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    Review Of The Classic ‘elvis Presley’ By Hamilton Watch

    Introduction: Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday in 2010 is Elvis Presley. Elvis fans around the world have held various events to remember the King of Rock. , Using action to continue his classic stage. To this end, Hamilton also launched the ‘Expedition-75th Anniversary of Elvis’ commemorative models. Time is frozen at this moment; classics are halted on the wrist; memories are frozen in an instant and immersed in the legendary time that never fades.

    ‘Expedition-Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary’
    In 1961, the newly retired ‘Elvis’ appeared in the Hollywood film ‘Blue Hawaii’, in which he wore a Hamilton’s early two-color belt ‘Expedition Series’ watch, and since then, ‘Cat Wang & rdquo; forged a deep love with Hanbiao. He not only owns several ‘Adventure’ watches for daily wear, but also collects several Han watches of the same series for hobby, becoming a full-fledged ‘Exploration’ series collector. For metal straps, ‘Elvis’ is even more popular. For this purpose, Hamilton also specially designed a patented double-layer comfortable steel strap ‘Expedition’ as a gift to ‘Elvis’.

    & ldquo; Elvis & rdquo; wear Hamilton’s early & ldquo; adventure series & rdquo; watch
    ‘The influence of Elvis’ is far-reaching. His music, his story, his legend, and his life have been talked about. To commemorate this mythical figure in the rock world, and also to pay tribute to the ‘Chinese Elvis’ expression of ‘Elvis’, Hamilton will join the sound of music and start broadcasting ‘Hamilton’ in January- The Elvis Prestige Collection & rsquo; & rdquo; special program, from different perspectives such as classic shapes, classic music, classic movies, to remember the legendary life of this superstar and evoke that never-fading memory. At the same time, Hamilton re-engraved and remodeled the Hamilton & ldquo; Expedition & rdquo; series of watches that Elvis had worn before, and introduced a new nostalgic and future type & quot; Expedition-75th anniversary of Elvis & rdquo; Section, once again pay tribute to Elvis with a triangular dial. The classics are recreated, and after a hundred years, they are still worth remembering.
    ‘Elvis’ is a mythical figure in the rock world. ‘Elvis’ opened a difficult way forward for rock music and created an epoch-making musical style. It was him who showed people a fusion of white music and black music styles with a great personality and innovation. Airplane head, flared pants, his innovation and boldness, just like the persistence that Hamilton has persisted for 100 years: the pursuit of innovation in the classics, and the free spirit of the American spirit. If ‘Elvis’ is a pioneer of rock music, then Hamilton is an innovator in the watch industry, and his personality and creativity are the reasons why Elvis was imitated and the reason why Hamilton’s classic century; maybe adventure From the moment the series of watches was born, perhaps it implied the bond between Hamilton and Elvis. It is the world’s first battery-powered watch with a bold triangular shape design that expresses a firm American faith.
    Ld “ Elvis ” strives for excellence in his own business, just as Hamilton pursues the precise Swiss craftsmanship, excellent workmanship, durable quality, the most advanced Swiss winding movement and technology, and the excellence of Swiss production bears everything. Hamilton watches combine a strong American spirit and unparalleled precision, and everywhere, Hamilton’s belief in innovation and individuality is manifested.
    It is reported that in March, more Elvis fans will gather in the CJW Jazz Lounge in Beijing to host a larger memorial ‘Elvis’ rock party to reflect on ‘Elvis’ music time together.

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