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    Reinterpreting The Classics, Paying Tribute To The Roman Origin

    In 2015, BVLGARI, Italy’s top jewelry watch brand, ushered in the 40th anniversary of the brand’s iconic work BVLGARIBVLGARI! BVLGARI Bulgari has taken inspiration from the Pantheon of ancient Rome. The elegant and sacred circular building gives the BVLGARIBVLGARI series the natural and smooth lines, while showing the modern beauty, it also embodies the immortality of circularity and harmony and eternity.   The double logo ‘BVLGARIBVLGARI’ engraved on the ring not only highlights the family name of the Bulgari family, but also represents Bulgari’s tribute to the brand’s roots in the city of Rome. And cultural essence is cast into his own creative masterpiece. BVLGARIBVLGARI is more than just an iconic…

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    A Revolutionary Material Revolutionary-radar Watch

    When talking about the radar brand, many people think of its unique ceramic material for the first time. It can be said that this already formed inherent recognition is the result of the brand’s unremitting efforts over the years. In the era of the same-priced brands playing with tricks, radar watches chose materials as their main development direction. It turns out that radar still gave a pleasant answer to its own test papers. Today the editor will lead everyone to experience the development of this Swiss brand together.  In 1917, the three brothers of the Schlup family, Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup, founded the Schlup & Co. Clock Factory in…

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