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    Montblanc’s ‘midnight’ Digital Video Project Appears In Times Square, New York

    The text is full of power, and only education can give vulnerable children this power. Continuing the ‘Signature for Good’ program sponsored by Montblanc this year, Montblanc joins hands with Times Square in New York. The collaboration launched ten meaningful projects: a ‘Midnight Moment’ digital film show quietly screening in Times Square, New York, by making the words written by South African human rights fighter Nelson Mandela into ‘The Power of Words The ‘Power of Words’ video debuts at midnight every day in April, allowing the world to see the power of words again.

    Montblanc “ Midnight Moment ” plans quietly appear in Times Square, New York

    To celebrate the ‘Midnight Moment: Digital Film Show’ project in tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela, Montblanc recently held a spectacular dinner in New York and invited the Hollywood star Robert de Niro. ), Well-known producers Jane Rosenthal, her husband Craig Hatkoff, and Mr. Mandela’s two grandchildren Ndaba and Kuiku ( Kweku) Mandela.

    (From left to right) _Ndaba Mandela and Kweku Mandela, two grandchildren of Mr. Nelson Mandela

    Montblanc’s ‘Midnight’ is a creative idea project that invites people to participate simultaneously. Specially produced videos are broadcast in New York’s Times Square three minutes before twelve in the morning. This event is part of Montblanc’s ‘Signature for Good’ program this year, which aims to collaborate with UNICEF to promote student aid programs in Africa, Asia, and South America. The film includes text written by Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and pays tribute to his vision of peace.

    (From left to right) Paula Dirks, Montblanc’s Vice President of Marketing North America, Kweku Mandela, Mrs. Grace Hightower De Niro, Mr. Robert Dinilo, and Ndaba Mandela

    Montblanc TimeWalker North and South Hemisphere World Time Zone Watch

    Montblanc partners with Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC), Times Square Arts, Tribeca Film Institute, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation The ‘Power of Words’ series of videos will be played from 11:57 pm to 12am each in April.

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    Grand Opening Of Roger Dubuis Store After Renovation

    According to the Watch House, to celebrate the re-opening of the famous watch brand Roger Du, after the brand-new design of each other’s watch shops, on December 11, the brand held a lively event in the famous bar restaurant in Berlin. Extraordinary cocktail party.

     The guests who attended the event on that day included people from all walks of life, including many friends of the brand, many watch connoisseurs, and of course many celebrities in the entertainment industry also attended the event.

     Anyone familiar with this brand knows that Roger Dubuis is not only a watchmaking factory, but also a unique world. In this world, creativity is king and comprehensive and superb. Unique design, gorgeous and eye-catching style, Roger Dubuis pursues avant-garde and elegance, respects traditional watchmaking technology, and at the same time, because of its distinctive personality, has become the new blood in the field of fine watchmaking.

     Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker in the world with all its timepieces engraved with the Geneva Seal, guaranteeing that every watch uses the finest craftsmanship. At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, Roger Dubuis closely linked the Geneva Seal and the theme of ‘Crowning Eagles and Keys’, demonstrating the pursuit of excellence and its support for the most demanding marks of watchmaking.

     At the cocktail party, the brand also arranged an eagle to the scene. Many guests enthusiastically took photos with it and spent an unforgettable extraordinary night.

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