How High Is Omega’s High-end Watch?

Many players are accustomed to using complex watches as a standard for measuring the quality of watch brands. Brands that can make complex watches have higher grades; brands that cannot make complex watches have lower grades. Although this classification method is ‘directly rude’, it also makes sense. For example, Patek Philippe is called the ‘watch king’. The important reason is that Patek Philippe represents a high level of various complex functions. For example, Rolex is super hot all over the world, but Rolex has never made complex watches, and only produces ‘simple watches’ (conventional functions other than tourbillons, three questions, perpetual calendar). Although Rolex also has watches with a public price of millions, but They are all decorated with diamonds and precious stones. In contrast, like Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai, there are complex watches such as three questions, tourbillon, so some players often think that Rolex is not as good as them (this question depends on your own thinking).

Omega ‘first chronograph limited edition’, the public price reached about 800,000 yuan.
 Not long ago, Omega released a manual chronograph with a price of about RMB 800,000. As soon as the news came out, many people were shocked at the time. Omega even had such a high-priced watch. Because we usually contact, mainly Omega watches around 40,000 to 100,000 watches. Omega’s main force, the hippocampal AT, hippocampal PO from more than 40,000 public prices. The dark side of the moon and the dark public price of the deep sea are 80,000 and 90,000. Omega with a public price of 800,000 is rare. But for those familiar with Omega, it is not that Omega does not make complex watches, but that Omega has already done it. Rolex does not have a complex watch, and Omega has always had a complex watch.
Omega’s high-end watch is very high.
 Omega’s most powerful and complex watch is the central tourbillon. Among the mainstream watch brands, only Omega makes the center tourbillon (not counting independent watchmakers). Because the hippocampus, constellation, and Speedmaster are too hot, many people do not know that Omega has such a complicated watch.

Omega Tourbillon Center
 In 1994, Omega launched the world’s first ‘central tourbillon’. According to the data of that year, this watch was developed by Omega by integrating the top R & D team of the Swatch Group. Anyone who knows watch technology can see that this watch is not only a center tourbillon, but also a mysterious watch. The tourbillon is located in the center of the watch face. The cage of the tourbillon is in the shape of the Omega LOGO. The hour and minute hands of the watch are actually printed on the transparent sapphire glass rotating on the upper and lower layers. It is driven by the gears on the edge of the case. Unlike ordinary tourbillons, the pointer will block the tourbillon.

Omega Tourbillon Center
 Omega center tourbillon because of the special layout of the movement, so there are two crowns, the normal crown at 3 o’clock can only wind the watch (Omega center tourbillon is an automatic watch), the crown on the back of the case is used to Adjust the time. There are two ‘magic places’ in the Omega tourbillon. First, the Omega Center Tourbillon is an automatic winding tourbillon; second, the Omega Center Tourbillon is also certified by the Observatory. Every senior player knows that many of the tourbillons on the market are ‘looking good’, and the actual travel time is not allowed. Omega’s central tourbillon is certified by the observatory, and the daily error is + 6 / -4. Launched in 1994, it’s very shocking.

Omega Tourbillon Center
 The Omega tourbillon is available in rose gold, platinum, and full diamond versions. The public price of different versions ranges from about one million to more than one million. The highest price version can reach more than 4 million. Someone will definitely ask, will anyone buy such an expensive Omega? Someone buys it because I know that some collectors in China have this watch, and most people don’t buy it. After all, the Omega Tourbillon in the world is the world’s first center tourbillon and the only one among the mainstream watch brands, representing the strength of Omega’s complex watches.

Omega Tourbillon Center
Therefore, the Omega chronograph with a public price of about 800,000 is not unusual at all.

 Omega can produce a mid-priced tourbillon with a price of one million, so a manual chronograph with a price of hundreds of thousands is actually not unusual at all. It is normal for a brand of Omega level. Watches with a public price of tens of thousands of yuan are aimed at most players. Watches with a public price of hundreds of thousands or even millions are for high-end collectors.

Omega ‘First Chronograph Limited Edition’
 Players who are familiar with various watches should be aware that in luxury watches, manual chronographs are no less important than the complicated functions of tourbillons and perpetual calendars. Because of the pure column wheel, horizontal clutch manual chronograph movement and polished decoration, it is very complicated. The manual chronograph with a price of 600,000 to 700,000 is normal. Patek Philippe’s 5170 and Lange’s DATO are almost at this price. Omega’s manual chronograph can achieve such a high public price for a reason.

Omega ‘First Chronograph Limited Edition’
 The official name of this Omega chronograph is ‘Limited Edition of Omega’s First Chronograph’, with a public price of $ 121,000, about RMB 800,000 and a limited edition of 18. As the name suggests, it is the reproduction of the first chronograph in the history of Omega in 1913. Whether from the look of the watch or the movement, it completely restores the historical prototype. The important point is, why the Omega chronograph is so expensive, the most important reason is that Omega uses the historical antique chronograph movement, the Omega 18 manual manual chronograph movement (18 orders represent size). The 18 movements on the 18-piece limited watch were collected by Omega for 5 years and collected from the Omega Museum.

The 18-revolution movement used in the Omega ‘First Chronograph Limited Edition’ has been refurbished.
 Someone may ask, from 1913 to 2018, there are 105 years in between. Can antique movements still be used? This is the second reason why Omega’s manual chronograph is of high value. Omega has to disassemble, polish, decorate, plate, add new parts and complete the assembly of these 18 antique movements. According to Omega news, the processing of antique movements took up to 700 hours. The department that carried out these tasks was the department that previously developed the Omega tourbillon. Omega Antique 18 makes the main splint, splint, chronograph lever, balance wheel, escapement fork, etc. in the movement, these parts continue to be used after refurbishing and polishing. The gears, jewel bearings and hairsprings in the movement are all newly produced. Regardless of past parts or new parts, the movement parts of these 18 limited edition watches are all polished and decorated by hand. It is completely different from the Omega mass production watch.

Omega’s ‘Limited Edition of the First Chronograph’ 18 disassembles the movement parts.
 In addition to the movement, Omega’s first chronograph limited edition is completely restored in appearance. 47.5mm 18K white gold case, chronograph button and crown are 18K rose gold. It is worth noting that this chronograph is a one-button chronograph. The timing button is at 6 o’clock in the case, which is different from ordinary chronographs. Omega’s manual chronograph uses an enamel dial, and the two small chronograph dials are also enamel. The hour and minute hands are baked blue hands, and the large chronograph seconds hand is rose gold.

Omega’s ‘first chronograph limited edition’ enamel dial, dial and chronograph are all enamel.
 Because the main force of Omega’s most volume is watches with a public price of about 40,000 to 90,000, many people buy, so it is easy to make people ‘forget’ high-end watches, complex watches. It’s just like Audi has A3, A4, Volkswagen-oriented cars, and 10-cylinder supercars like R8.

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