Power Aesthetics Mother Carol Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis 2017 Mother’s Day Warmth Recommend

An independent and resolute mother, the unique personality charm is the best illustration for children to grow up. A gentle and gentle mother gives the best nourishment to the family and children. Because of the love of mothers, we are still as generous as the sun even when we encounter thunder and lightning. In the weeping morning, mother’s day, and bright night, mother’s love blooms quietly, firmly and beautifully. Roger Dubuis On this Mother’s Day, Roger Dubuis warmly recommends two classic timepieces to praise her motherly carols.
Excalibur36 automatic winding watch
Model: DBEX0612

   A woman’s unique charm as a mother, seeing the wind and clouds, facing the passing of time, bravely and firmly walked on the path of her choice, and could not hide the glowing torch in her eyes. Just like this Excalibur36 self-winding watch symbolizes ice and fire, subtly reflecting the cool luster of the blue PVD-coated dial, and the shimmering shimmer of brushed sunrays on the surface. The iconic design with power is the insistence of the Excalibur King series. Mother’s love, thinking about life, perseverance and not blindly obey.
Reference price: 142,000 RMB
Velvet self-winding watch with pink gold and diamonds
Model: DBVE0020

   This Roger Dubuis Velvet self-winding watch exudes femininity and gentleness without losing its glamorous charm, which is fascinating. Such as a gentle and elegant mother image, extraordinary temperament, Qiao Xiaoqian charm makes people have endless aftertastes. A diamond watch with a mother-of-pearl dial, paired with a satin strap, radiates a dazzling light, showing elegance and nobility, low-key luxury. It is like an elegant and calm woman, with a calm heart and indifferent temperament, and faces a variety of life with a quiet smile. The light radiates from the heart and surrounds the family.
Reference price: 301,000 RMB
   It’s always a thing to be grateful to motherhood. Roger Dubuis expresses his heart and wishes that you and I can understand you.

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