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    Earl Piaget And Golden Horse Congratulate The Finalists ‘earl Piaget Award Of Excellence’ Early Exposure To The Best Script

    On the last night before the debut of the 50th Golden Horse Awards, Golden Horse hosted a reception for finalists, and Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan filmmakers gathered together to share the glory and joy of the Oscars in the Chinese film industry. For the first time, the Golden Horse Executive Committee has collaborated with the chief sponsor Piaget Piaget to establish the ‘Count Piaget Annual Award of Excellence’. The best scripts are selected by leading figures from all walks of life to encourage the originality of movie stories.

    Count Piaget has sponsored major international film festivals over the years to support the film industry. This year, it also cooperated with the Golden Horse organizer to set up the ‘Count Piaget Excellent Award of the Year’ to further reward the best script. The ‘Earl of Piaget Award of Excellence’ was jointly judged by five judges, and the Singaporean film ‘Parents are not at home’ was overwhelmed by the judges, and the scenery won the best screenplay. This award, first established by the Golden Horse Executive Committee and Piaget Piaget, was presented the night of the finalists. Unlike the ‘Best Original Script’ award of the Golden Horse Awards, Piaget specially invited renowned writer Ono, Kai Wei, founder and fashion director Hong Weiming, well-known photography artist Lin Mengshan, ELLE magazine editor-in-chief Lu Shufen, and Piaget Taiwan Managing Director Liu Yuxuan acted as the judge and conducted the selection from a comprehensive and objective wide angle.

    ‘Parents are not at home’ is a story about family, reality and love, discussing social issues and the delicate relationship between migrant workers and employers. In this ‘Earl of Piaget Award of Excellence’, it won the full support of the judges in one fell swoop, and its splendor and maturity are beyond doubt. Judge Ono said, ‘Because the story is too simple, it highlights the excellence of the screenwriter. The character’s experience and the changes in the plot make the ordinary humanity have a richer connotation. Each story echoes back and forth, and the structure is perfect. It is really a masterpiece. Lin Mengshan also appreciates the way that director Chen Zheyi tells the story: ‘The film uses very plain shots and accurate figures to describe the current situation of the family and society. The director said that the story was flat but very charming.’ Hong Weiming praised even more: ‘It’s hard to find a very ordinary story that allows you to re-examine everything that happened to you while reading a letter. This director, who is under 30, Actually has the ability to tell the story so clearly, not to ridicule! A rare movie that looks ordinary but will make people remember! ‘Lu Shufen shared with emotion:’ The story description is very smooth, nothing The carved traces are close to real life, but they are also thought-provoking. ‘

    ‘Parents are not at home’ is also shortlisted in the 50th Golden Horse Awards for Best Feature Film, Best New Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Actor, Best Original Script, etc. With the blessing of ‘Earl Piaget Award of Excellence’, there is also a lot of confidence in regaining the Golden Horse Awards. Liu Yuxuan, Managing Director of Earl Piaget, said: ‘A plain family story describes profound human nature and feelings, highlights social issues and emotional conflicts, characterization, clear personality, and clever connection, creating an overall story.’ ‘Parents Are Absent’ takes away the key to the ‘Count Piaget Award of Excellence’.

    Director Chen Zheyi received the ‘Count Piaget Award of Excellence’ from Hou Xiaoxian, Chairman of the Golden Horses Committee, and Gu Teng, President of Piaget Asia Pacific. He said that ‘The Parents Are Not Home’ is based on the story of his childhood, and he also hopes to convey the issues and concepts he wants to explore through the interpretation of the film. Chen Zheyi feels very pleased that she won the ‘Earl of the Year Award of Excellence’ and won positive reviews from outside the film industry. ‘I hope that anyone who watched’ Parents and Absent at Home ‘can get something out of it, think about it, and change it.’

    The finalists of the 50th Golden Horse Awards, regardless of the movie or the actor, are menacing, and their strength is difficult to distinguish. Count Piaget is optimistic about each of the finalists and offers his most sincere blessings, hoping that everyone will shine in tomorrow and write a brilliant page for the Chinese movie temple.

    Even if it wasn’t the Starlight Red Carpet that was set tonight, the finalists of the Golden Horse Awards still showed signs of each other and tried their best to layout. As soon as Chen Chong arrived at the finalist’s reception, the Piaget Rose earrings and the Piaget Rose ring on his ears attracted the attention of the audience. The rose shape was the bottom and the diamonds were the main elements. The Piaget Rose necklace and the Piaget Limelight Gala jewellery watch are the finishing touch, bringing out Chen Chong’s grace with ease and elegance.

    At the age of nineteen, she was nominated by Hong Kong star Yan Zhuoring after the Golden Horse Awards with ‘Mad Dance’, wearing Piaget Rose open earrings, blooming petals exquisitely flashing ears, and Piaget Possession two-tone rings embellished with jade hands, which showed her smart and playful The Piaget Possession rose gold watch on the hand, the surface and the earrings complement each other, the pure white strap and the white dress on the body in one go, set off Yan Zhuoling’s simplicity and innocence.

    Huang Bo, who was shortlisted for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Journey to the West’, will present with Zheng Yuling this year the best photography, visual effects, and motion design awards, highlighting the diversity of the film. Huang Bo wore a Piaget Altiplano watch to attend the finalist reception. The ultra-thin surface is inlaid with diamonds and the crocodile leather strap perfectly displays Huang Bo’s extraordinary taste.

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