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    The Grand Opening Of Bao’an Xi’an Skp Boutique

    On May 17, 2018, Baodi’s brand-new boutique opened grandly. It is located in Xi’an SKP, the Bell Tower-South Gate core business district of Xi’an. With its superior geographical location, Baodi is in the ancient city of Xi’an. Reproduce its great historical and cultural heritage and excellent watchmaking craftsmanship. Breguet Xi’an SKP Boutique    Xi’an SKP Boutique is Breguet’s eighth direct-operated store in mainland China, creating a new space for watch appreciation and communication for watch enthusiasts in Xi’an and the Northwest, experiencing Breguet’s extraordinary technical level and high-level experience. The art of watchmaking and the essence of Swiss handmade watchmaking. Breguet Xi’an SKP Boutique    Founded in 1775, Swiss prestige watchmaking brand…

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