Into Somia In Switzerland Visiting Longines Watchmaking In 180 Years

In 1832, in a valley deep in the Swiss Jurassic Mountains, a small village called Soymia created a brand that was later famous for the flying wing hourglass logo-Longines. Longines has played a central role in Soymia’s life since its inception, and this small mountain village has since developed into a watchmaking hub. Thus, the fate of Longines is tightly intertwined with this place in Soymia.

 In 1866, Longines founder Auguste Agassiz purchased two adjoining lands on the right bank of the Suze river passing through the Soimia valley. The local dialect is called ‘Les Longines’, and Agassiz’s nephew Ernest Francillon named the factory he built here in 1867. This is the original factory of Longines.

 Longines factory in the 1880s

 1900 Longines workshop

 In 1937, the workshop of the Longines factory

 Ernest Francillon hired young engineer Jacques David to assist him in designing the machine to improve the watchmaking process and flow. During the 1870s, Francillon’s watchmaking industry concept achieved good results. The factory continued to grow and expand until the first half of the 20th century. In 1911, the Longines watch factory had 1,100 workers and its products were sold throughout the world.

 Longines factory in the 1950s

 Longines factory in 2012

 1850s pocket watch produced by Agassiz Workshop

 At the end of 2012, enthusiasts and watch lovers witnessed the dazzling appearance of Longines’ new Conquest Classic, which was created by Longines for the elegant and speedy symbiosis of flat horse racing, which explains Longines. The watch continues its passion for horse racing for nearly a century, while incorporating modern technology and precision. The magnificence of the wrists and the elegant knights are seamless, and the viewers accompanying the horse racing witness the exciting moments together. The Compaq collection combines Longines ‘classic elegance and sporty spirit, adding a beautiful view to Longines’ watchmaking tradition. Longines has inherited a long tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, and its unremitting pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has achieved the brand’s pure watchmaking expertise.

 Longines’ new Compin collection

 Longines’ new Compaq series

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