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    The Grand Opening Of Bao’an Xi’an Skp Boutique

    On May 17, 2018, Baodi’s brand-new boutique opened grandly. It is located in Xi’an SKP, the Bell Tower-South Gate core business district of Xi’an. With its superior geographical location, Baodi is in the ancient city of Xi’an. Reproduce its great historical and cultural heritage and excellent watchmaking craftsmanship.

    Breguet Xi’an SKP Boutique

       Xi’an SKP Boutique is Breguet’s eighth direct-operated store in mainland China, creating a new space for watch appreciation and communication for watch enthusiasts in Xi’an and the Northwest, experiencing Breguet’s extraordinary technical level and high-level experience. The art of watchmaking and the essence of Swiss handmade watchmaking.

    Breguet Xi’an SKP Boutique

       Founded in 1775, Swiss prestige watchmaking brand Breguet, with its outstanding invention and unremitting innovation spirit, is highly sought after by the royal aristocracy and elites from all walks of life. To this day, many important inventions of Master Breguet are still the objects cited and eager to be surpassed by every watch brand.
       Breguet series models, with simple lines and refined design, show a unique Breguet style. At the same time, they have the highest mechanical technology, both inside and outside.
       The Tradition series is inspired by the legendary “Subscription” pocket watch created by Abraham-Louis Breguet. The complex functions are presented in an elegant decoration that combines classic and avant-garde. Each small part is hand-blasted. Modification is undoubtedly a classic representative of complex time.

       Classique watches are famous for their never-behind aesthetics, symbolizing the purest Breguet style-slim style, equipped with complex functions, and some models use nostalgic precious materials: ‘Bright Fire’ enamel dial, handmade The engraved engraved flower dial and the hand-painted Breguet figures make collectors and brand lovers alike.

       The Marine series inherits the traditional watchmaking concept of Breguet. Its sturdy structure, reinforced case and protective crown are complemented by sophisticated workmanship to meet the needs of dressing in different occasions. In 1815, Abraham-Louis Breguet was awarded the title of ‘Royal Watchmaker of the Royal Navy’ by King Louis XVIII of France, and the Marine series was designed to meet the elegant style of contemporary life With the need for athletic performance. In 2017, Breguet reinterpreted the aesthetic design of the series, giving it a new look. The original design of the bracelet lugs, the new coin decoration, the engraved wavy decoration and the widened crown of the letter ‘B’ fully combine modern style and vitality. In 2018, Breguet focused on the series again, launching three new upgrade masterpieces. It is particularly noteworthy that this is Breguet’s first introduction of titanium watches in the Marine nautical series, setting another brand precedent.

       The barrel-shaped case of the Héritage heritage series can always be seen at a glance. This series successfully and subtly challenges the perfect combination of the rounded arc of the case and the delicate dial engraved by hand.

       The design of the Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series is inspired by a watch worn on the wrist specially designed for Napoleon’s sister Caroline Murat. The style is pure, stylish and elegant, and it is presented in a unique goose egg shape. design. During the 2018 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair, the Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series 8908 watch was launched in an elegant style, combining a rose gold case and a dial decorated with Tahiti mother-of-pearl, showing feminine elegance.

       The Type XX chronograph was developed by Breguet in the 1950s for the French Air Force and the Naval Air Corps. Today, the civilian version of this model is added to the Breguet product range, equipped with an automatic movement and equipped with a flyback function in the aviation field.

      The High Jewelry watch collection is inspired by Breguet watchmakers and jewellery masters who have historically loved Breguet timepieces, creating exquisite and precious gem-set timepieces, and presenting them to modern women and They pay tribute to their elegant aesthetics.

       Breguet clocks have far surpassed the technology and craftsmanship represented by the clocks themselves, but are the heritage of historical culture and the accumulation of deep emotions. Excellent timepieces and deep history await you at the Breguet Xi’an SKP boutique to appreciate the outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and taste the unique history and culture.

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