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    Oris Oris Makeup Pure White ‘watch’ Love-news Oris

    The weather is gradually entering the cold season, and the white Christmas that everyone is looking forward to is also approaching. For yourself or important people, the wrist is dotted with the pure white color of the scene, with silver Decorated with a festive atmosphere, Oris ORIS’s new pure white hollowed-out watch by artists showcases its exquisite craftsmanship. ORIS Artelier artist’s pure white skeleton watch, the dial is designed with skeleton, in addition to the clearly visible movement of the movement, the beauty of the movement is presented to you without any reservation, showing its originality.

    Pure white, Oris Artelier’s hollow white watch embellishes Christmas expressions

    Artelier artist’s pure white skeleton watch, silver-white decorative dial with polished nickel scales, Yong container shows taste. The exquisite rhodium-plated movement is matched with elegant blue light screws and carefully decorated with Louis XIV-era glyphs. The streamlined white strap is a perfect match for men and women on any occasion.

    ORIS Artelier pure white skeleton watch is equipped with Oris 734 movement, and decorated in the style of Louis XIV period

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