Rado’s ‘a Different Lifetime’ Theme Video Shows Romance

Love is the eternal theme of human beings. In the newly released theme video of ‘A Different Life’, RADO interviewed three pairs of lovers, from which they found the truest state of love and explained ‘ ‘Unification for life’ is a love concept exclusively for Rado.

RADO Swiss radar watch ‘the same life, the whole life’ theme video
He is different from her
   Antony and Lu Qi, one from the south, one from the north, one spicy and one not spicy, one sticky and one hoping to have private space. When they quarreled, they insisted on each other, and then wondered why they could come together. They wondered if the two people were incompatible with each other. Gradually, the two became confused because of their differences.

RADO Swiss radar watch ‘the same life, the whole life’ theme video
He and she
   After calming down, we step back, be considerate, and compromise with each other; even write long letters to each other, sincerely moving people. They will tell each other about love, and say ‘I love you’ every day, telling each other their own intentions; start to imagine the future, raise a cat, have a big house, have a child, and imagine the life of two people when they are old.

RADO Swiss radar watch ‘the same life, the whole life’ theme video
   It turned out that such a state of happiness has always been there. I found that my wish may always be that we will always maintain our own unique personalities, but still have an incomparable tacit understanding.
   This is also the Rado Swiss Radar’s new Diamond Series 1314 limited edition, which expresses the love concept of ‘common but different, one lifetime and one life’: enjoy freedom from the outside, grasp the firmness of the heart, the differences and tacit understanding of each other, no need Speak. The Diamond Edition 1314 limited edition pair of watches, not only inherits the same design concept, but also has its own distinct and unique style: ladies’ watches, with elegant appearance design and mother-of-pearl dial, showing a luxurious and light beauty; mechanical watches for men The power reserve of up to 80 hours is embellished with a leather strap, which is uniquely masculine.
   The two parties in love may be like the hour and minute hands, connecting the same center, but drawing different arcs, and the second hand is a continuation of tolerance. With the longing and faith in love, lovers may have been confused because of differences, but they also insisted on being in love. RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series 1314 limited edition watch as a perfect companion for the wrist, is willing to accompany the lovers for a lifetime. One lifetime, one lifetime, one lifetime.
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