Roger Yves Bost Wins The Longines Speed ​​challenge

Speed ​​and accuracy perfectly describe this challenge. Last night, Roger Yves Bost and his favorite horse, Castle Forbes Cosma, won the Longines Speed ​​Challenge at the Paris Nord Villepinte and the Parc des Expositions exhibition center in the northern suburbs of Paris. Ranked second, Reed Kessler (USA) ranked third.
This kind of competition was founded by EEW World in 2010. The challenge for competitors is to ride the fastest, and each obstacle will be punished by 2 seconds. Therefore, the winner is both the fastest and most accurate. The mode of this event is a suspense. At the same time, the Longines Speed ​​Challenge is also very attractive. The audience can get the rider’s time in real time because they know the fastest time for the rider to leave the field and can encourage their favorite rider until the end A round.

Roger Yves Bost and Herma Castle Forbes Cosma at the Longines Speed ​​Challenge

Longines Longines has now been confirmed as the official sponsor of Longines Hong Kong Masters (Longines Hong Kong Masters) held in Hong Kong from February 28th to March 2nd, 2013. This is a Paris event organized by EEW World. The second round of the indoor Grand Slam Masters was followed by New York. Longines Longines will once again consolidate its position in the equestrian sport.

Longines Longines French General Manager Alain Henry, Longines’ Longines Vice President and Head of International Marketing Juan Carlos Capelli, and Grand Slam Fernanda Ameeuw, and riders on the Longines Speed ​​Challenge podium: Gregory Wathelet (Belgium), second place; Roger Yves Bost (France), champion; Reed Kessler (USA), third place

Longines Longines’ love of equestrian sports began in 1878 when a watch was made specifically for a knight and its warhorse. The brand has been on the track since 1881 and has become very popular among fans of Cavaliers and equestrian sports. In 1926, for the first time became the official watch of the Geneva International Equestrian Competition. To this day, Longines Longines has met different national borders and types of horse racing, including flat races, obstacle races and endurance races.
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