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    Aloof Personality Bucherer Plavi Traveltec Ii Three Time Chronograph Tasting

    ‘There must be at least two impulses in one’s life, one for the love of selflessness, and the other for a walk away.’ This sentence is a perfect interpretation of people’s true self-disposition Efforts to live an ideal life. Indeed, in real life, busy work is so much that we want to flee, so why not come and talk about walking. As a result of the longing for travel, the Bucherer Plavi TRAVELTEC II series came into being. In 2016, a new member of the series was added, which is the Bucherer Plavi TRAVELTEC introduced to you by the watch house today. II three time chronograph. (Watch model: 00.10633.03.33.01)

    Three time displays are built for travel

    Watch display

       The new member of the TravelTec chronograph series from Bucherer Plavier was launched in 2015. Its new model debuted in rose gold and black titanium metal coat. The practical three-time time display and the accurate chronograph function complement each other. It is indeed a travel map. Good companion. Plavi TravelTec series has been available for more than ten years. Its outstanding performance has been highly appreciated by watch friends, and the brand has continued to expand the series of models with the love of reports. This year’s Plavi TravelTec II series adds a luxurious and smooth rose gold model. The lightweight titanium case back and timing buttons are treated with black diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). The color combination is pleasing to the eye, with a black dial and black strap. , Personality transcendent, stunning at first sight.

    Watch overall display
       The watch uses a 47.4mm rose gold case, with a low-profile luxury and avant-garde avant-garde. The TravelTec series has three functions of time display and chronograph. It is a patent applied by Bao Qilai for this purpose. The patented system structure of the case integrates the operation; the button at the 10 o’clock side can be set to rotate the 24-hour circle on the outer edge of the dial. Passengers can use this button to set east or west regardless of the time zone when moving east or west. 24 hour circle with 1 hour jump.

    Watch dial display

       The watch uses a 12-hour black dial. The local time is indicated by the hour and minute hands. The minute hand continues to advance. The hour hand can be set forward or backward (one hour per step). The date display will automatically change with the hour setting at midnight. Adjust forward or backward; the second time zone is indicated by the fixed bezel with the 24-hour hand, and the third time zone is displayed by the 24-hour bezel on the case. This unique design style makes the three time zones display clear and clear, and the layout is reasonable, which facilitates travel.

    Watch crown display

       The same 18k rose gold screw-in crown, polished after processing, exudes soft and low-key luxurious light in rose gold. The gear-type texture design style, soft feel, not slippery, easy to adjust the time of the watch.

    Watch lug display

       The polished rose gold lugs, with sharp edges and corners, blend perfectly with the watch and are very beautiful. The movement of some movements can be seen through the transparent window at 9 o’clock, which is also a highlight of this watch.

    Case back display
       The watch is equipped with the CFB 1901.1 movement, which is certified by the Swiss official astronomical observatory. The timekeeping function is accurate and reliable. It uses a dense bottom technology to ensure the safe operation of the movement. The power saving is about 42 hours. Water-resistant to 100 meters. The back of the watch is engraved with 24 time zones and the names of their representative cities. The birthplace of Bucherer, Lucerne, Switzerland, represents the central time in Europe.

    Watch strap display

       The watch comes with a sporty rubber strap for a comfortable feel. The strap is connected to a 18k rose gold / black diamond carbon-coated titanium folding clasp, which protects the watch from the wrist and prevents it from falling off accidentally.

    Watch overall display

    Summary: This watch with classic and stylish appearance, patent and observatory quality guarantee plus powerful three time zone and chronograph function can make you much easier on the journey, whether it is with clothes or calculating time. In addition, it is a must to wear it to attend formal occasions, highlighting the wearer’s unique temperament and taste. If you like this watch, you may wish to take a look at its Bucherer authorized store!

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