Jewelry-like Sparkling Tasting Athens Jade Exquisite Enamel Ladies Watch

There is a saying that noble and elegant women will not only make men be emotional, but also women. The elegant and elegant Athenian watch series will surely win the favor of many people. A smart and elegant wrist watch is not only a recorder of time, but also the finishing touch in the overall clothing accessories, improve the aura, exude intellectual beauty, perfectly present feminine charm, and become the focus of everyone. What are the different feelings of an Athens enamel watch with a ruby ​​light, let us taste together. (Watch model: 3103-125B / E6)

Elegant style, gorgeous accessories

   Daming fire enamel is complicated and difficult to produce. It can only be seen in the works of a few world-renowned watchmaking brands. This Athenian exquisite series watch has a unique enamel technology, exquisite and elegant, showing a new brilliance, Delightful craftsmanship seduces magic. The Athens watch is a well-known enamel craftsman. Many enamel craftsmen came by hand, and the former warship series was the best.

   On the dial, a beautiful curve made of diamonds adds a graceful look to the dial, which also complements the stainless steel bezel surrounded by diamonds. The surface is set with 22 diamonds, and the stainless steel bezel is set with 56 diamonds. The unique time scales are easy to read, gorgeous and generous. A curvaceous diamond curve subtly divides the small second hand and the calendar window. Three diamonds at three o’clock indicate the corresponding position of the crown, and the calendar window at six o’clock.

   This watch has a stainless steel case for durability. The combination of stainless steel luster and big enamel red makes the overall color of the watch dazzling, elegant and not high-profile.

   The crown of the watch has an innovative design: without pulling the crown, you can wind the watch, adjust the date and time forward and backward by turning the crown. This design is patented in Athens, and the crown function can be selected simply by pressing the button at 4 o’clock, which is very convenient. The crown is engraved with the classic Athens logo icon, which is beautiful and elegant. From the side, the watch is of medium thickness and fits well on a woman’s wrist, providing a high degree of comfort.

   The sparkling and charming gemstones are intertwined with the bezel set with diamonds to create a glamorous glare, which is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. With the shape of the arc, a sculptural and beautiful watch is created.

   The watch is paired with a red leather strap, and the bright red adds a touch of simplicity to luxury, making the watch not vulgar. Plus folding clasp for easy wearing.

   Equipped with UN-310 movement, with automatic winding function, silicon hairspring to improve accuracy and durability, the watch is equipped with anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass and case back, and also provides 30 meters of water resistance. The power reserve of 48 hours guarantees the application of the watch in daily life, and the self-produced movement with stable performance gives the watch strong technical support.
Summary: A beautiful woman may not be called elegant, but an elegant woman must be beautiful and charming. And a delicate and elegant watch can bring this kind of temperament, so that a woman throws her hands and smiles, exuding charming charm. This Athenian exquisite series watch conveys the brand’s highest respect for elegant spirit, and also highlights the wearer’s Zoran taste.

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