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    Innovation Is Tradition Tasting Blancpain Day Calendar Rose Gold Watch

    Precise time presentation, more convenient and practical functions, make small watches between these inches more and more popular. Whether it is a delicate appearance or an interior full of extreme watchmaking techniques, it displays the most unique charm of the wrist. The famous Swiss watch brand Blancpain is just like this. Adhering to the watchmaking concept of ‘innovation is tradition’, it continuously enriches the Villeret classic series. While bringing us many exquisite timepieces, it also gives each timepieces timeless elegance . In 2017, at the annual Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, Blancpain launched the new Villeret classic series weekly calendar double window large calendar watch, which integrates the number of weeks, days and dates in one, and a number of complex functions superimposed delicate aesthetics, Achieve Blancpain-style complexity. (Watch model: 6637-3631-55B)

    Unique dial detail processing makes the watch more beautiful

       In order to maintain a harmonious and unified aesthetic style, the inner ring time scale and Blancpain logo on the dial are drawn by enamel technology. This decoration process requires continuous firing at a high temperature of 800 degrees or more to complete. The fired hour markers present a delicate and full visual experience first, and the reflection of the inner case is beautiful and very beautiful.

    Watch overall display

    Watch case display
       Equipped with a 42 mm red gold case, the polished red gold material emits a soft and luxurious light, with smooth lines and full arcs, showing the details of the watch.
    Convenient debugging design adds charm

    Watch side display
       The attractive rose gold and porcelain dials complement each other, showing the unique charm of the brand’s traditional classic timepiece style. In addition, the watch’s adjustment mechanism is also very simple. No other auxiliary tools are needed. You can use your fingertips to touch the buttons below the lugs to complete the debugging of the watch. The weekly adjustment button is located at the eleven hour mark. A week number adjustment button is provided at a time mark position on the opposite side of this button. The date function is adjusted by the delicate crown. The operation is fast and convenient, which greatly increases the practicality of the watch.

    Watch dial display
       The watch has a large double-window window at 6 o’clock, which is eye-catching and intuitive. The week numbers are arranged evenly along the outer ring, indicated by the classic blue steel snake-shaped hands of the Villeret series. The central hollowed-out lancet needle and the blue steel snake-shaped hands conceal each other, which is classic and full. At the same time, the small dial at 9 o’clock is the day of the week indicator, which changes over time. The number of weeks on the outer circle shows the Arabic singular number from 1 to 53 and the even numbered weeks represented by dots, and the 53 weeks of the year are displayed to the wearer globally.
    Outstanding function, outstanding core

    Watch movement display
       The back cover is designed through the back. Through the sapphire crystal cover, the movement can be seen at a glance. The watch is equipped with Blancpain 3738G2 self-winding movement and has a power reserve of up to 8 days. The movement is also equipped with a titanium variable inertia balance wheel, and is equipped with gold fine-tuning screws and a popular anti-magnetic silicon hairspring to ensure the watch’s running accuracy to the greatest extent. The two-tone winding oscillating weight with hand-polished and honeycomb guilloche decoration greatly enhances the watch’s back cover.

    Watch strap display
       Equipped with a hand-stitched chocolate alligator leather strap, complemented by the same full 18k red gold pin buckle, showing the watch’s mature and understated overall style.

    Watch overall display
    Summary: The Blancpain classic series calendar on rose gold watch on the tablecloth shows humility and luxury everywhere. Like a European noble who is resting, he displays his noble and elegant spirit in his hands. If you like this watch, you may wish to visit the Blancpain brand store to explore its beauty.

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    2013 Basel Gucci Watches Collection

    [Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here are some real shots of the Basel Watch Show. Friends who like it can see it first.

     Details of the models: Details of the models: Details of the models: Details of the models: Details of the models: Details of the models: Details of the models: Details of the models: Pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to Basse in succession Special topics in Seoul, so stay tuned.
     Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

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    Feng Shaofeng: Wear A Watch In Your Right Hand And Hold You In Your Left Hand

    At 10:07 on the morning of October 16th, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying respectively posted a news on their personal social software that made everyone unexpected but seemed unexpected-they were married . ‘Official publicity’ accompanied by two people’s wedding photos, marriage certificate photos, for a while, caused heated discussions and caused the Weibo server to be disabled.

    Zhao Liying made an official announcement on Weibo, and Feng Shaofeng commented on ‘Wife, Happy Birthday’ in the comments

     There are only a few reasons for people’s controversy: Suddenly, instead of announcing their love, they announced their marriages directly, which caught the majority of the ‘eating melons’ off guard; the two people’s previous emotional experiences, etc … People said Feng Shaofeng Is the winner of life, in fact Zhao Liying.

    The two posted their wedding photos and marriage certificate photos on Weibo

    Publicity poster of the movie ‘Journey to the West’

    On the publicity poster of the movie ‘Journey to the West’, the daughter of Zhao Liying, the king of her daughter’s kingdom, held the belly of Tang Seng, who was played by Feng Shaofeng (drank her daughter’s river water).

     The two were related to a movie ‘Journey to the West’, in which Feng Shaofeng played a Tang monk, and passed through his daughter’s country to meet the king played by Zhao Liying, and the resulting love story. The ending of this movie story is not so OK, but in real life, the two became lovers and announced bravely.

    Zhao Liying shared her private photos in the circle of friends, ‘Zhao Liying’s circle of friends’ also went on the hot search of the day

     In the picture of the circle of friends posted by Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng prepared a warm birthday party for her. In the photo, the two were snuggled together happily, but the one that caught my attention was Richard Shawn’s hand, charcoal black. The barrel-type case with a bright red strap can be distinguished from the Richard Miller men’s watch.

    Feng Shaofeng wears Richard Mill Men’s RM 11-03 Mclaren Watch

     This is not the first time Feng Shaofeng has worn this Richard Mill RM 11-03 Mclaren watch. In a roadshow photo, Feng Shaofeng also wore the same watch. Have you noticed that, unlike ordinary people, Feng Shaofeng wears a watch in his right hand?

    In the early photos of Feng Shaofeng, we found that he was wearing a watch in his right hand.

     Of course, this is not Feng Shaofeng’s only Richard Mill. In fact, in recent years, Feng Shaofeng has rarely appeared in public except for promoting film works. In the private photos we can find of him, we have found another one he used to Richard Mille.

    Feng Shaofeng wears Richard Mill Men’s Collection RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH (similar)

     Feng Shaofeng dressed casually in his private photos. He wore a baseball cap and a baseball jacket, and wore a Richard Mille RM 011 watch, sitting on the side of the road and playing with his mobile phone. In addition to Richard Mill, Feng Shaofeng chooses watches with a wide range and style.

    Feng Shaofeng wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26165IO.OO.A002CA.01 watch

    Feng Shaofeng wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme Sports Master Series Q186T670 watch

     During the promotional film ‘The Future Will End’, Feng Shaofeng wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme Sports Master Series Q186T670 watch. From the black rubber design of the crown and the metal scale on the bezel, we can easily identify the watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

    Feng Shaofeng wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme Sports Master Series Q1768470 watch

     At the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand event, Feng Shaofeng chose a watch that also belongs to the extreme sports event series, and it also looks particularly elegant with a suit.

      Feng Shaofeng wears Beijing Watch Qianfeng series minimalist theme watch

     In the street shooting some time ago, Feng Shaofeng chose a Beijing watch sub-Feng Feng series minimalist theme watch, with bright red knitted sweater to show men’s casual charm. At the end of the article, many people may mention Zhao Liying, as the youngest elegant ambassador of Longines, has a husband who also likes watches, and the same hobbies will become a little fun in their lives.

    Zhao Liying and Longines fashion shoot

    Zhao Liying wears Longines watch series L2.320.0.87.6

     Wearing a watch in your right hand and holding you in your left hand, I hope that Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying, who entered the marriage together, will be able to live a long, long lasting happiness.

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    Roger Yves Bost Wins The Longines Speed ​​challenge

    Speed ​​and accuracy perfectly describe this challenge. Last night, Roger Yves Bost and his favorite horse, Castle Forbes Cosma, won the Longines Speed ​​Challenge at the Paris Nord Villepinte and the Parc des Expositions exhibition center in the northern suburbs of Paris. Ranked second, Reed Kessler (USA) ranked third.
    This kind of competition was founded by EEW World in 2010. The challenge for competitors is to ride the fastest, and each obstacle will be punished by 2 seconds. Therefore, the winner is both the fastest and most accurate. The mode of this event is a suspense. At the same time, the Longines Speed ​​Challenge is also very attractive. The audience can get the rider’s time in real time because they know the fastest time for the rider to leave the field and can encourage their favorite rider until the end A round.

    Roger Yves Bost and Herma Castle Forbes Cosma at the Longines Speed ​​Challenge

    Longines Longines has now been confirmed as the official sponsor of Longines Hong Kong Masters (Longines Hong Kong Masters) held in Hong Kong from February 28th to March 2nd, 2013. This is a Paris event organized by EEW World. The second round of the indoor Grand Slam Masters was followed by New York. Longines Longines will once again consolidate its position in the equestrian sport.

    Longines Longines French General Manager Alain Henry, Longines’ Longines Vice President and Head of International Marketing Juan Carlos Capelli, and Grand Slam Fernanda Ameeuw, and riders on the Longines Speed ​​Challenge podium: Gregory Wathelet (Belgium), second place; Roger Yves Bost (France), champion; Reed Kessler (USA), third place

    Longines Longines’ love of equestrian sports began in 1878 when a watch was made specifically for a knight and its warhorse. The brand has been on the track since 1881 and has become very popular among fans of Cavaliers and equestrian sports. In 1926, for the first time became the official watch of the Geneva International Equestrian Competition. To this day, Longines Longines has met different national borders and types of horse racing, including flat races, obstacle races and endurance races.
    Source: Longines

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