Pocket Watch – Rejuvenation Of Traditional Culture

At present, more watch companies draw inspiration from the past to develop more modern models. In this year’s new watch, we can see that Powell, Bell & Ross and Chopard have launched similar new pocket watches. We can often see pocket watches at auctions. Although not everyone is interested in pocket watches, there are still collectors who will greatly favor them. Some pocket watches with a long history can still be used after changing some parts. .
   Just a decade ago, clothes would have a special place for pocket watches, but now it’s not the case anymore. You can’t find a suitable place for past pocket watches on clothes. The times are advancing, and pocket watches have a new way of wearing, whether it is hanging on the belt of jeans or other ‘innovative’ ways, it is not surprising. Today, about a dozen prestigious watch brands produce pocket watches. Modern pocket watches have both original designs and modern design elements. For example, instead of the traditional chain, it is replaced by high-tech and unique leather rope.

Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III watch
   Powell has introduced a special design that combines pocket watches and watches. The design inspiration of the case also comes from the brand’s past masters: the two crystal mirrors are beautifully curved, reminiscent of the big fire enamel case back of the BOVET pocket watch. This meticulous feature directly affects the structural shape of the movement. The thickness of the latter must be concentrated in the central position to fit the concept of space utilization advocated by the great architect Le Corbusier. Virtuoso III Tourbillon goes back to its historical roots and travels past time and space. The button connected to the winding spring is located on the lug above the watch, allowing the case back to open like a pocket watch produced by BOVET in the 19th century. Tourbillon Virtuoso III is a new member of the Grand Complications complex function watch, adding practical functions to the series, injecting magnificent artistic colors into the high-end watch country, activating the level of craftsmanship, and inheriting the fine tradition of BOVET.

Chopard L.U. C Louis Ulysse The Tribute watch
   To celebrate 150 years of brilliant achievements, Chopard launched the LUC Louis-Ulysse-The Tribute watch, a pocket watch that can be turned into a watch, designed to express loftyness to Mr. Louis Julius Chopin who founded Chopin Tribute to, limited to 150 pieces. The watch was inspired by a pocket watch, but as a reinterpreted contemporary work, the L.U.C. Louis-Ulysse-The Tribute watch holds a century and a half of Chopard history. This extraordinary watch is both a pocket watch and a watch, embodying a variety of characteristics, while inspiring modern design, it also evokes the best time of Chopard. The case is tightly located between the adjustable handles, and can be turned simply by a simple turn at the bottom of the table holder. Turning a watch back into a pocket watch is just as easy. The new movement developed by the Geneva Watchmaking School is made of platinum and decorated with satin and polished finishes. The watch is equipped with a wide 49.6 mm diameter case and is waterproof to 30 meters.

Bell & Ross Heritage PW1 watch

   Bell & Ross breathes new life into pocket watches that were born and died on the battlefield. With a large diameter of 49 mm and a stainless steel case, the Heritage PW1 is compatible with the display design features of the pocket watch. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)

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