high-tech ceramic rotating bezel
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Watch details: TANGOMAT series 604

    Product Model: 604
    Domestic public price: 26800
    Watch diameter: 38.3 mm
    Case thickness: 8.3 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Zeta
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: nomos / 1426 /
    Watch comments: Simplicity is a more serious sexy in my opinion. Everything looks simple and simple, but there are some very catchy details that are always impressive. NOMOS is the representative brand of simple watches, and is the only luxury watch brand with Jane as its core style. Among them, the Tangomat series expresses its own mood with a very gentleman-like design. The square font and the round case form a sense of balance between square and circle. NOMOS watches have a thinner case, so they are lighter overall than other brand watches, which is closely related to the brand style. This light and simple is actually a relaxed expression, just like a white shirt with jeans, nothing special, but it is very stylish and moving.
    Summary: Life needs to please yourself. If you can please others at the same time, everyone’s preferences, fashion sense and dress style are different, then the watch you choose will be different. As a personal ornament, the watch still has a lot of emotional expression.

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