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    Swatch 2014 Chinese Year Of The Horse Special Edition Watch

    The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, and the young and vibrant Swatch launched the 2014 Chinese Year of the Horse Zodiac Note Series-Year of the Horse Watch (ref. SUOZ169), a thick Chinese ink painting The style and elegant temperament are the biggest features of this year of the horse.

    Swatch 2014 Chinese Year of the Horse Special Edition Watch

    The legendary role of the ‘horse’ in Chinese history and traditional culture. Swatch reflects the horse’s posture and the masculinity, toughness, independence, and initiative that are considered in its unique designs and paintings. Incisively. The black horse on the watch is created with traditional Chinese ink painting techniques. The elegant and graceful image is inked on the white case, dial and strap, rich or light, and rich in mood. Three bright red hour, minute and second hands on the dial indicate the time quietly. Add a touch of festive color to the black and white world. The watch is 41 mm in diameter, equipped with a quartz movement and a white silicone strap. It is also contained in a watch case that is also full of strong Chinese ink painting style. It retails for $ 80 and will be available for sale on January 9, 2014.

    Thick Chinese ink painting style watch box

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    Iwc Schaffhausen Iwc Express Vinci Ceramic Chronograph Brand Watch

    IWC expresses Vinci ceramic chronograph watch, high-tech ceramic, satin and polished titanium case, dial with floating minute ring: Da Vinci ceramic chronograph watch reflects the highest state of engineering art . The barrel-shaped minute scale appears to be suspended above the dial, and a part of the chronograph hand slides past it.

     Schaffhausen IWC expresses Vinci ceramic chronograph brand watch

    High-tech with 3D design
    In 1986, IWC launched the first Da Vinci watch with a ceramic case. Launched in 2010, the Da Vinci ceramic chronograph watch perfectly combines extremely scratch-resistant, non-magnetic and acid-resistant zirconia and grade 5 titanium (a material that has been used in many fields, including aircraft manufacturing).

    In addition to the eye-catching bezel, other components made of titanium include the case back, crown and buttons. Titanium has been polished and silk-satin treated like never before, giving the watch a luxurious look and silky smooth feel.

     Schaffhausen IWC expresses Vinci ceramic chronograph brand watch

    内部 The case is also equipped with various technological innovations. The movement bracket and the base of the operating parts are directly processed on the ceramic case ring. This process is also the first of IWC. The timer button is equipped with a waterproof putter, which is also made of ceramic. The three-dimensional design of the dial is gorgeous and charming, which is also an innovation of IWC.

    The barrel-shaped minute scale circle appears to be suspended above the dial, while the chronograph hands are subtly hidden. This floating minute ring uses the same arc as the sapphire glass, which makes the inside of the bezel appear flatter.

    The calf leather strap enhances the bright appearance of the watch. The strap is specially treated and its surface texture is very similar to high-tech fabric. The flyback-equipped timer integrates the hour and minute counters into a single totalizer.

    89000 movement series
    The 89360 chronograph movement (and the subsequent 89361 movement) was developed and manufactured by Schaffhausen IWC. The use of a modified automatic winding system sets a new standard for watchmaking.

    This design is the brainchild of IWC’s movement development team for four years. It uses an innovative time display device, even for long time calculations, such as 8 hours and 52 minutes, the user can see at a glance: a circular accumulator combines the hour and minute time dial, looks like a ‘.

    In addition, the pawl responsible for transmitting the power of the automatic disk in the winding system has also increased from two to four, and the winding efficiency has been significantly improved by 30%. After further development, the movement was named 89800 and was used for the large digital date and month display of the Da Vinci perpetual calendar digital date and month watch.

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    Franck Muller Law Mulan Valentine’s Day Collection Express Love Witness Romantic Moments

    Valentine’s Day is coming, Geneva luxury watch brand FRANCK MULLER sincerely presents you a couple series watch, to keep the most beautiful and memorable moments for yourself and your loved ones: the elegant and charming Vanguard Lady is lined with meaning Vanguard Automatic with sporty elements, and the brand’s classic Cintrée Curvex series. In this sweet season, pick a gift for the other party and indulge in this romantic atmosphere.

    The brand has pioneered with innovative and sophisticated technology combined with meticulous design, and has a number of patents, which are welcomed all over the world. Each watch masterpiece contains the essence of the FRANCK MULLER brand, creating technological innovations for the history of haute horlogerie, engraved with infinite creativity and the highest quality marks, and has won the reputation of ‘Master of Complex Functions’.

    Vanguard Collection

    Inspired by FRANCK MULLER’s classic cask shape, Vanguard Lady’s sun-embossed dial with embossed color dreams digital hour markers is feminine and chic. It is perfect with the new Vanguard Automatic with new gray hour markers and a new sports image. Cooperate.

    FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Automatic White Gold Diamond Watch RMB 495,000

    FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Lady White Gold Diamond Watch RMB 268,000

    Cintrée Curvex Collection

    FRANCK MULLER’s new women’s Cintrée Curvex series. The lacquered dial is decorated with a sunray texture and digital pattern. It is accompanied by the brand’s representative Cintrée Curvex case design. The sapphire crystal bottom is decorated with the signature of Mr. Franck Muller. And give her unique.

    (Left) FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Lady Rose Gold Diamond Watch RMB Pending
    (Right) FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Rose Gold Watch RMB 159,000

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    Patek Philippe Ref. 4899/901g-001 Calatrava High Jewellery Watch

    Sculpted mother-of-pearl dial set with 98 diamonds (about 0.23 carats) and 89 blue sapphires (about 0.28 carats) with engraved white gold hands

    Case and crown set with 185 diamonds (approximately 1.14 carats) and 183 blue sapphires (approximately 2.03 carats)

    Pin buckle set with 65 diamonds (about 0.29 carats) and 82 blue sapphires (about 0.38 carats)

    A total of 348 diamonds (about 1.66 carats) and 354 blue sapphires (about 2.69 carats)

    New blue watch with sculpted mother-of-pearl dial and sapphire


       Calatrava High Jewelry Watch Ref. 4899 was born in 2017. The decorative effect is soft and graceful. It combines white gold, carved mother-of-pearl and precious stones. Following the first pink watch in this series, Patek Philippe has launched a new blue watch.

       The white gold case has a round shape and is set with multiple rows of staggered brilliant-cut diamonds, embellished with bright-cut blue sapphires of varying shades. The lower part of the 18K white gold dial is decorated with diamonds with different shades of blue and blue sapphires. The upper part of the dial is mother-of-pearl and decorated with hand-carved fine blue feathers. Gorgeous and rare craft dials set off the delicately carved white gold leaf-shaped hour and minute hands. Diamonds and blue sapphires also sparkle the crown and pin buckle. Ref. 4899 / 901G-001 is set with a total of 702 stones, which are 348 diamonds (about 1.66 carats) and 354 blue sapphires (about 2.69 carats).

       To meet the strict standards of the Patek Philippe imprint, the diamonds set in this jewellery watch are top Wesselton diamonds, cut exceptionally, and carefully set according to the strict principles of the gem setter.

       The matte lavender blue large square scale carp leather strap echoes the color of sapphire, highlighting the soft and elegant temperament of this watch.

       Through the sapphire crystal transparent cover, you can admire another ‘treasure’: Caliber240 ultra-thin automatic winding movement, equipped with 22K gold eccentric mini automatic disk. This masterpiece of micromechanics combines subtle aesthetics, gorgeous decoration and precise timekeeping.

       The new Calatrava high jewelry watch Ref.4899 / 901G will replace the original pink Ref.4899 / 900G-001 watch.

    • Carved mother-of-pearl, diamond and blue sapphire
    • 18K gold dial
    • Engraved platinum leaf-shaped hands
    • Diameter. 35.8 mm
    • Thickness: 7,8 mm
    . Water resistance 30 meters
    • Sapphire crystal transparent cover
    • Square scale carp skin, matte lavender blue
    • Pin buckle with gems
    • Set with 98 diamonds: about 0.23 carats
    89 blue sapphires: about 0.28 carats (dial)
    • Set with 149 diamonds: about 1.1 carats
    182 blue sapphires: about 1.93 carats (case)
    • Set with 36 diamonds: about 0.04 carats
    1 convex round blue sapphire: about 0.1 carats
    • Set with 65 diamonds: about 0.29 carats
    82 blue sapphires: Approximately 0.38 carats (buckle)
    • A total of 348 diamonds: about 1.66 carats
    A total of 354 blue sapphires: about 2.69 carats
    • Caliber240
    . Ultra-thin watch
    • Automatic winding movement
    27.5 mm diameter
    • Thickness. 2.53 mm
    • Number of parts: 161
    • Winding oscillating weight: 22K gold eccentric mini automatic disc
    • Frequency: 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour (3 Hz)
    • Power reserve: at least 48 hours
    @ 时针
    @ 分针

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    Good-looking Basic Style Real Shot 2017 Sihh Iwc Expression Wenxi Watch

    As a 36mm model of the new version of the Da Vinci series this year, the Da Vinci automatic calendar watch has 5 versions, including a luxury version in 18K red gold and Santoni leather in 18K red gold. The light luxury version of the strap, of course, there are three stainless steel versions. The real shot this time brings to you is the stainless steel case and stainless steel bracelet version.

       Also as an entry-level version, metal bracelets are loved by many women. Leather straps tend to be more solemn in many cases, while metal bracelets are more daily and casual, and women may actually prefer metal chains more Because it is easier to wear, there is no need to worry about all kinds of daily bumps.

       It is also a very simple dial. The three-dimensional Arabic numerals are really good-looking and classic. At 6 o’clock, a small window displays the current date. The large rings at the center are connected, and they do not conflict in design, but have a kind of smart beauty.

       The large-scale movable lugs seem to be generous, but the moment they get started, they will be stunning. The back cover of the watch is also designed with Da Vinci’s interesting 19-round ‘Flower of Life’ pattern, which is a symbol of Da Vinci’s watch design inspired by geometric art.

       Compared with other watches of IWC, the Da Vinci series has to be an artistic watch. It does not feature functions, but aims at artistic aesthetics.

       For more information on the latest SIHH 2017 events, please stay tuned to watch home 2017 Geneva Fine Watch Salon live feature:

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