Chopin Launches Limited Edition Mille Miglia Watch

Porsche America Club is the world’s largest single-brand car club. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Chopard has launched a limited edition of 66 Mille Miglia watches.

   2014 is the 25th anniversary of Chopard’s sponsorship of the Mille Miglia 1000 mile endurance race, and Porsche America Club will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2015.

   Vu T.H. Nguyen, Executive Director of Porsche Club America and Georg Bartkowiak (their colleagues are also members of the Porsche German Club), decided to work with Chopard to create a special limited edition watch to commemorate this historic milestone. This watch is limited to 66 pieces in the world, of which 60 are 42mm stainless steel cases and the other 6 are 18K rose gold cases, which are very attractive and rare because they are rare.

   This watch is expected to be ordered as early as early December. The stainless steel model costs $ 5,990 and the 18K rose gold model costs $ 21,000.

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