Bell & Ross Br03-92 Horograph And Br03-92 Horolum Traveler’s Watch

Bell & Ross watches have always been important indicators in the field of professional aviation timepieces, and their iconic square watches were released in 2005. In 2017, the brand further launched the BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum. The function dial of these two models has repeatedly fulfilled the mission of displaying time with the highest efficiency, and is suitable for travel lovers to wear.

Inspired by the modern minimalist BAUHAUS design
   The new BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum fit perfectly into Bell & Ross’s watch collection. Travel is their passion, and their best readability is their goal. Their case is designed in a modern style, re-imagining Bell & Ross’s iconic ‘circle in a square.’ . Aesthetically, these clocks use one of the very outstanding design rules: ‘function-induced shapes’. Bauhaus is the legendary German art school. It is the origin of the movement, characterized by a large number of right-angled, clean lines and The smallest decoration, as early as the 1920s, this movement established the basis of modern design. The BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum are presented as the important heirs of this avant-garde movement.

Matching its functionality with simplicity
   Their names are from the common root ‘Horo’, from the Latin ‘Hora’ (hour), followed by ‘Graph’ or ‘Lum’, from the Latin ‘Lumen’ (light).
   The design of the BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum follows the principles of industrial aesthetics. Its simple lines, based on a square case, emphasize the necessary elements. Every contemporary watch has extremely clear characters, all of which are reminiscent of aviation. BR03-92 Horograph reminds us of the clock at the airport terminal. Like them, the BR03-92 Horograph’s simple and neat display has a clear digital graphic dial. As for the BR03-92 Horolum, it reproduces the lighting code used on the runway to guide pilots day and night.
   BR 03-92 HOROGRAPH aims to inform travelers with maximum clarity and precision. Its graphics are very fine and the display is as strict as the airport clock.

   Case: The iconic shape of Bell & Ross, made of micro-blasted steel with a matte surface. The technique involves high-pressure spraying of tiny glass beads onto a metal surface. This makes it rough, while having a uniform appearance and a high-purity gray tone. This is the first time that a matte effect has appeared in a square steel case; it is therefore anti-reflective and avoids reflections from sunlight. This process enhances the watch’s extremely vivid appearance and recalls the principles of its practicality.

   Dial: The design is simple, and the bar-shaped scale is matched with the bar-shaped indicator to enhance its consistency and ensure easy reading. This type of display is now a classic in the field of watchmaking; its effectiveness no longer needs to be proven. Scales and indicators interact with black / white contrast, which also guarantees optimal readability.
   BR 03-92 HOROLUM evokes light (‘Lumen’) and readability. Superluminova® coating facilitates day and night reading. The color used to illuminate the airport runway is located on the watch’s dial. This intense green light illuminates the darkness The runway also offers excellent light and extraordinary night readability, this watch is perfect for ‘night owls’.

   Case: Its shape is reminiscent of the early BR-01. Micro-blasted steel was also used to decorate the case and gave it unique purity.

   Dial: It is made of micro-blasted brass rhodium and has the same appearance as the case. With the same finish, the two elements form a uniform block of the same color. The dial is formed by two stacked metal plates with a sandwich structure. The upper gray piece is cut around the digital and hour markers to expose the light-emitting coating. In the second half, with its unparalleled brightness, the green of Superluminova® C3 is super phosphorescent and lasts a long time in the dark. The dial only displays four digits: 12, 3, 6, 9 Their shape and location are reminiscent of Bell & Ross Traditionally used graphics.

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