New Tudor Biwan 1958 Type

1950s, the end of World War II
Since then, entered the most classic and elegant era
Elvis Presley Records First Commercial Record
Hepburn stars in fashion with masterpieces
Diving from the special field to the public view
In 1958, Tudor’s first generation diving watch ‘Big Crown’ legend came out

After 60 years in 2018
In honour of the immortal classic in the name of 1958

Set time, vintage classic
Crown, markings, dimensions last 60 years
  Tudor Biwan model 1958, sincerely pays tribute to the design of the first generation diving watch launched in 1958-model 7924. The model 7924, once known as the ‘big crown’, has a unique crown design that looks exactly like the new Biwan 1958 model.

  The prominent red triangle mark on the rotating outer ring is a typical feature of the first generation of the Tudor diving watch with a water resistance of 200 meters, and it is also perfectly continued on the Biwan 1958 model.

  The Biwan 1958 model also adopted the 39 mm case that was popular in the 1950s, which is more chic and retro than the previous 41mm dive watch of Tudor. The meticulous and exquisite attention to detail of the watch is only to commemorate the era of classic elegance, but also to respect the extraordinary 1950s of Emperor Helm.
Disruptive innovation, less than expected
Movement, material, and color breakthrough 桎梏

  This year, Tudor released its second original movement series. This series of movements MT5402 is mounted in the Biwan 1958, designed for medium models. Compared with other watches in the same series, the Biwan 1958’s thinner and lighter case makes the watch the right proportion and fits the slim wrist. It is the favorite choice for small watch lovers.

  Adding new elements to the series, the Biwan 1958 winding crown shaft is made of frosted steel, and the case and the winding crown are decorated with the embossed Tudor rose logo. The three echo each other.

  A tailor-made black textured strap with gold stitching is tailored to add a touch of understated vintage.

  The Biwan 1958 model has launched a new color scheme. The hour markers, hands and minute scale on the stainless steel outer ring are all plated with gold.

60 years of classic heritage
The inner movement makes the precipitation time lighter
New Biwan 1958
Tribute to the 1958 Golden Age
Extreme fit, unwilling to take off

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