Coming Soon Oris Will Showcase The New Basel Watch

In April 2015, the Oris Flying Team intends to bring Basel’s new watches to the Middle East and the Mediterranean for a tour. The mission of the Oris flight team is to fly to several cities in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region for a tour display with the new watches announced at the Basel Watch Fair this year.
The Oris Pilatus PC-7 aircraft on this mission can reach a top speed of 500 km / h.
   The three-person team will be led by Karis Gerber, Oris’s Middle East Regional Manager. He will fly the two Pilatus PC-7 aircraft named by Oris to complete the flight journey, accompanied by former Swiss Air Force pilot Paul Ruppeiner and former Swiss Aviation pilot Simon Maurer, all three are members of the Swiss government-approved air show organization and have extremely rich flight experience. Paul has been flying for more than 40 years. He is also the founder of the Fliegermuseum Aviation Museum sponsored by Oris.
The flight was led by Karim Gerber, regional manager of Oris Middle East, accompanied by former Swiss Air Force pilot Paul Ruppeiner.

   The mission will take three weeks and the pilot will fly a total of about 40 hours. Departure from a flight base in Switzerland via Thessaloniki (ancient Greek city), Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait. Pilatus PC-7 was once part of the Swiss Air Force, with a top speed of 500 km / h.
Another member of the flight team is former Swiss Air Pilot Simon Maurer, who is also a licensed air show pilot.

   The flying team will present Oris watches in a unique way in each place, and will also provide special training for local dealers.