Introduction To Hublot King Maradona Limited Watch

Hublot global brand ambassador, a generation of kings of football, football legend & mdash; & mdash; Diego & middot; Maradona appeared on the Bund today, challenging his career & Hublot Million Charity Shots & rdquo ;! Covered by the scenery of Lujiazui and the Bund, Maradona continuously challenged 8 holes representing 50,000 to 200,000 dollars, and the cumulative amount of each goal shot increased accordingly. In the end, in the classic Mr. Maradona’s cheering arms, all 8 holes worth 1 million were completely broken! Hublot has generously donated RMB 1 million on the spot to Chinese children’s charity.

As the most powerful player in the 20th century football, Maradona has created an extraordinary football career with outstanding talents. In Argentina, and even in the world, Maradona is known as ‘the greatest player of the twentieth century’, with an outstanding record and a worldwide reputation. The king of the ball has a special expression for Hublot. In March 2010, Hublot and the outstanding king of the ball officially announced the conclusion of a cooperative relationship. During the 2010 World Cup, people often saw him wearing a Hublot watch with his own name on both wrists, waving ‘The Hand of God’ and shouting at the sidelines. Since Maradona joined the Hublot family, his great football feeling has collided with many Swiss watch brands and inspired many watchmaking. Today, two legends, passions, successes and excellences are once again converging on China’s Bund.
‘The Hublot Million Charity Shooting Challenge’ attracted the attention of more than 200 domestic and foreign VIPs and the media of various countries. Although Mr. Maradona is slightly emaciated, he still travels to Shanghai, China with his support and enthusiasm for Hublot and children’s public welfare. Against the background of the Oriental Pearl, Mr. Maradona was still very happy, and he demonstrated to the stars of Chinese football the stars of the ball, such as chest stoppages and other cheats. In the following million charity shooting challenge, the King of the Ball scene was walking in the court like a walk, showing all the wind of the king in his grasp. The greatest footballer of the 20th century, for the charity he supports, has accomplished a significant ‘Million Shot Challenge’ in his career.

On this occasion, Diego & middot; Maradona and Hublot China Brand Director, Mr. Louis & middot; Beaver unveiled the new third-generation Hublot Maradona limited edition watch & mdash; Hublot King Extreme Maradona, limited edition 500 pieces worldwide. Fusion of Hublot brand DNA and many special elements of the King’s personal color to pay special tribute to the legend of the times: the black skeleton dial is inlaid with Diego & middot; Maradona’s blue signature, engraved at 3 Iconic uniform number ‘ldquo; 10’. Hublot has also specially developed the King’s Supreme style equipped with two central chronograph hands, which makes it easier to read the chronograph time quickly and efficiently. The first hand shows the seconds, and the second hand shows the 45-minute time, which is specifically designed for half-time football games.
Hublot China brand director, Mr. Louis & middot; Beaver said, “The cooperation between Hublot and Diego & Maradona began in 2010. Legends in the two fields of watch and football share common Values ​​and passion. The highest state of luxury is to share your success with more people who need help. & rdquo;
Maradona said: ‘I and Hublot have gone beyond a simple cooperative relationship, and I have integrated into this big family! Here, I met friends who are trustworthy and charismatic. I remember when I visited Hublot headquarters in Geneva last year, it felt like home. My philanthropy has always been focused on helping children with multiple opportunities. In this regard, Hublot’s long-term efforts are in agreement with me. Sit back and talk with friends of Hublot, as comfortable as family, which is what I want. It looks like a perfect relationship. & rdquo;

Maradona and Hublot are committed to sharing and caring. In September 2010, Maradona joined Hublot to challenge a million charity shots on the Red Square in Moscow. Eventually, they raised 50 by virtue of the magical footwork of the king Ten million dollars, and all donated to the Moscow Blood Transplant Center to help children suffering from illness. Although the trip to Shanghai was short, his attention to philanthropy and the wonderful launch of Hublot Maradona’s third-generation limited edition watch brought surprises to Chinese fans and watch fans.
About Hublot, the road to fusion-born in 1980, Hublot is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth is interpreted from watchmaking materials and watches. In terms of unique aesthetic concepts, a revolution has been launched in the watch industry. In 2004, one of the few legends Jean-Claude & middot; Beaver who took the name in the history of Swiss watchmaking took over Hublot and used the Big Bang series that subverted the watchmaking industry to make Hublot all the way. At the same time, the revival of Hublot was announced. Today, the Hublot factory building on the shore of Lake Geneva and Hi-tech have witnessed the impressive achievements of Hublot, and Mr. Beaver continues to advance on the way of Hublot’s integration. It combines groundbreaking materials: ceramics, carbon fiber, tantalum, tungsten, titanium, natural rubber with time-tested gold, platinum, stainless steel, diamonds and rare gems, etc. , Giving him the creativity and vision that belong to the 21st century.

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