The Grand Opening Of Bao’an Xi’an Skp Boutique

On May 17, 2018, Baodi’s brand-new boutique opened grandly. It is located in Xi’an SKP, the Bell Tower-South Gate core business district of Xi’an. With its superior geographical location, Baodi is in the ancient city of Xi’an. Reproduce its great historical and cultural heritage and excellent watchmaking craftsmanship.

Breguet Xi’an SKP Boutique

   Xi’an SKP Boutique is Breguet’s eighth direct-operated store in mainland China, creating a new space for watch appreciation and communication for watch enthusiasts in Xi’an and the Northwest, experiencing Breguet’s extraordinary technical level and high-level experience. The art of watchmaking and the essence of Swiss handmade watchmaking.

Breguet Xi’an SKP Boutique

   Founded in 1775, Swiss prestige watchmaking brand Breguet, with its outstanding invention and unremitting innovation spirit, is highly sought after by the royal aristocracy and elites from all walks of life. To this day, many important inventions of Master Breguet are still the objects cited and eager to be surpassed by every watch brand.
   Breguet series models, with simple lines and refined design, show a unique Breguet style. At the same time, they have the highest mechanical technology, both inside and outside.
   The Tradition series is inspired by the legendary “Subscription” pocket watch created by Abraham-Louis Breguet. The complex functions are presented in an elegant decoration that combines classic and avant-garde. Each small part is hand-blasted. Modification is undoubtedly a classic representative of complex time.

   Classique watches are famous for their never-behind aesthetics, symbolizing the purest Breguet style-slim style, equipped with complex functions, and some models use nostalgic precious materials: ‘Bright Fire’ enamel dial, handmade The engraved engraved flower dial and the hand-painted Breguet figures make collectors and brand lovers alike.

   The Marine series inherits the traditional watchmaking concept of Breguet. Its sturdy structure, reinforced case and protective crown are complemented by sophisticated workmanship to meet the needs of dressing in different occasions. In 1815, Abraham-Louis Breguet was awarded the title of ‘Royal Watchmaker of the Royal Navy’ by King Louis XVIII of France, and the Marine series was designed to meet the elegant style of contemporary life With the need for athletic performance. In 2017, Breguet reinterpreted the aesthetic design of the series, giving it a new look. The original design of the bracelet lugs, the new coin decoration, the engraved wavy decoration and the widened crown of the letter ‘B’ fully combine modern style and vitality. In 2018, Breguet focused on the series again, launching three new upgrade masterpieces. It is particularly noteworthy that this is Breguet’s first introduction of titanium watches in the Marine nautical series, setting another brand precedent.

   The barrel-shaped case of the Héritage heritage series can always be seen at a glance. This series successfully and subtly challenges the perfect combination of the rounded arc of the case and the delicate dial engraved by hand.

   The design of the Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series is inspired by a watch worn on the wrist specially designed for Napoleon’s sister Caroline Murat. The style is pure, stylish and elegant, and it is presented in a unique goose egg shape. design. During the 2018 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair, the Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series 8908 watch was launched in an elegant style, combining a rose gold case and a dial decorated with Tahiti mother-of-pearl, showing feminine elegance.

   The Type XX chronograph was developed by Breguet in the 1950s for the French Air Force and the Naval Air Corps. Today, the civilian version of this model is added to the Breguet product range, equipped with an automatic movement and equipped with a flyback function in the aviation field.

  The High Jewelry watch collection is inspired by Breguet watchmakers and jewellery masters who have historically loved Breguet timepieces, creating exquisite and precious gem-set timepieces, and presenting them to modern women and They pay tribute to their elegant aesthetics.

   Breguet clocks have far surpassed the technology and craftsmanship represented by the clocks themselves, but are the heritage of historical culture and the accumulation of deep emotions. Excellent timepieces and deep history await you at the Breguet Xi’an SKP boutique to appreciate the outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and taste the unique history and culture.

Review Of The Classic ‘elvis Presley’ By Hamilton Watch

Introduction: Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday in 2010 is Elvis Presley. Elvis fans around the world have held various events to remember the King of Rock. , Using action to continue his classic stage. To this end, Hamilton also launched the ‘Expedition-75th Anniversary of Elvis’ commemorative models. Time is frozen at this moment; classics are halted on the wrist; memories are frozen in an instant and immersed in the legendary time that never fades.

‘Expedition-Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary’
In 1961, the newly retired ‘Elvis’ appeared in the Hollywood film ‘Blue Hawaii’, in which he wore a Hamilton’s early two-color belt ‘Expedition Series’ watch, and since then, ‘Cat Wang & rdquo; forged a deep love with Hanbiao. He not only owns several ‘Adventure’ watches for daily wear, but also collects several Han watches of the same series for hobby, becoming a full-fledged ‘Exploration’ series collector. For metal straps, ‘Elvis’ is even more popular. For this purpose, Hamilton also specially designed a patented double-layer comfortable steel strap ‘Expedition’ as a gift to ‘Elvis’.

& ldquo; Elvis & rdquo; wear Hamilton’s early & ldquo; adventure series & rdquo; watch
‘The influence of Elvis’ is far-reaching. His music, his story, his legend, and his life have been talked about. To commemorate this mythical figure in the rock world, and also to pay tribute to the ‘Chinese Elvis’ expression of ‘Elvis’, Hamilton will join the sound of music and start broadcasting ‘Hamilton’ in January- The Elvis Prestige Collection & rsquo; & rdquo; special program, from different perspectives such as classic shapes, classic music, classic movies, to remember the legendary life of this superstar and evoke that never-fading memory. At the same time, Hamilton re-engraved and remodeled the Hamilton & ldquo; Expedition & rdquo; series of watches that Elvis had worn before, and introduced a new nostalgic and future type & quot; Expedition-75th anniversary of Elvis & rdquo; Section, once again pay tribute to Elvis with a triangular dial. The classics are recreated, and after a hundred years, they are still worth remembering.
‘Elvis’ is a mythical figure in the rock world. ‘Elvis’ opened a difficult way forward for rock music and created an epoch-making musical style. It was him who showed people a fusion of white music and black music styles with a great personality and innovation. Airplane head, flared pants, his innovation and boldness, just like the persistence that Hamilton has persisted for 100 years: the pursuit of innovation in the classics, and the free spirit of the American spirit. If ‘Elvis’ is a pioneer of rock music, then Hamilton is an innovator in the watch industry, and his personality and creativity are the reasons why Elvis was imitated and the reason why Hamilton’s classic century; maybe adventure From the moment the series of watches was born, perhaps it implied the bond between Hamilton and Elvis. It is the world’s first battery-powered watch with a bold triangular shape design that expresses a firm American faith.
Ld “ Elvis ” strives for excellence in his own business, just as Hamilton pursues the precise Swiss craftsmanship, excellent workmanship, durable quality, the most advanced Swiss winding movement and technology, and the excellence of Swiss production bears everything. Hamilton watches combine a strong American spirit and unparalleled precision, and everywhere, Hamilton’s belief in innovation and individuality is manifested.
It is reported that in March, more Elvis fans will gather in the CJW Jazz Lounge in Beijing to host a larger memorial ‘Elvis’ rock party to reflect on ‘Elvis’ music time together.

Chopin Shines At The Closing Ceremony Of The Cannes Film Festival

JAKE GYLLENHAAL, MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ, SOPHIE MARCEAU, ZHOU YUN, Sisy Di • CÉCILE DE FRANCE and NADINE LABAKI wear Chopard at the closing ceremony of the 68th Cannes International Film Festival.
May 24, 2015
   One of the jury members, American movie star Jake Gyllenhaal wears a silver dial, 18K rose gold case with a black leather strap Chopard L.U.C 1937 watch.
   One of the jury members, French actress Sophie Marceau, wore a pair of 18k white gold set with 15 carat diamond earrings and a platinum-set Ashoka-cut diamond ring.
   Chinese actress Zhou Yun wears a pair of 18k white gold with 28 carat rose-cut diamond earrings, an 18k white gold and diamond inlaid 9 carat emerald cut diamond ring and a Chopard High Jewellery 18k white gold with 18 carat heart diamonds and 11 Carat diamond bracelet.
   American actor Michelle Rodriguez is decorated with an oval diamond necklace set in 18K white gold and a 7 carat pillow-cut diamond ring set in 18K white gold and diamonds.
   Belgian actress Cécile de France wears a pair of diamond earrings set with 18k white gold and a cushion-cut 12-carat sapphire ring set with 18k white gold and diamonds.
   Lebanese director and actor Nadine Labaki wears a pair of 18-carat white gold earrings with 41-carat diamonds.

Kagawa Shinji Becomes The Latest Brand Ambassador Of Tag Heuer

Yesterday was June 23, 2016. For Kagawa Shinji, ’23’ is a special number, because that is the shirt number he played for Dortmund in the Bundesliga. That afternoon, at the Tag Heuer special football stadium in Omotesando, Tokyo’s trend and fashion center, Vice President of Global Sales Luc Decroix proudly welcomed members of the Japanese national team. .

   Shinji Kagawa is a Japanese super football star and a member of the Japanese national team. He is the first Japanese player to join Manchester United and the first (and still the only) Japanese player to have played in both the Premier League and the Bundesliga. Kagawa’s driver is agile and flexible. As a midfielder, his passing and offense are full of technicality and creativity. His courage and vision fit perfectly with the value concept of Tag Heuer’s ‘Fear of Challenge without Challenge’.

   Celebrating the conclusion of a new cooperation agreement and raising funds for Kumamoto children, Shinji Kagawa first accepted the challenge of ‘self-defeating without fear’ and participated in the original ‘Footbowling’ game to show his sports talent. Gorgeous footwork, strong spirit, the result of the challenge game is obvious, and it is done overnight.

   No matter what happens, stick to your dreams and ‘make yourself fearless to challenge,’ this is what Kagawa wants to share with Japanese children, especially children in the Kumamoto earthquake-stricken area. As a witness to this partnership, LucDecroix also presented a signature Tag Heuer Carrera CalibreHeuer-01 chronograph like Kagawa. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Admiral Kunlun Cup Mileage 42 Chronograph

Adhering to the concept of historical heritage, CORUM specially presents a classic chronograph style that combines sports functions and elegant and simple design concepts-Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chrono). The simple design watch contains the chronograph movement verified by the Swiss official astronomical observatory (C.O.S.C.), and at the same time fully reveals many classic features of the Admiral’s Cup series. Admiral Cup Mileage 42 Chronograph is bound to inject subtle color and vitality into the heritage product line ‘Legend Mileage’.
    During the 20th century, the popularity of sports created the birth of many new watches: from diving watches to flying watches, the entire watchmaking industry strived to innovate, improve technology, and strive to introduce more and more advanced and more versatile watch styles. In Yunyun watches, Kunlun watch since 1960 launched the Admiral Cup watch unique. In addition to becoming the brand’s classic sports watch style, the brand’s contribution to the maritime community has been shouldered for half a century.
    In 2011, Kunlun Watch was divided into several product series for the Admiralty Cup classic series. Among them, the heritage product series mileage number presented elegant and simple watch styles without losing the classic design features of the series. In order to enrich the history of the product series mileage, Kunlun Watch specially launched this year with a CO983 chronograph movement certified by the Swiss official observatory (C.O.S.C.). The movement advances the hours, minutes, small seconds, date and chronograph functions of the watch. The vibration frequency vibrates 28,800 times per hour and has a 42-hour power reserve.
    The design of the watch retains the dodecagon outer ring of the Admiralty Cup series. In order to match the chronometer model, the elegant and simple watch has soft lines, and the timer button is long and streamlined. The diameter of the case is 42mm, and it is equipped with a transparent sapphire case back to watch the movement. The watch is available in steel, steel and gold, or 18K red and gold. There are 11 different styles to choose from. Inheriting the classic characteristics of the product series, the surface of the steel or steel gold style is engraved with straight stripes; the surface of the 18K red gold style is engraved with barleycorn stripes; the surface color is faint blue, inspired by the first navy Admiral’s Cup watch, the color tone and stripes match perfectly. Three clearly visible timer windows blend gently onto the surface; the surface is also inlaid with an 11-hour scale and 60-minute numerals at 12 o’clock.
    Admiral Cup Mileage 42 chronograph watch in red gold with crocodile leather strap and pin buckle; steel or steel gold models with crocodile leather strap or steel strap with folding buckle.

Roaming The Space To Pay Tribute To George Clooney And Buzz Aldrin At The 60th Anniversary Dinner Of The Omega Speedmaster Series

Wednesday, April 26th-Omega held the 60th Anniversary ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner in the Grand Speedway Series in London, England. In the lights and music of Hao Miao, guests were presented with a show from Feast of the distant stars. At the event, the stars were shining. Omega celebrity ambassador George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin attended the Omega ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner to pay tribute to the extraordinary legend of the Omega Speedmaster series of exploring space.

   The dinner was held at the Tate Modern in London and hosted by Professor Brian Cox. The sci-fi and creative on-site setting provided guests with a strong sensory experience. In the center of the venue, 60 classic Speedmaster watches from the birth of Omega in 1957 to 2017 will be displayed, leading guests to review the 60-year legendary history of Speedmaster watches.

   At the beginning of the dinner, Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega, first came to the stage to give a welcome speech, and introduced the most famous chronograph of Omega-Speedmaster watches to the guests:
   ‘The Speedmaster is a world-renowned classic chronograph. Its importance is self-evident to Omega. And for everyone who wears and trusts the Speedmaster, the Speedmaster is the same It is an indispensable existence. Today, 60 years later, we are still deeply attracted by the superior performance and extraordinary charm of Speedmaster watches. We can celebrate such a classic timepiece here and cooperate with many Speedmaster watches. Omega’s loyal fans share its legendary story, and Omega is deeply glorified. ‘

   The legend of the Omega Speedmaster has a long and wonderful history. Speedmaster is the first watch in the world to move the tachymeter scale to the bezel. This forward-looking classic design has stood the test of time and has not only become an astronaut, an air force pilot, an explorer, or an athlete. And the actor’s choice of wrist, also gathered more and more Super Speed ​​fans in the world. Among the many legendary history witnessed by Speedmaster watches, the feat of the moon most shocked the world. In 1969, the moment the Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepped on the surface of the moon, the Omega Speedmaster became the first watch to land on the moon.

   Forty-eight years later, Buzz Aldrin wore a space suit and made a surprise appearance on the stage. The applause was thunderous. Later, Aldrin and his guests counted the precious memories of themselves and Speedmaster watches, and told the unforgettable moon landing experience.
   ‘The moment we landed on the moon, we were not afraid. We felt more proud and glorified of being able to land on the moon. We have the technology and knowledge to perform such a great mission. This is an astronaut and a lot of Everyone has meaning. ‘

   Standing next to Aldrin is the famous movie star George Clooney. Not only is he a big fan of Speedmaster watches, but he also has an infinite love for space exploration. Clooney’s most precious childhood memories are related to the Apollo Project and the Omega Speedmaster.
   ‘The Speedmaster watch has witnessed my growth. Both my uncle and father own Speedmaster watches and it is an important part of the moon landing plan and an integral part of our lives. My father gave it to me when I graduated. I have a Speedmaster watch as a gift. The elegant design of this watch makes me appreciate it, and the history it carries makes me love it. ‘
   When asked about his memory of the moon landing, Clooney expressed his admiration to Aldrin: ‘The move to the moon is very important to everyone in the world. Astronauts, what you do Everything is also crucial. I am grateful for the courage, leadership and contribution you have shown in your mission. ‘
   For more than 50 years, the Omega Speedmaster has been a trusted timepiece for space exploration. In 1965, the Speedmaster passed the rigorous official tests of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and was officially selected as the designated watch for all manned space missions. That night, James Ragan, the former test project leader and former NASA engineer, also attended the dinner and shared with guests the NASA recognition and praise of the Omega Speedmaster.
   ‘Of the many watches tested in 1965, the Omega Speedmaster was the only one that passed all the tests. The rest of the watches were eliminated in the first test. Therefore, the Speedmaster The watch enjoys a high reputation in NASA. Today, Speedmaster watches are still used in the aerospace industry, showing its extraordinary and outstanding performance. ‘

Chinese well-known actor Liu Shishi attended the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster Series ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner

American actor Liv Tyler attends the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster Series ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner

British actor Laura Carl Michael attends the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster Series ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner

British singer Pickie Lotte attends the Omega Speedmaster Series 60th anniversary ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner

French actor Cremans Posey attends the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster Series ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner

British model Toby Huntington-Whitely attends Omega Speedmaster Series 60th anniversary ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner
   Omega Speedmaster watches have a profound impact on the world. Among the distinguished guests attending the London dinner that evening, many celebrities from different industries in different countries around the world expressed their love for Speedmaster watches, including well-known Chinese actor Liu Shishi, American actor Liv Tyler, British actor Gemma Arterton, British singer Ellie Goulding, French actor Clemence Poesy, British actor Julie Richardson ( Joely Richardson), British singer Pixie Lott, American model Arizona Muse, British model Erin O ‘Connor, British model David Gan David Gandy, British actor Laura Carmichael, British model Amber Le Bon, fashion blogger Camille Charriere, model and fashion blogger Oliver Cheshire, British model Toby Huntington-Whitely, celebrity chef Marcus Wareing, British boxer David Haye, British Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty, Italian swimmer Fei Filippo Magnini, Japanese actor Shohei Miura, Thai actor and model Praya Lundberg, and Indonesian actor Nicholas Saputra.

   At the end of the ‘Roaming Space’ commemorative dinner, the British female singer ESKA emotionally performed the classic song ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie, for this relaxed, joyful and fantasy night Draw a full stop.

Omega Speedmaster wrist watch:

Buzz Aldrin and James Lagan wear Omega Speedmaster professional moon watches.
George Clooney wore the Omega Speedmaster Moon Phase to the Astronomical Observatory watch, and An Shiwen wore the Omega Speedmaster Moon Phase to the Astronomical Observatory watch in 18K gold.

Alternative Hollow Baumann Balmazing Series New Watch Appreciation

At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, the new Balmain watch of the Balmain series has attracted many watch lovers to stay for a long time. It is the perfect combination of Mr. Balmain’s design talent and Swiss watchmaking technology. Its hollow case is eye-catching, a tribute to the designer and a compliment to the wearer.

 This time, Mr. Pierre Bowman can push the craftsmanship to the top again, hollow out the sides of the watch dial, and place the movement in the center of the watch. The hollowed out decoration is decorated with arabesque flowers. The one in the picture above is also set with diamond treatment, and the wearing effect is even more amazing.

 There is only a large Roman numeral 12 on the dial of the watch. I wonder if you can see the time clearly with this design? This design may not be the most important time. With it, you may radiate an artistic atmosphere full of art from the inside.

Technical characteristics

• Case: 316 L polished (stainless) stainless steel, some styles set with 44 Wesselton diamonds, or PVD-treated stainless steel case
• Table mirror: Sapphire
• Dial: white mother-of-pearl with silver arabesque dial, or black dial
• Strap: 316L polished steel strap, PVD-treated steel strap, or black leather strap
• Water resistance: 50 meters
• Suggested sale price: CHF 395 to 995
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Language Hong Kong Presents “Tradition Makes Unique” Exhibition

Over the years, watch brand Lange has been pursuing its own path by virtue of its glorious Saxony tradition. Lange watches adhering to the brand philosophy of ‘Unique by Tradition’. Lange will join hands with Sambo Watches and Jewelry from October 24 to 27 to hold an exhibition at the Hong Kong Central International Finance Centre shopping mall to showcase a variety of brands Masterpieces of classic pocket watches, as well as the latest extraordinary works.
Lange Watch Hong Kong presents “Tradition makes unique” exhibition

 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar

The ‘Tradition is Unique’ exhibition gives visitors a comprehensive account of the history, traditions, creativity and latest developments of this Saxony watchmaking factory. The periphery of the exhibition hall is a timeline, started by the origin of the Saxony watch industry, and started by Ferdinando Adolf Lange in 1845 to establish the Lange Watch Factory in 1845. Of all brilliant achievements. In the exhibition hall, many Lange masterpieces will surely make the visitors eye-opening: In addition to Lange’s early 20th century classic pocket watches that are highly sought after by collectors, five Lange families: Lange 1, Zeitwerk, Saxonia , 1815 and Richard Lange outstanding members. The focal point of this exhibition is the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar, which is newly launched this year-a watch with a dual-trailing chronograph stopwatch, perpetual calendar, moon phase display and power reserve indicator, while being easy to read.

 Lange’s traditional elements still have a profound impact on brand watchmaking to this day

 There are also two interactive display cabinets in the exhibition hall, so that guests can experience Lange’s precision watchmaking technology: Among them, ‘Hand-crafted Precision’ introduces visitors to the craftsmanship by exhibiting various carefully manufactured movement parts. A variety of Lange’s traditional finishing techniques such as edge polishing, mirror polishing and carved decoration. ‘Sound of Precision’ allows visitors to listen to the unique ‘heartbeat’ of various Lange watches with different wobble frequencies. It also has a special device that can amplify the beating sound of guests’ own mechanical watches. In addition to the above interactive experience, Glashütte, the birthplace of Lange, came to Hong Kong’s decoration masters to demonstrate various fine-grained Lange decoration techniques at the exhibition site every day.

 The ‘Tradition Makes Unique’ exhibition will be held from October 24 to 27, 2013 in the atrium on the first floor of the Central International Finance Centre shopping mall. Timepieces in close contact with the history and essence of German watchmaking.

About The Rolex Dayton ‘solo’ Dial, You Should Know These

The evolution of Rolex Daytona is an enduring hot topic. However, there are still some incomplete or even unknown mysteries about its research, such as the so-called ‘Solo’ dial-Daytona watch, the dial is only printed with ‘Rolex’ (Rolex), without ‘Cosmograph ‘(Cosmometer type), there is no’ Oyster ‘, and there is no’ Daytona ‘(Daytona). So where did the “Solo” dial come from, and why was the model designed?

First, we must understand the evolution of the Daytona dial
   The printing of dials by Dayton is a slow and gradual process. The printing of the dial was originally a look, developed under the designation ‘Daytona’. Then, Rolex-branded chronographs began to come with ‘Oyster’ cases, and the dial printing evolved again. And all this happened within a few years, so in many cases, the dial was the same when it was born, and later a word was printed, just like the early Oyster Paul Newman ‘RCO’ or ‘Oyster Sottos’. These examples show that ‘Oyster’ was added after the ‘Rolex Cosmograph’.

‘RCO’ Daytona is the best example of Daytona dial evolution

   There are many “missing links” in the world of Daytona. The dials have several characteristics of a recognized dial model, and some are taken from other dial models. There are ‘Swiss’ dials, there are ‘Swiss + underlined’ dials, and there are ‘T-Swiss-T’ dials, all of which are in a small range of serial numbers. There are several different models of antique Daytona watches on the market today, from the common 6239 and 6263 to the rare 6264 and 6240. In my opinion, 6240 is the most interesting.

Serial number: No. 923xxx with ‘Swiss + underlined’ dial

Serial number: No. 1,04x, xxx, with ‘T-Swiss-T’ dial (without underline)

6240, why?
   I still think that in the Daytona family, the early 6239 ‘Swiss’ dial watches were the most fascinating branch. At that time, they were also called ‘LeMans’. It was not clear what concepts were built around this series . When it comes to a single model, the 6240 is a better example. The screw-in buttons, the black bezel, and the 6240 set the tone for what we know today as Daytona. In addition, 6240 is also the original ‘Oyster’ Daytona, which is of great significance, because waterproof is the symbol of quality that Rolex advertises. The serial numbers are from No.1,2xx, xxx to No.1,6xx, xxx, 6240. They are equipped with various dials. Most of them do not have the words ‘Oyster’ and ‘Daytona’, but ‘T-Swiss-T’ at 6 o’clock. Here are the two most commonly recognized dial types:

6240 ‘Big Daytona’

6240 ‘Small Daytona’

   With reference to the above, it can be seen that some of the dialton’s evolutions-6240 RCO-are currently known to exist in less than 10 pieces, and whenever they appear in auctions, they can always achieve excellent results. There are also ‘T-Swiss-T’ or ‘sigma’ logos on the bottom of some ‘RCO’ 6240 dials, but by comparison, they are not so widely recognized. If you want to pursue pure 6240, the above two dials are the right way. Of course, this is not to say that the 6240 with the ‘RCO’ style dial is not right, just that non-oyster dials with earlier screw-in watches are more meaningful.

In May 2016, a 6240 “RCO” watch sold 281,000 Swiss francs

   Now, all full-spec 6240s should be equipped with MK1 bezels and MK0 brass buttons (as shown below), but most have lost one of these features. In my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a 6240 without defining characteristics-without the MK0 button, the individual is not very interested in the 6240.

6240 with rare ‘Solo’ dial

How much does the ‘Solo’ dial know?
   Take the liberty to say that in the (often) less transparent antique Rolex collection, the correctness of the dial of the 6240 is about as vague as you can imagine, so there is the 6240 ‘Solo’ watch and its Study and explore. So far, we have seen dials with different shapes, with or without different text, which is particularly evident in the Daytona in the early 1960s. The thinnest and rarest of all Daytona dials is the ‘Solo’ dial-nothing but ‘Rolex’. For any antique Rolex, the company neither confirms nor denies the origin of the dial. That is to say, the earliest 6240 may indeed be born with this dial. The serial numbers of 6240 ‘Solo’ watches currently accepted on the market are between No. 1, 2xx, xxx and No. 1, 4xx, xxx. They always appear from time to time, but few people really take them seriously.

In May 2015, a 6240 ‘Solo’ watch sold 245,000 Swiss francs

   In May 2015, a 6240 ‘Solo’ watch was auctioned for 245,000 Swiss francs at the Geneva auction, and the success of this auction strengthened the concept of the 6240 ‘Solo’. After that, the market seems to be looking for these watches, and we have seen more of them, whether at auctions or elsewhere.

   But does the 6240 ‘Solo’ really make sense? For some, it is, for others it is not. Many dealers and fashionistas believe that the ‘Solo’ dial was originally used for 6238 after-sales service. However, I personally don’t think so, why is the single-color dial (6238) printed with the speedometer scale replaced by the two-color dial (‘Solo’) without the speedometer scale? There’s no point.

6239 had a ‘Solo’ dial

   I believe the ‘Solo’ dial was originally for the 6239. In fact, I don’t just believe, I can say that I know, because there is a Rolex advertisement. Details of the watch are depicted on the advertisement. The Rolex Daytona Chronograph, stainless steel oyster case, 17 jewels, black and white dial, chronograph accuracy of 1/5 seconds, stainless steel bracelet, tax only $ 210. In December last year, an early 6239 ‘Solo’ watch was auctioned at the Fletcher Hong Kong auction. This watch with replacement bezels and hands does not seem to have attracted much attention, with a transaction price of less than $ 100,000.

In December 2015, an early 6239 ‘Solo’ watch was auctioned for US $ 96,727 at the Fine Artes Hong Kong Auction

   Paul Newman tells us that the Pump button watch with a special dial is not as sexy as the Oyster Daytona with a special dial. So it is likely that at some point, the dealer came up with the idea of ​​putting the ‘Solo’ dial into the 6240 case. Personally, the 6240 ‘Solo’ is more charming than the 6239 ‘Solo’. But don’t get me wrong, I did not say that the 6240 ‘Solo’ watch is not original, it is important. We must keep in mind how Rolex operated that year, and how the production and assembly of linear assembly lines became unregulated. During the assembly process, if there is such a dial, and the watchmaker just needs it, then everything happens naturally, but these are guesses, and we can’t assert this.

   As mentioned earlier, the 6240 is indeed a fascinating watch, arguably one of the most important watch models in Rolex history. The 6240 ‘Solo’ watch on the market is just a nuanced corner of the antique Daytona world, compared to the grand overall. I look forward to a more detailed understanding of the 6240 ‘Solo’ watches in the future, and I hope that more and more people will know their existence over time. So, the question is, according to the current understanding, compared to the two, would you buy a 6240 ‘Solo’ watch instead of Paul Newman? This is an interesting choice, and of course a more low-key choice, but before we can conclude that the 6240 ‘Solo’ is an original Rolex, is it too risky to choose the former? (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Obama Conferred, The Strongest Iron In The Universe Has Her Way Of Wearing Watches

In her program, as a guest, the Kardashian family, the Obamas, Jackie Chan, BTS, Clinton, Bush Elderly … but some ordinary people can wait for her program. She is good at controlling the atmosphere in the show, wise, sharp and humorous. In the 1990s, she announced that she had come out of Waterloo, who almost came across her career; in 2016, she was awarded the Medal of Freedom by then-President Obama. Speaking of which, everyone may have guessed her name, yes, she is Ellen DeGeneres (hereinafter referred to as Ellen). Today, we will take stock of the watches she wore on the world-famous show ‘The Allen Show’. I really don’t know how to watch it. It’s a bit too much at first glance.

According to incomplete statistics, Allen owns at least ten different Rolex and Patek Philippe watches

 Speaking of Allen, many people know that she is a famous host, comedian and talk show actor. At the honoring site in 2016, the US government gave her the honor words: ‘You bring joy to the American people, you change the minds of millions of Americans.’ It is true that she can always say the same thing. She has both wisdom and humor, and she has influenced many people.

Obama honors Allen

 In the 15-year program of ‘Allen Show’, in fact, the watches she wore are far more than those I will say next, but the ten watches that will soon appear are definitely the most frequently worn by her. The tallest and most loved watch by Allen.

‘Allen Show’ 15 years have passed since it was first broadcast in 2003

Allen’s Rolex Antique Daytona

 This watch was also worn by Princess High Commander

 For Allen, this antique Daytona is of great significance. In the early ‘Allen Show’, she has already worn this watch. Today, this watch is also often used by her. Worn watch. When I watched the past shows, I couldn’t help but have such a question, ‘Isn’t Allen going to be old?’ You must know that she was born in 1958 and is 61 years old this year. This Daytona is about the same age as Allen.

Allen recent photos

 Who would have thought she was 61 years old? You must not say such a handsome ‘grandma’. You must know that she has tens of millions of fans on Instagram, and searching for her name keywords will see her fans from all over the world expressing love to her. She is good friends with Obama, Hillary, and Clinton, but she can also talk to a few years old.

She asked ‘Little Emperor’ LeBron James on the basketball court to lick kiwi

Allen wears Rolex Day and Day calendar series m228349rbr-0036

 Based on the blue diamond hour markers at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the flashing diamond dial in the video, we found that she wore a Rolex full-dial dial of the Rolex Day-Date watch, which is a domestic watch. The price is about 620,000 yuan.

 Allen wears Rolex Greenwich II series 116718-LN-78208 green dial watch

 Dressed up with the guests as Mario brothers, she wore a Greenwich II series green disk watch that price was around RMB 250,000.


Allen wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 watch
 With the antique Daytona, the Daytona in production must not be missed. We found that none of these watches worn by Allen were female (maybe I haven’t seen them yet). All her choices are men’s watches, with diameters around 40mm.

Allen and Bush wore this watch in a photo

 Allen wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona M116518ln-0040 watch

 ‘Dittona lovers’ everyone can call her like this, antique, modern, steel, precious metal … This classic Rolex series has become the same theme on Allen’s wrist.


Allen wears Rolex Date Series 116300-72210 silver dial watch

 Among her many models, this silver-plated Rolex is probably the most understated. When choosing a watch, in addition to her particular preference for the brand, she also has a consistent preference for categories and designs. Steel and metal sports watches, although she also chooses to dress up, but the proportion is very small.

Allen wears Rolex Greenwich II Series 116719-BLRO

Allen wears Rolex Greenwich II series 116710LN-78200 watch (green needle)

    Allen and his wife married in 2008, and it has been ten years now. In the 1990s, she was also one of the first people in the United States to announce a come out. Twenty years ago, Americans were not as inclusive as they are now. They may be ideologically equivalent to some underdeveloped countries now, and they think that love between the same sex is ‘abnormal’. Whatever people still think so now, I just want to say that it is ‘9012’ years!

Allen wears Patek Philippe Nautilus

Allen wears Breitling Aviation

 Finally, there is still no prize quiz. What is the watch brand worn by Clinton in the picture below? Friends who already know the answer can write your answer below the comments.

Group photo of Alan and Clinton

Summary: As a public figure, Allen has passed the age of China’s ‘sixty destiny’, but at this age, she is still engaged in public welfare, constantly absorbing new things, and constantly People make friends. Regardless of whether her way of wearing watches is recognized by everyone, she is deeply appreciated by me.