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    Which Is The Closest Speedmaster On The Market To The Moonwatch?

    Should not be an illusion, Omega Speedmaster is slowly heating up in China. I’ve met many people wearing Supercars in shopping malls and streets. Some wear the 9300/9900 automatic supercar, some wear the 1861 manual supercar, and some wear the old ETA era supercar. Although the popularity of Speedmaster in the country is certainly not as high as that of hippocampus and constellation, there have been more people concerned. More and more people are interested in Speedmaster. Many people know that Speedmaster is the watch that humans wear when they go to the moon. Many people often ask, which of the supercars on sale is the closest to the supercar that has ever landed on the moon? So today we will talk about this problem.

    The popularity of Omega Speedmaster in China has gradually increased.
    Who is the Speedmaster on the Moon?
     Omega Speedmaster was launched in 1957 and has developed a large number of models, countless. Let me briefly sort out the Speedmaster that was launched from 1957 to 1968. The first human landing on the moon in 1969, and the Speedmaster that landed on the moon in history, is among them.
     The first generation of Speedmaster, launched in 1957, features broad sword hands, arrow-shaped hour hands, no shoulder guards, and a 321 manual chronograph movement.

    Omega First Speedmaster
     The second generation Supercar, launched in 1959, features Alpha hands, no shoulder pads, and uses a 321 manual chronograph movement.

    Omega 2nd Generation Speedmaster
     The third-generation Supermaster, launched in 1964, features stick-shaped hands, crowns and timing buttons without shoulder guards, and uses a 321 manual timing movement.

    Omega 3rd Generation Speedmaster
     The fourth-generation supercar, launched in 1967, features stick-shaped hands, shoulders for the crown and timing buttons, and a 321 manual timing movement.

    Omega 4th Speedmaster
     The above four generations of supercars are the four main supercars of Omega’s 321 manual winding movement. After that, in 1968, Omega launched the Speedmaster using the 861 manual chronograph movement (now the predecessor of the 1861 movement), which has nothing to do with the 321 movement.
    The experience of the above four generations of Supermasters is as follows:
     The second-generation superpower is the first superpower to enter space. Note that I just took the spacecraft into space and haven’t reached the moon yet.
     The third generation of Speedmaster was prepared by NASA for the moon landing. Omega, Rolex, Longines and other chronographs were tested at the same time, and finally the Speedmaster won.
     The fourth generation of Speedmaster was the Speedmaster who finally followed the astronauts such as Armstrong on the surface of the moon in 1969.

    The fourth generation of Omega Speedmaster (left) is compared to the third generation of Omega Speedmaster (right). Note that the fourth generation has shoulder guards and the third generation does not.
     The fourth-generation Speedmaster (using the 321 movement) landed on the moon. The specific situation was that NASA tested the third-generation Speedmaster then, and Omega launched the fourth-generation Speedmaster, so it was provided to Armstrong and others The superpower of the astronaut is the fourth generation. For players who like Speedmaster, there are two models to remember, namely:
    105.012 and 145.012
     These two watches are the two supercar models that have actually stepped on the moon’s surface in history (both are the fourth-generation supercars). 105.012 is the first Speedmaster to step on the moon’s surface. This watch was worn by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. At that time, Armstrong was the first person to step on the moon’s surface, but he put his superpower in the lunar module and did not wear a watch ( (Because the clock in the lunar module was broken, he left his Supermaster inside). And following Armstrong, the person who stepped out of the cabin to the moon was Buzz Aldrin, and the supercar he was wearing was the ‘fourth-generation supercar’ 105.012. Later, this watch was lost on the way to the museum. If this watch appeared, it would definitely be sky-high.

    105.012 in Omega’s fourth-generation Speedmaster.
     And when the first human landing on the moon (Apollo 11), in addition to the person who stepped on the moon, there was a person who did not leave the cabin and has been in the lunar module, Michael Collins, who was wearing a super The tyrant is 145.012 (also the fourth generation super tyrant). Therefore, 145.012 did not actually step on the surface of the moon when it first landed on the moon, because it has been in the lunar module. Until later, during the Apollo 14 mission to the moon later, 145.012 was actually worn by the astronauts and landed on the surface of the moon.

    145.012 in the Omega 4th generation Speedmaster.
    Who is the closest to the ‘lunar watch’ for the supercars on sale?
     After the discontinuation of movement 321, Omega introduced the Speedmaster of the 861/1861 movement, and later a large number of various models of Speedmaster. Currently on the market (referring to counters on sale, excluding antique watches), the same superpower as the ‘lunar watch’ in history does not exist (except antique watches).

    The Omega 9300 is obviously different from the supercars that have landed on the moon in history. The appearance and movement are very different.
     I was very impressed. Someone asked before, which supercar is closest to the ‘lunar watch’ in history now? Some people say that the 9300 Speedmaster is necessarily wrong, and it is misleading. 9300/9900 Speedmaster is Omega’s new coaxial escapement automatic chronograph movement. Historically, the ‘lunar watch’ is a manual movement (calibre 321). It is completely different from the appearance to the movement. In addition, some people proposed that the 1957 replica supercar should be noted that the 1957 replica supercar was the ‘first generation’ superpower, and the ‘fourth generation’ superpower was on the moon. The case and lugs are different in appearance.
     At present, the only Speedmaster on the market that is closer to the ‘Moonwatch’ is a manual Speedmaster using the 1861 movement. The official name is the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ 42mm chronograph, model 311., public The price is 37200 yuan.

    The Omega Speedmaster professional ‘Moonwatch’ 42mm chronograph, model 311., is currently mass-produced in the Speedmaster, and is closest to the moonwatch, and is also a direct descendant of the moonwatch.
     The reason is that the 1861 manual supercar is on sale, which is the orthodox successor model of the ‘lunar watch’ in history. In 1968, the 321 movement was discontinued, and Omega began to use the 861 manual chronograph movement (the predecessor of the 1861 movement, except for individual parts, other consistent). The main change of the 861 movement is that the cylindrical wheel is replaced by a cam, which increases the plywood of the timing part, making the movement more durable. The Speedmaster using the 861 manual chronograph movement inherited the appearance of the ‘lunar watch’, that is, the Speedmaster of the 861 movement continued to use the appearance of the fourth-generation Speedmaster, but only changed the movement. The Speedmaster of the 861 movement was also prepared for the moon landing, but unfortunately, there is no evidence that the speedometer of the 861 movement has landed on the moon. But the superpower of the 861/1861 movement has existed to this day and can be bought at the Omega counter.

    Omega 321 (top) compared to Omega 861/1861 (bottom), pay attention to the difference between the column wheel, cam and timing plate.
     In addition, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the human landing on the moon (1969 to 2019) and the 50th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster Lunar Landing. Omega has announced that it will re-produce the 321 movement. Omega will definitely make a big move this year, let’s wait and see.

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    3 Major Brands 2012 London Olympic Commemorative Edition Watch Touring

    The 2012 Olympic Games is about to begin in London, and the Olympic spirit will continue in this ancient city. Many watch brands launched the 2012 London Olympic Commemorative Edition to commemorate this global event.

    1948 was of great significance to Omega, not only because Omega served as the designated timing for the Olympic Games, but also because it was this year that Omega launched the prestigious hippocampus series-this series has become the most important One of the product series. In commemoration of the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London again, Omega launched the 1948 coaxial “London 2012” watch of the hippocampus series. This model is a replica of Omega’s first seahorse automatic watch. The fashion style of more than 60 years ago continues to this day, showing timeless classic charm.

    To commemorate this event, Omega has also released two special seahorse series AquaTerra ‘London 2012’ 44mm chronographs. One is a two-tone case made of 18K red gold and stainless steel with an integrated blue leather strap; the other is made of durable stainless steel with a matching stainless steel bracelet.

    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra ‘London 2012’ Series 522.

    Movement type: automatic winding movement
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Domestic public price: ¥ 42,600
    Comment: equipped with Omega 8520 coaxial movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory, 34 mm stainless steel case and bracelet, screw-down case back embossed with the ‘London 2012’ Olympic emblem pattern, waterproof depth of 150 meters.

    Omega Seahorse AquaTerra ‘London 2012’ Coaxial Chronograph

    Model: 522. 522.
    Watch series: AquaTerra Special Edition
    Movement type: 3313 automatic winding movement
    Table diameter: 44 mm
    Case material: Stainless steel / 18K red gold
    Strap material: stainless steel / leather strap
    Function: timing, date display
    Water resistance: 150 meters

    Comment: The tough AquaTerra ‘London 2012’ 44mm coaxial chronograph is available in two styles. One of them uses a polished matte two-tone case made of 18K red gold and stainless steel with an integrated dark blue leather strap; the other uses a stainless steel case with a matching stainless steel bracelet. In addition, the ‘London2012’ Olympic badge pattern is engraved on the case back.

    The striking blue PVD-coated dial presents the characteristic ‘teak concept’ vertical texture, which is one of the reasons why the Omega AquaTerra watch family is so popular. The small seconds dial at 9 o’clock on the dial and the calendar window at 4:30 are extremely eye-catching. The 30-minute chronograph dial and the 12-hour chronograph dial are located at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively. This AquaTerra coaxial chronograph with polished and frosted arched 18K gold central hour, minute and chronograph seconds hands, all hands are coated with luminous coating, easy to read the time in any light conditions. Water-resistant to 150 meters.

    Omega Seamaster 1948 Coaxial Watch ‘London 2012’ Limited Edition

    The Omega Seahorse series was born in 1948, just as London last hosted the Olympic Games. In commemoration of the 2012 Olympic Games being held again in London, Omega has launched a limited edition of the 1948 coaxial ‘London 2012’ watch of the hippocampus series.

    Model: 522.
    Watch series: Hippocampus 1948 coaxial ‘London 2012’ limited edition
    Movement type: 2202 automatic movement
    Table diameter: 39 mm
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: crocodile leather
    Water resistance: 120 meters
    Limited: 1948

    Comment: The Omega Seamaster 1948 coaxial ‘London 2012’ limited edition watch is a replica of Omega’s first seahorse automatic watch. The fashion style of more than 60 years ago continues to this day, showing the eternal classic charm.

    The 39 mm stainless steel case is polished and matte, with a polished bezel and lugs, and the crown is embossed with the classic Omega logo Ω. The 18K gold badge with the 2012 London Olympics logo embossed on the case back is very eye-catching. Water-resistant to 120 meters. The Omega Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial ‘London 2012’ Limited Edition watch has a creamy silver dial with a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. The classic Omega logo in 18K white gold is located on the dial. The 12 o’clock, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions are indicated by 18K white gold Arabic numerals, and the other positions are marked by the hour scale. The hour and minute hands of this model are polished and the small second hand is made of blue steel.

    This dazzling design is reminiscent of the legendary hippocampus in history, but the case contains a new movement technology: the seahorse 1948 uses Omega’s unique 2202 movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory , Equipped with a 3-layer coaxial escapement system and a cardless balance with hairspring.

    This special limited edition hippocampus watch comes with a black alligator leather strap with a classic polished stainless steel buckle. Haima 1948 coaxial ‘London 2012’ is limited to 1948 pieces, and each watch is carried in a special London 2012 gift box. The hippocampus 1948 coaxial ‘London 2012’ limited edition watch is closely linked to the 1948 and 2012 London Olympics and the history of Omega, and will undoubtedly become one of Omega’s most collectible Olympics.

    Swatch 2012 London Olympic Games Memorial Watch

    The new Swatch 2012 London Olympic Games commemorative watch inherits the modernist tradition of England and integrates sports design aesthetics into the British style. The designed watch is full of sports vitality without losing fashion elegance, accompanied by exquisite highlighting the value of collection The watch box, and the unique 2012 London Olympics logo, each fine design of the watch highlights the perfect combination of Swatch fashion genes and Olympic sports elements.

    OLYMPIC2012BLUE Olympic 2012 • Blue
    Model: Original Standard Watch
    Dial: color printing, white Arabic numerals, 2012 London Olympics logo
    Case: solid blue plastic case
    Strap: Blue color printed silicone strap

    OLYMPIC2012BROWN Olympiad 2012 • Brown
    Model: Original Standard Watch
    Dial: color printing, white Arabic numerals, 2012 London Olympics logo
    Case: solid taupe plastic case
    Strap: Taupe color-printed silicone strap

    Comment: Olympic 2012 Brown (Glycers 2012 Brown, GZ266) uses gray-brown and pink two-tone, criss-crossing the cold-toned lines across the strap, it is difficult to hide the warmth brought by the bright pink, the lines and color blocks The irregular stitching of the dial is decorated with frosty white Arabic numerals, creating a cool three-dimensional structure; Olympic 2012 – Sports 2012 (Olympic2012Blue (GZ267)) is not to be outdone, with ice blue and dark cyan as the stylized white Arabic Figures, courtesy of the brown watch. Both watches use Swatch classic original standard style, with a unique color silicone strap and plastic case. At the 3 o’clock position, the official logo of the 2012 London Olympics is the finishing touch, which highlights the value of collection. The exquisite watch box, whether for private collection or gift to others, will be an indispensable watch for the 2012 Olympics.

    Lighter, more accurate and more brilliant Hublot ‘Flying Man’ Bolt limited exclusive watch

    Watch Series: King Supreme UsainBolt
    Table diameter: 48 mm
    Case material: KingPower case made of black ceramic
    Water resistance: 100 meters

    Comment: Hublot creates a limited edition exclusive watch for the trapeze Bolt-King Extreme UsainBolt. The 48mm diameter micro-machined black ceramic KingPower case with sapphire crystal, black composite resin lugs, and black PVD titanium crown. The matte black face plate is decorated with 2N gold powder plated frosted graduated scale ring and black nickel plated frosted hands. The hands are filled with black SuperLuminova long-lasting luminous paint. The 3 o’clock position is inlaid with a central 60-second hand and a 30-minute timer. The date window is designed at 4:30, the 12-hour timer at 6: 00, and the green dot is the color of the Jamaican flag that Bolt loves. At 9 o’clock, the small second hand is displayed and decorated with a dark metal UsainBolt silhouette. The sapphire crystal case is also engraved with the silhouette of UsainBolt.

    In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the HUB4100 automatic movement, which consists of 252 parts. With a 42-hour power reserve. 100 meters waterproof. Equipped with an adjustable rubber strap that is exactly the same material as Bolt’s running shoes in Beijing in 2008, breaking the world record. Limited to 250 pieces.

    In summary: The London Olympics Edition is not only beautifully designed and powerful, but also highly collectible. Use these watches to record the heroic performance of the world’s young sports players, so that future generations will have a deeper understanding of the higher, faster and stronger Olympic spirit.

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    Bright Colors Tissot Tissot Watch

    Tissot Tiansi Series Three Hands White
    New perspective on bright color
    The new Tissot Tissot women’s watches are cleverly conceived and exquisitely designed. Five of them use elegant and chic patent leather alligator straps with pine green, emerald green, red, black and pearl white; the other two have texture Elegant, simple and smart stainless steel strap, the entire watch resembles a very modern bracelet. Regardless of the black or silver dial, color and elegance are the ultimate requirements of the series. The hands and scales spread out from the center to the periphery on the dial, creating a three-dimensional feeling. All metal parts, including the butterfly clasp, are polished and the dial is made of arched sapphire crystal. Through this summer’s thinking series, Tissot hopes that every modern urban woman can show a bright and confident personality.

    Tissot Tense Series Three Hands Red
    Technical Parameters:
    -Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
    -316L stainless steel case
    -Water-resistant to 100 meters (10 atmospheres)
    -316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly buckle / leather strap with butterfly buckle
    Suggested retail price: RMB 2,950 – 3,400

    Tissot Tense Series Three Hands Blue
    Tissot – ‘Time is yours’
    天 For Tissot, ‘time, you control’ is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand-Tissot has always strived to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking, hoping to bring more value and touch to customers. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Over the past 158 ​​years, Tissot has grown from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled innovation ability, which spares no effort in the research and development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functions. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘civilian luxury goods’. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and retailer. It also serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, the International Basketball Federation FIBA, the Australian Football League AFL, the Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA, and the World Bicycle, Fencing and The official designated time for the hockey tournament. In terms of market promotion and product design, Tissot has consistently written its brand philosophy: ‘Innovation originates from tradition’.

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    See Through The Big Brands At A Glance, Teach You Watch Details Identification

    Each watch brand will have its own unique DNA, with a high ‘resolution’ in the details. When you see the oversized crown, you will think of IWC and see the Sapphire, you know it is Cartier, we deliberately summarize the details of these brands, so that you can identify ‘professional!’

     ‘Oversized crown’ is a prominent feature of IWC pilot models

    IWC “Oversized Crown”

    The ‘oversized crown’ is a significant feature of IWC pilot models. The original design was also designed to make it easy for pilots to adjust their watches without taking off their gloves. The “crown” has become one of the most representative “DNA” appearances of the IWC pilot series.

    地 Cartier’s ‘Sapphire Crown’

    Most Cartier watch crowns are inlaid with a round sapphire, which coincides with the brand’s reputation as a ‘blue blood aristocracy’ and is a small hint of the brand’s history.

    Some crowns are set with a convex round sapphire. There are also crowns set with a convex spinel. There is also a crown inlaid with a synthetic round spinel. The crown of an expensive watch is set with a convex round sapphire.

     Panerai’s winding crown bridge

    佛罗伦萨 The watchmaker of Panerai in Florence in the 1940s developed a particularly waterproof crown guard bridge, and it still appears in the Luminor series until now.

    The left-hand control watch has played an important role in the history of Panerai. Italian naval commandos often need to wear several instruments on their wrists at the same time, in addition to a watch used to indicate the synchronized attack time and calculate the ship’s submersible time, they also need to wear a compass and depth gauge. For convenience, some team members will wear the watch on the right wrist, so Panerai has developed a watch with the crown on the left for them to wind easily. A few of the brand’s watches still retain this rare feature.

    Panerai is Luminor, another detail known as the ‘Left-handed Watch’: the left-hand control design and the bridge protection device are located at 9 o’clock on the left side of the case.

     Hublot hex countersunk head screws H

    Hexagon countersunk head screws in the most recognizable ‘Big Bang’ series of Hublot can identify a very stylish ‘H’, which is the abbreviation of ‘HUBLOT’ and also borrows the appearance of portholes because the brand ‘HUBLOT’ French means porthole.

    宝 玑 Blue steel hands

    For more than two centuries, Breguet has been using the well-known pointer with hollow eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ needlepoint created by the founder of the brand. Designed around 1783, this slender and elegant pointer became a hit when it was first introduced. Since then, ‘Breguet hands’ have become the proper term for watchmaking. Breguet pointers are simple and easy to read, an essential feature of each Breguet watch, and have become the object of many other brands. The 5377 Classique Tourbillon Extra-plat Automatique watch is no exception to this classic logo.

    Independent welding lugs

    As a component of the watch, the lugs that connect the strap to the case also reflect the 100% Breguet style. Breguet replaces the commonly used spring rod with a screw bolt, which fixes the strap between the lugs. It is beautiful and durable, making the entire watch more classic. In addition, the eyelet of the winding rod must be accurately drilled to ensure that the case is highly waterproof.

     Coin-trimmed case edge

    The pit pattern (double-row beaded) on the Treasure’s watch frame is a well-known brand logo, showing the subtle taste of the Treasure Timepiece. Like the classics of the past, most of the Breguet models have pitted frames, which stand out from many models. The craftsman cold-rolled the pit pattern onto the watch frame and then processed it manually by mechanical clamps.

    Separate number & covert signature

    迷 Watch fans around the world agree that each Breguet watch embodies an extraordinary standard of watchmaking technology and is worth spreading to future generations. Since the creation of Breguet, each timepiece is individually numbered, allowing collectors to determine its authenticity and origin. This fine tradition continues to this day. Each Breguet watch is accompanied by a unique production number, which will prove the manufacturing skills and efforts of the brand from generation to generation. As early as the end of the 18th century, Breguet became a target for counterfeiters due to its great success. In 1795 Breguet adopted a covert signature. This anti-counterfeiting technology etches a concealed signature on the dial and appears only when the light is illuminated at an oblique angle. To this day, concealed signatures are still one of the important marks to distinguish the authenticity of Breguet watches, and they are also a unique feature of most Breguet watch dials.

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    Perseverance Along The Way Pilot Extra Special Chronograph Chronograph

    The bronze material with a strong retro flavor is a trendy trend in watch design nowadays. Combining a long-term sense with the watch design presents a unique style that belongs to the wrist. In 2016, Swiss watchmaker Zenith launched a retro watch called the ‘Coffee Knight’. The classic shape, excellent features and the story behind it make this watch a favorite of watch friends. In 2017, the brand once again used vintage as the source of creation, incorporating bronze into the unique design and classic and durable pilot series watches. At the highly anticipated Basel Jewellery and Watch Fair 2017, the Zenith Pilot Extra Special was launched. Chronograph watches show a pioneering spirit in the form of a chronograph. Let’s take a look together:

    Adhering to the style of predecessors, adding classic charm

       The introduction of the new chronograph pays tribute to the fearless spirit of high-altitude flying heroes. In the early days of the aviation industry, Zenith has begun to develop instrumentation for aircraft, known for precision, ruggedness and excellent readability. Today, the new chronograph continues the predecessor’s style, combined with a vintage elegant bronze case, high-frequency El Primero movement, and a black dial with green luminous Arabic numerals, adding vitality to the strong characteristics of the iconic pilot watch .

    Zenith Pilot Extra Special Chronograph

       Bronze not only has the charm of retro and elegant appearance, but also as a highly diamagnetic alloy, it can well avoid the residual magnetic field of the watch case and reduce the impact on the movement.

    Zenith Pilot Series Designs ‘Onion’ Crown

       The 45 mm watch case is made of bronze, elegant and retro. The crown of the watch follows the classic ‘onion head’ design of the brand, with simple and elegant texture, which makes the operation convenient and non-slippery. The other side of the watch is engraved with ‘HB-3344’, which represents the Swiss civil aviation registration code ‘HB’ and the serial number of the watch, giving the watch a significant aeronautical design breath.

       The arched sapphire crystal glass makes the sandblasted black dial more ornamental. It inherits the unique pilot design of the brand’s pilots: large Arabic numerals, gold-plated, multi-faceted design. The central three hands are covered with Super-LumiNova® SLN C1 The material, in a dark environment, emits green light, which is very beautiful when reading. Luminous faceted hands swept over the dial, making the two chronograph dials and hour-minute orbital areas more vivid, with the look of the aircraft dashboard. The inscriptions ‘Montre d’ Aéronef’ and ‘Pilot’ on the plate represent early in the military and civil aviation industry, Zenith was one of the manufacturers of altimeters and cockpit watches.

       The dense bottom process, the titanium alloy back cover is engraved with the logo of the aircraft and flight instruments that Louis Blériot drove through the English Channel when wearing the Zenith watch in 1909, and decorated with decorative patterns inspired by the body of the legendary French pilot aircraft. Equipped with El Primero 4069 automatic movement, accurate travel time, 50-hour power reserve, rotor with ‘Geneva ripple’, to ensure the quality and outstanding performance of the watch.

       Khaki green oily suede leather strap with rubber protective lining for comfortable feel. With a pin buckle, the watch is safe and reliable on the wrist.

    Zenith Pilot Extra Special Chronograph
    Summary: The Zenit Pilot Extra Special Chronograph lays horizontally on the tablecloth, exuding elegance and vintage charm everywhere. The exquisite and clear brand pilot dial is perfectly integrated with the khaki green suede leather strap, bringing a new experience. With its classic style and excellent inner core, this watch has become one of the most watched timepieces at the show. If you like this watch, you might as well enter the brand store to see its style

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